Seniors 2021-22 - Overview

Lane Cove Cricket Club Seniors




Lane Cove Seniors play in the Sydney Shires Competition. Shires has 1st to 4th grade that plays a predominately 2 day game format on Saturdays, 5th and 6th grade that play a 40 over one day format mostly on Sundays, and U24s that play a 7 round 50 over one day format on Sundays.


Lane Cove also plays in the Masters Over 40 and Classics Over 50 competitions.


2021-22 Registration Fees


$515 Seniors
$415 U24s


2021-22 Online Registration Information


This registration is for our 1st grade to 6th grade teams. For Masters and Classics, please speak to the Masters or Classics contact.


2021-22 Registration is HERE


Please direct any queries to


2021-22 Season Dates


Shires competitions will commence Saturday 13th November 2021.


Due to the late start, the competition has been restructured. There will still be 13 rounds. However, to play every club, most games will now be one day games. Thus 1st grade will play three 2 day games including a back-to-back 2 dayer on 18th and 19th December and ten 1 day games. 2nd to 4th grade will play two 2 day games and eleven 1 day games.


2021-22 Player Availability Spreadsheet


Players are requested to provide and maintain their availability in the Player Availability spreadsheet on Google Docs.


The 2021-22 Player Availability spreadsheet is HERE