1st Grade - LC 9/145 defeated Lindfield 142

Lindfield 142 (A Cornelius 3/20, J Scarcella 3/42, R Ravi 2/35)
Lane Cove 9/2145 (R Blood 59no)

2nd Grade - LC drew with Lindfield

Game abandoned due to rain.

3rd Grade - LC 3/92 defeated Lindfield 91

Lindfield 91 (R Islam 3/8, S Shaik 3/19, S Greaves 3/28)
Lane Cove 3/92 (A Sirrpi 31, N Mytkowski 31no)

4th Grade - LC drew with Lindfield

Game abandoned due to rain.

5th Grade - LC 5/88 defeated Lindfield 84

Lindfield 84 ()
Lane Cove 5/88 ()

Frank Gray - LC 9/178(cc) tied with Pennant Hills 178

Pennant Hills 178 (L Shaw 2/17, R Devine 2/25, C Forrest 2/37)
Lane Cove 9/178 (K Dindayal 63, O Lee-Young 31)

The 9am arrival time at Pennant Hills Oval looked to be three hours too early for many of the 24’s side. The lack of sleep had gotten the best of Ben Greaves who had lowered his annoyingness by 50% as well as Ols who slept in his car behind the Penno grandstand. The team manager/coach, Corn dog messaged the young lads he wasn’t going to make it on the stroke of 9, a rather uncharacteristic text from the former clubman of the year. His absence was forgiven, when you consider how much sleep he had living with a testosterone-filled bunk buddy after hitting the winning runs the day before. Hopefully for Corny's sake, he wasn't alone with him that night. On top of all that we were missing Carson “son of car” Forrest as the umpires starting walking out. Its fair to say we weren’t at our sharpest on that misty Sunday morning.

We fielded first, with an extremely under-manned attack, missing Pirra, Snicolls, Candy, Rhys and Archie with the gloves. The fielding was unexpectedly good, BG grabbed one at short cover, Dev snagged a caught & bowled, Ols got one with the gloves on, Kingston got one unmoved at mid-off with a sprinting Harry Shaw bellowing his name towards him. But the catch of the game, nay the season, you would've had to seen to believe. A full stretched, horizontal Angus Dowey, with a one-handed catch at gully, so elegant, so agile, so much foam in the corner of his lips. But after some moments of brilliance, came some frustrating Penno hacks, who capitalised on too many full tosses from spinners and half-trackers from medium pacers. Skip had struggled enough with the ball himself and could no longer turn to BG who bowled his ten, bumping the 14 year olds with some pace finishing with 1-19. It was clear Skip had grown frustrated with the bowling when he resorted to Dev as an option. During his seven over spell, he managed to hit Ols, the stand in keeper in all parts of his body except for his gloves, one time in the nuts that left him with a high-pitch voice and contemplating taking a few steps back. Eventually by the 49th, Pennant Hills were all out for 178.

The Lane Cove batting wasn't as dominant and over powering as you'd expect, the opening partnership lasted 3 overs when Dev snicked off for another single digit score and Tay followed him shortly after in similar fashion. Lee-young and Dindayal settled the innings, paradoxically facing some good Penno bowling, whilst forced to endure some horrendous chat from the pre-pubescent opposition. After the openers finished their spell, the run rate slowly climbed with Dindy acting as the enforcer of the partnership, smacking the spinners all over the place. On the other end, Oly struggled to up the ante and found himself out for 31, falling six runs shy of a 100-run partnership. Goose did a job, rotating the strike well until his demise and BG walked out at number six to open the game up, hitting two maximums in an over and got himself caught out going for a third. A shockwave of nervous energy hit the grandstand as Dindy ended his brilliant captain's knock for 63. There was 40 required off the last 7, then 29 off 5, then 12 off 3, with wickets falling throughout. Carson and Harry Shaw in at the crease needing 3 off the last over, 8 wickets down, and Lane Cove fretting about being defeated by Pennant Hills. Scores were level with one ball to go, all the fielders in close and Carson on strike who's looking in good touch. Bowler runs in, batsmen misses, the non-striker already running a suicide mission, and unfortunately falling three feet short of a 1-run win, ending the game in a tie. Yet another nail biter for the Lane Cove club, and probably one to forget.

Editor's note: the boys weren't helped by their 37 extras compared to Penno's 21.