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Hall of Fame - Batting

Grade Type 
Match Format 
1996858671551210397491099Ryan M DevineLane Cove2021/2022Frank Gray Shield2 1Pennant Hills
2931207801551210396928893*Damian NaughtonLane Cove2021/2022First Grade9 1Roseville
38616407721551210397469786Maxwell F DoddsLane Cove2021/2022Fourth Grade6 1Georges River
4751207801551210396928275Damian NaughtonLane Cove2021/2022First Grade8 1Pennant Hills
57317679601551210404688273Eliza McleodLane Cove2021/2022Under 15 Western NSW Girls Carnival4 1Western Zone - Reps
6702323201551210397471470*Tim GrellmanLane Cove2021/2022Fourth Grade8 1Pennant Hills
76522801501551210397165565Raj AroraLane Cove2021/2022Third Grade2 1Strathfield
86511149741551210396919765Greg I HuntLane Cove2021/2022First Grade6 1Georges River
96017647861551210393195060Luca MichelettiLane Cove2021/2022U17 Sunday AM on Turf2 1Gordon Red
10586858711551210397472058*Isaac S EdmundsLane Cove2021/2022Fourth Grade9 1Roseville
115718952941551210393209557Kamran NadeemLane Cove Smith2021/2022U13 Sunday AM 301 1Lane Cove Hazlewood
1256627191551210397168356*Joe CamarshLane Cove2021/2022Third Grade6 1Georges River
135422801501551210397172454Raj AroraLane Cove2021/2022Third Grade12 1Auburn
145422956601551210397152454Najeeb AzzimiLane Cove2021/2022Second Grade9 1Roseville
15546859291551210397581554Ross McFadyenLane Cove2021/2022Fifth Grade4 1Epping
165218952941551210393210552*Kamran NadeemLane Cove Smith2021/2022U13 Sunday AM 303 1North Sydney Campbell
175110802781551210397581551Daniel HughesLane Cove2021/2022Fifth Grade4 1Epping
18509773881551210393197850Lachlan ShawLane Cove2021/2022U17 Sunday AM on Turf9 1Gordon Red
195020520571551210393213550*Samuel PoyntonLane Cove Smith2021/2022U13 Sunday AM 309 1Lindfield Maxwell
205022967131551210397472050*********Lane Cove2021/2022Fourth Grade9 1Roseville
Note: Qualification levels for this report are 50 and 100 runs.

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