Name: David Fagan
Nicknames: The Rock, Vin Diesel
Favourite Chocolate: Malteser
Sex: Plenty back in the 90s
Role: Player Manager, Stop watch coordinator, Culture enthusiast
Email address:


Phil: Fagan, how are you mate?
Fagan: That’s Dave to you mate.
Phil: Ah right, sorry Dave. See you’ve oiled up the Malteser melon for the occasion. Let’s get straight into it. Origin 3, 2013, you sprinted 90 metres up the field in the nude dodging police officers and security guards only to trip over and face plant as you reached the players. What were you thinking?
Fagan: Hahaha I was pissed that night. I’ll tell you a story, right. Richard and Michael Chee Quee, Preecey and I were playing some Majong, eating dumplings and tucking into some beers at lunch. Preece had some spare tickets to the origin. He couldn’t make it because he had tickets to the musical, Cats. So me and the Chee Quee brothers went along, still celebrating the Souff Sydney premiership that year. I got well pissed and the Chee Quee brother dared me to take out Matt Scott. It was the Chee Quee brothers, I wasn’t about to say no. So I got in the nud, bolted as fast as I have ever f*cking sprinted, right, and lined up Matt Scott. But I haven’t run 90m since 1984. Bugger it, I haven’t run a quick single since 1984! I just absolutely collapsed in the end.
Phil: Yeah it was a solid collapse, you were a Covie before you even knew you were. So Dave how are you finding Lane Cove life?
Fagan: I’m loving it, yeah. The guys are amazing. I mean it’s a bit different to the great club we had at Souffs. But everything was different in the 90s, you just can’t get away with as much nowadays.
Phil: Don’t I know it. I bet you’d have some stories from back then.
Fagan: No I’m serious, yeah. I’m f*cking old, you know how old I am?
Phil: 41?
Fagan: Good one Brett, I’m 58, yeah. When you think about it though, I just have so much experience. I’ve seen more bloody games of cricket than everyone else at this club put together. Guys like Preece and me are a blessing at the club, we just want to show the younger guys how its done yeah. Plus I know every rule that cricket has. Did I tell you I did an umpiring course? My favourite new rule is th..
Phil: Not that that’s not interesting Dave but for time’s sake, let’s get back to your prime. Co-founding the Barmy Army in 94/95 Ashes. Talk me through it.
Fagan: It was mental mate. You should have seen the tail we got. I mean we’re English and pretty unattractive. Look at Billy, he’s a right minger, but the girls love him because he blows into a bloody trumpet. Speaking of blows, I got 137 that sum…
Phil: Ok Dave I think that’s enough mate, don’t need too many details I don’t think. So stepping up to be Chairman of Selectors this season, how are you finding the added responsibility?
Fagan: Yeah I love it mate, more than happy to give back to the club and have a bigger role. Like keeping time in the nets, telling blokes to pad up and umm… like… other stuff too. But I love the club, I probably get along the best with Hoody. He does so much for our club and never has a negative word to say to anyone. A bit like Camarsh I guess…
Phil: So that’s your favourite part of being involved in the club? Training and seeing the boys improve?
Fagan: Don’t be ridiculous. Best thing about the Covies is the End of Season Trip. I’ve been on a fair few trips in my day but Darwin last season was bloody fantastic. The food up there actually inspired my email address. ?
Fagan: Actually…
Phil: And on that note, we’re out of time. Thanks Dave and good luck for the rest of the season. Keep those stop watches ticking.
Fagan: Yeah cheers.