Juniors 2019-20 - Selection Policy

LCCC Selection Policy FINAL DRAFT (Sept 4th 2019)


LCCC is a "Shires Club” (as opposed to a Premier Grade Club) where our members play for love of the game rather than necessarily as a pathway to professional careers. For this reason, junior selection methods have been geared towards participation, that is towards developing a life long love of cricket for every child regardless of ability. LCCC also deeply values skills and playing at a high standard. The main effect of all these values where selections are concerned is a tendancy towards blending talent across teams in divisions, rather than having uber teams so that the beginners can learn from the more accomplished players in the same team AND so that better players can learn a sense of leadership and community from helping out their mates who are still learning. We also tend to avoid trials, relying rather on statistics and knowledge from coaches and managers to enable us to select players into situations which will help kids grow and test them at an apropriate level.

This season two new competition formats have been formulated by the NSCJA which are a genuine 1st Division competition, and which by their very nature require a more stringent and clearly outlined selection policy. These competitions are the U12 and U13 2 Day 40 over format. As they name suggest these are games to be held over two weekends. This is a truely exciting prospect for those younger cricketers in the club who are keen on developing solid fundamentals and excellent concentration.

Here then is the policy for those particular formats for the season 2019-20;

Selection Policy for U12/U13 Division 1, 2 Day (40 over, Long Form) Game 2019. (2nd DRAFT 27/8/19)

In 2019 the North Shore Junior Cricket Association intends these Long Form competitions to be genuine 1st Division competitions. To this end LCCC teams will be graded via a merit-based selection process as follows:

1 - A single Selection Committee will be formed to select both the U12 and U13 teams.
2 - This Selection Committee will consist of 7-9 members nominated by the LCCC Junior Committee with the following representation:

- The LCCC U12 Age Coordinator
- The LCCC U13 Age Coordinator
- A Coach and/or Manager from the previous 2018/19, U11 season
- A Coach and/or Manager from the previous 2018/19, U12 season
- A member not directly connected with these age groups (a coach, manager, junior committee member or other volunteer)
 - LCCC Chair of Selectors

3 - The Chair of Selectors will be a silent member, providing advice where necessary and/or breaking a deadlock on selections, or resolving questions or disputes.
4 - The Committee will select players for one or more teams for each age group based on the following criteria in this order of priority:

- Past season statistics as listed on mycricket
- Coach and age coordinator knowledge and advice
- Team balance (sufficent batters and bowlers, options for keeper)
- Balanced volunteer resources (sufficent coaching and managing experience)

5 - As this format sees 9 players on the field with a maximum of 11 players able to participate team sizes will be a maximum of 11 players, with 10 being optimum. Selected players will be expected to confirm their availablity for the whole season. Absences will need to be notified in advance.
6 - Trials will be held only if there are too many genuine division 1 players (based on the above criteria) to neatly fit the possible teams. Every effort will be made by the committee to find a way to balance numbers and fill teams without resorting to trials. A trial must be approved by the relevant Age Group Coordinator and Chair of Selectors.
7 - If a trial is required, it will be a formal net and centre wicket session held on a single ocassion. Assessments will be conducted by 2 x non-age committee members and the Chair of Selectors and presented to the Selection Committee not more than one week after the trial date. Participants in trials will be judged on their ability to bat, bowl and field. Selectors will be assessing ability to play front and back foot shots as well as consistent timing off the ball on the ground. Bowling will be consistent and attacking the stumps.
8 - The Selection Committee will only nominate genuine division 1 standard players to this comp as much as is possible. The Selection Committee is under no obligation to nominate a team if 10 players of divison 1 standard cannot be identified. In the event of 2 teams of genuine Division 1 players being available the talent pool will be divided in the following manner, and in this order of priority:

- Each team will be assigned a coach and manager and their children/players divided accordingly
- Both teams given reasonable options for batting and bowling
- In general equal talent
- Putting friends together
9 - Players will mostly be placed in teams of their correct age group. Dispensation can be asked for from the NSJCA for some players to play up. It is pointed out that juniors across the NSCJA will tend to be in their own age groups so "playing up" will be less common than previously. As a joint meeting for both age groups it will be possible to select a player “out of age” for the purposes of balancing teams.
10 - The Committee may consider U11 applicants for this competition. If an outstanding U11 player does arise then the committee can chose to sponsor that player to seek dispensation from the NSCJA, which decision will be based on the assessment criteria as listed on the NSJCA website.
11 - The final teams will be recommended to the LCCC Junior Committee and announced by each Age Coordinator not later than 2 weeks before the start of season.