TWIC 19-20 - Round 03

1st Grade - LC 181 defeated BSS 93

The Covies turned up to Alan Davidson to see the Souths batsman having a net whilst the covers and all other ground admin had not been touched. Pulling off the covers ourselves revealed a pretty flat pitch which after Naughto one his third toss running, Robbie Blood and GI were sent in to get our innings underway. After seeing off the new ball, RB was undone by their leggy. Greg was cruising along at the other end before being fired on 35 and like a true opening bat, claimed he’d hit it. Runs were proving a bit hard to come by as Souths had set a ring field and the pitch wasn’t offering much for either side. Archie fell to another decent rock from the leggy and Matho came and went. Jim Bob decided to take the game on racing to 19 before being stumped down leg side, with Ravi following soon after. Naughto was grinding out an innings at the other end and just as he was looking to go on with it, one kept low and he was out for a well made 33. The Covies were in a bit of trouble at 7/120. Doddsy and Corn Dog had a handy little partnership to get us over 150 before Scratchy Dodds missed one trying to up the run rate. Joey trying to hit his way out of trouble top edged one whilst Slug was run out selfishly trying to get Corny back on strike. All out for 181, we felt as though we’d left some runs out there but had at least given us a bit of a target to bowl at. With 11 overs left in the day, we were keen to take a pole or 2 into next week. Following a delay due to “bad light”, we were unable to make inroads as Souths made it to 22 without loss at stumps.


We turned up to day 2 with the covers conveniently removed but with the knowledge that a few early poles would be enough to run through the Souths line up. Joey and Slug went about their business and promptly had the 2 openers back in the sheds. Souths 2 big wickets were at the crease and after looking pretty solid, Joey had their skipper caught down leg side. That lucky break was all we needed as the Slug and Scar ran through their middle/lower order. Other than Robbie having fun in the sand all day and a couple of dropped catches, the Covies were pretty good in the field and the pressure showed as we took the remaining poles before lunch. Corny taking the last 2 bouncing back after getting hit for 10 off his first 3 balls. Credit must certainly go to Joey and Slug who took 4 wickets each and bowled unbroken 14 over spells in 30+ degree heat. All in all a very good win for our boys as we ended up 90 run victors.



2nd Grade - LC 252 defeated BSS 65 and 1-56


A rich blue sky, fresh green grass, 28 degree weather and there couldn’t have been a nicer day for a game of cricket. The Lane Cove second’s team had a bigger than normal appetite to get on the paddock after being starved for two weeks. Once the eleven had united, and warm ups were completed, we were sent in to bat by Balmain. Our openers were solid early on, Angus Dowey hitting a single off his first ball proving to all the haters that he doesn’t bat that slow! The opening partnership lasted 9 overs for 22 runs when Angus decided that shouldering the arms was the right call off a full straight one, silly goose! Andrew Robertson made for an unlikely number three, the thinking was to get a couple of runs out of him before he had to leave for a wedding, preventing having to bat with only ten. The cunning plan was successful as we secured an additional 1 run, making the total 2 for 27. But fear not, as everything was uphill from here on out. Opener Ryan Devine stayed defiantly at the crease with the number four batsmen Oliver “Ols” Lee-young. The young duo fought through some decent spells, both solid in defence. Ryan got himself to 45 off 87 before he scooped one to mid-on. Team total: 3 for 76 after 30. Enter Ben “Candy” Candfield who had previously admitted that ‘shit bowling gets him out’. Credit to Balmain, they had done their research… They brought on some lousy leg spin from both ends, which had created two dropped catches, one in particular had players from both sides laughing at how village it was. Candy shrugged it off and never looked back, smacking some glorious boundaries alongside Ols. The two were cruising after lunch and the only thing that was going to end the partnership was something freakish… Candy knocked up 43 off 59 until Ols hit a straight drive onto the non-strikers stump clipping the bowlers foot along the way. Team total: 4 for 159 after 53. Ols wasn’t far behind as fatigue got the best of him, finishing with 56 off 150. Pete Blood and Liam Hume made a very helpful cameo of 12 and 19 respectively bringing the team total to 7 for 205. Just when it seemed there was not much batting left, Jack Dodds rubbed salt in the wounds with 33 runs off 36 and Crazy added the pain with 21 off 15 deliveries hitting the only maximum for the innings. Sam Nichols was the not out batsmen with Charlie Hipkin making zero contribution with the bat, ffs! Our boys ended up all out with a total of 253.


The following Saturday, the weather was at a steamy 32 degrees and the batsmen could feel the heat as our opening bowlers charged in. Charlie Hipkin grabbing the first scalp of the day with a back of the length delivery, assisted by a sharp catch at square leg by Andrew Robertson. That had ended Balmain’s opening and highest partnership of 21 runs. Charlie also grabbed the second wicket not long after, (caught at slip) finishing with figures of 2 for 8 off 8. Though Andrew Robertson went wicketless for the day, he put doubt in the batters mind with some nasty bumpers crashing into their helmets, at 150 clicks probably! The third wicket was the Balmain skipper and came about from a build-up of pressure, facing 15 dot balls before his dismissal off Oly Lee-young’s bowling… ha! The following 5 wickets came about for only 3 runs and was largely thanks to some outstanding bowling by Sam Nicholls. Sam did the majority of the grunt work bowling at first change on debut. After a change of ends, he went on to bowl eleven consecutive overs, previously stating that “ill be gassed after 3 overs i reckon…” Sam had a ripper of a day with the ball, sending the stumps cartwheeling on four occasions as well as an LBW, which brought his figures to 5 for 22. Oly finished with figures of 2 for 9 off 9, and only one more wicket was needed to secure the six points. Captain P.Blood brought on spin in the 34th over, which would end Balmain’s suffering, and award Candy Man’s his maiden Lane Cove wicket. Balmain were all out before the lunch break for 65 and Lane Cove had won by 188 runs. Pete’s ambitions ran high and stared down the 10 points that would prize him the praise, admiration and envy from his fellow LC skippers. There’s really not much to add from after lunch, the energy in the field was evidently lacking, the batsmen were increasingly defiant and only one wicket was taken after a long session in the hot sun. However that did not dampen the sweet feeling of victory nor did it soften the passionate roar of the: TAKE ME HOME….EPPING ROAD!!!!!



3rd Grade - LC 142 and 2-92 defeated BSS 96 and 60 outright




4th Grade - LC 142 and 112 defeated BSS 153 and 83 outright after trailing on first innings


Hopes were high for the 4th grade lads going in against Balmain after a win against Mac Uni in round 2. We had a chance to start a winning streak for the first time since Brian Dempsey was captain over 7 years ago. With numbers short we had our team finalized one Friday night with Fat skip calling on a number of 13 years old’s and masters to fill out the 11, but all was looking good when Balmain’s team looked to include a few felons rather than cricketers.


All was travelling smoothly with Fat Skip winning the toss and had no hesitation to bat first on another magnificent KSO deck. All started well with Fat Skip and el President opening the batting and racing along to 28 at good pace even despite some abysmal running.  Fat Skip then threw a big score away by giving catching practice to mid off. Knockly and Fages continued on with Knocky hitting a six for the first time in 25 years. Unfortunately when Fages fell with the score on 60 it triggered the all too familiar Covie collapse. Fini and Hoody steadied the ship until Fini fell once again to a terrible LBW. Hoody and young gun Josh Kingston pushed the score along to 117 before Hoody joined the crew throwing wickets away. For a 14 year old Josh showed temperament that many of the older brigade  could not and pushed the score along with the tail till we were all out for 142. A very sub par score on what was a brilliant deck.


The Covie boys then took to the field looking to make amends with the ball and early on we were successful with Simon Allen moving it both ways to take 3 fa and Bezer, while concentrating on not soiling himself bowling controlled lines. At 4 for nothing we were confident of running through the Balmain line up. Unfortunately, our luck ran out with balls beating the edge, just escaping fielders, and a few close LBs being turned down, Balmain managed to scrape themselves to 4/67 overnight with an interesting day to follow on Day 2.


Things did not start well for the Covies on Day two with poor bowling and lethargy in the field seeing Balmain plunder 30 odd off the first 4 overs of the day. Fat Skip was not impressed and when Bezer blew a tire, took the opportunity to let the team know with a fair few expletives thrown in. Unfortunately by the time we managed to finally prize out a wicket, Balmain were close to our total and managed to pass it with 3 wickets in hand. We managed to wrap the tail up pretty quickly however. Balmain were 11 in front and the Covies were deflated felling like they let the club down.


We still however had a good portion of the day to go so with the thought of throwing caution to the wind, Fat Skip and el Presidentee once again opened up with aggression in mind. Fat Skip plundered 17 off the first 2 overs despite being dropped first ball before a grumpy president started farming the stike. Fages was the first man to go this innings with the young quick from Balmain adding another pole to his 6 from the first dig and 65 with the bat. Knocky followed soon after and former Presidentee and Fat Skip decided to play out the young quick and go for runs at the other end. This strategy did not quite work with Fat skip then Former President Hoody falling in the next two overs. Fini followed soon after to another horrendous decision, this time caught behind off his pad, which left us 5/49 and not in a good spot. An excellent innings by Carson “tips” Forrest and some lusty hitting from old man Bezer got us out of trouble somewhat before we were bowled out for 112. This left Balmain 101 to win off around 30 overs. We knew if we could make some inroads, get the young lefty out and take our chances, we were in for a shout but what followed was extraordinary.


After some early inroads, Balmain were cruising to victory with the pair that did all the damage in the first innings seeming unfazed in chasing the total down. We knew if we could knock this pair over we were still in it as they did not have much left in the sheds but that was proving difficult. With Bezer bowling non stop from one end, and Carson getting hit out of the attack, Fat Skip turned to 14 year old Josh Kingston and the young lad delivered in spades, bowling the right hander with a perfect slower ball on the last over in his stupidly short 4 over spell. We were in it. Still alive and we knew what we had to do. While giving up the single with 9 blokes on the fence seemed to confuse the young lefty it brought rewards for the Covies with Fat Skip and Bezer wining an LBW decision with appeal alone and finally knocking over the young lad. Not a bad game form the Balmain kid, 13 poles and over 100 runs for the game, well played but it opened the door….


With Dave Fagan providing the road map to the bowlers, “HIT THE PEGS, they can’t handle it” the bowlers got the job done and we took 5 wickets for 4 runs to somehow get the reverse completed. With Fat Skip still not sure what had happened a terrible rendition of the team song was song and a winning “streak” has started. Up against Burwood this week so it may be hard to continue but lets go get them!



5th Grade - 20/10/19 - Roseville 259 defeated LC 181




5th Grade - 27/10/19 - Epping 234 defeated LC 128