LCCC 125 Year Dinner
Date of Event : Tue Jun 5, 2018 8:46PM

What a night!!

Our 125 year anniversary dinner was an incredible success with over 130 people celebrating the past, present and looking forward to the future of the Covies. Thank you to all those who attended and made the night what it was. It was great to see some old faces as well as the new and shows how our club’s history and culture can not be matched. Congratulations to all award winners on the night, in particular:

Spirit of Cricket Award - Marc Fini
Rookie of the Year - Tom Bristow
Player of the Year - Liam O’Hare
Clubman of the Year - Alec Cornelius

A special mention to the Team of the 21st Century: Damian Naughton (c), Alex Southcott, Richie Galichan, Cameron McKay, Matt MacKenzie, Joe Camarsh, Alex Maxwell (wk), Tom Holt, Brett Richardson, Joe Scarcella, Brian Scott and Alex Dodds.

Already looking forward to our 126th year as we are building to bigger and better things on and off the field #mateship #culture #oneclub#COYC

A huge thank you to Raja Islam for taking a bunch of photos - please check out the below dropbox link that Raja set up (email me if it doesn't work for you). Some photos have also been posted onto the club's facebook page as well

Last updated: Tuesday June 5, 2018 8:48PM
Author: Jarrod Rixon