TWIC - Washed Out

Unfortunately the weather accounted for two Covie teams on the weekend with 2s and 4s having their seasons decided by the weather.  2s lost the crucial toss and were struggling at 6/26 before the rain came bucketing down while 4th Grade didn't manage to send down a single delivery.  1st Grade coped with the conditions well in making their way to 2/77 before also calling time on the game.  1s will move on to the semi-finals with a match against Burwood at Rothwell this weekend.  The game starts at 10:30 on both days and I hope we get plenty of Covie spectators along to cheer on our only remaining side.

1st Grade:   Lane Cove 2/77 drew Auburn

A weekend of rain, rain and more rain!  Apart from 20 odd overs of play on Day 1 where Glen batted extremely well for 42 not out... there isn't much to report!

Thanks to Club Dub for all his efforts in the week leading up to the game and over the weekend... much appreciated by all the boys mate.  Thanks to the Higs for a delicious lunch / tea combo on Saturday and throughout the entire season!

Thanks to Brrryyyyaaaan for having such an enjoyable first name to say!

Our Semi-Final match is against Burwood at Rothwell and all the boys are very much looking forward to it and I know any support we can get across the 2 days would be much appreciated from the team!


Players' Player
3 - Smithy
2 - Pete G

2nd Grade:   Lane Cove 6/26 drew NW Sydney

Second Grade Report Versus North West - And So It Ends, Fear and Loathing in the Main Bar at the Mean Fiddler

Second Grade turned up to Bruce Purser Oval somewhat pessimistic about the state of the ground after it had positively
hosed down all week.  Let me tell you, that is some sort of ground they have out there as despite the rain, the outfield was as dry as Mick Doherty's dandruff ridden scalp.  The deck was wet and the toss would be incredibly important to the team's prospects.

After a short delay (namely due to the fact that
Dodds, Farms and Spencer were talking about horse racing), the Pus Man strode purposefully out to the middle to lose the toss and be sent in to bat.  Great.  Awesome.  We needed to win and time was at a premium so may as well win the toss and hope we bowl.

Didn't happen - much like yesterday's insipid and
pea-hearted performance by my beloved Roosters.  Mantarro and the Pus Man opened the batting and looked pretty solid.  The Pus Man had heard the call for last drinks at the Last Chance Saloon and was looking especially focused while Mantarro was looking to knock the shine off the ball.  0/10, no issues yet, and a solid enough start.

Calamities followed...
  • Sammy leading edge
  • P Man poked one to cover
  • Booby Junior leading edge
  • Maxwell leading edge
  • Davo plumb
  • Byrne missed a straight half volley.
6/26, lower ranked side, off for rain, Zavite winning the Ranvet, having to turn up on Sunday regardless, game all over.  Debacle.

So LCCC 2's
fall at the qualifying stage again.  While conditions were probably against us, we had more than enough chances to beat Souths, GR, Penno and Warringah to finish higher and take the elements out of play to a degree.

But that's why you have scoreboards, and if my auntie had balls she'd be my uncle.

Genuinely roaring that it had to end this way for retirees Boyle and Robbo

Players' Player
3 - Pus Man (top score, got 19% of the quaddie)
2 - Dodds (listening to Mantarro's toll road ranting for two straight days)
1 - Byrney (a delight to play with, purely for entertainment value)

4th Grade:   Lane Cove drew Mac Uni

Unfortunately the rain did a job on us in this game before Mac Uni had the chance to.  Both teams worked hard to get the ground towards some state to play in but heavy downpours from Saturday afternoon through to Sunday morning left it looking like a swamp by scheduled start time on Sunday and the pin was pulled on the game and our season.  Bugger.

Presentation Night - Saturday 30th of April, lock it in.

Shires Presentation Night - Friday 20th of May, contact me if you'd like a ticket (