Player Profile

Name: Maxwell Dodds

Nicknames: Maxy, Doddsy, Glenn, Maxibon, Scratchy, Clockwork Orange, Max Glennwell

Batting Average: 17

Amount of Byes: … 2

Catches: 11

Boys You’ve Got Around: Lost count

Favourite TV Show: Orange is the New Black

Favourite Film: Rocky Balboa

Favourite Song: Punching in a Dream – The Naked and Famous

Ideal Date: Covers and Netflix





*From the boundary*


Ricko: Robbie, is that you mate?

Doddsy: G’day Ricko!! Ahh it’s Doddsy mate.  


*Ricko jogs to centre field*


Ricko: Oh shit sorry mate, thought I was having Closet Covie déjà vu. Thanks for agreeing to have a chat with me mate.

Doddsy: No problems mate, thanks for giving me a hand.

Ricko: Not my favourite type of admin but two birds, one stone. Speaking of birds, who’s that over there watching us?

Doddsy: Ahh that’s the misso mate. Friday night is date night.

Ricko: That’s your missus?! Wow. We can raincheck the interview if you want.

Doddsy: Nah she’ll be right mate. As you were.

Ricko: Ahh… Alright then. So, you’ve had a great start to your Covie career both behind and in front of the stumps, how are you finding it so far?

Doddsy: Love it mate. The boys have been very welcoming which has made it a lot easier. On the field I just try to do a job. Our bowlers have been bowling some really good areas which is great for me. With stick in hand I’ve been seeing them pretty well. Maybe not hitting them that well as was pointed out to me but happy to grind it out when I have to.

Ricko: Yeah you haven’t really hit one out of the middle yet, have you?

Doddsy: Haha oh fair go mate!

Ricko: Would fitting into the club so quickly have anything to do with the fact that you look uncannily similar to club fan favourites, the Blood Brothers?

Doddsy: Maybe some of the boys have been a little more welcoming to me because of this. I even had Rig going that we were cousins! Haha that bloke. But seriously, I think it’s been good for both me and the Bloods. Don’t tell Pete this, but Robbie really misses him on game day and I think his stats show that. Having me around reminds him of his brother and I think that makes it a bit more bearable for him. That’s why I always try to be next to Robbie and why he gravitates towards me, not sure if you’ve noticed.


Ricko: Trust me mate, everyone’s noticed.


Doddsy: I’ve also got really close to Jenko. Us country boys have to stick together you know. Just in the short time we’ve known each other he’s really taken me under his wing and helped me around the city folk in the club. He told me to remember who I am and where I come from and not to lose track of my roots. Like last round when it was raining, all the city blokes were standing around with their hands in their pockets, Jenk pulled me aside, told me to roll up my sleeves and get to work. I just thought ‘too right get me on the super sopper’ and I did a job.

Ricko: Now word has it you’re not speaking to Joe Scarcella at the moment due to costing you your first byes for the club. Any comment on that?

Doddsy: Joey is a great bloke, I know he didn’t mean it. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t a bit mad about it and you know me, I don’t lie. But Joey pulled me aside after we got the 10th wicket and apologised. Great bloke Joe, all is forgiven.

Ricko: That’s good to hear. Now you’ve come under a bit of criticism about your clothing choice lately, especially following a long day in the field. Can you talk me through that?

Doddsy: Mate. Sandals do a job. I honestly don’t know what the boys are on about. Spikes off ASAP obviously, chuck the bad boys on, get out of the rooms, get around the boys. Naughto is a fan of the sandals these days too. Just ask him, his misso no longer allows him to wear thongs. Sandals only for the skip from this day forward. If it’s good enough for him, it’s good enough for me. Maybe we should get LCCC branded sandals next year. What do you think?

Ricko: Can’t argue about that, I love it when the boys get around me, especially bum slaps when I get a direct hit run out. Can’t say I agree with LCCC branded sandals though.

Doddsy: Ahh no worries, the Nike’s will continue to do the job.

Ricko: Talk me through 24s on Sunday. The boys got off to a great start. Huge win.

Doddsy: Mate. Huge. How good is big Tommy Bristow? Bloody awesome. Unfortunately, I couldn’t grind it out till the end with him but the whole time watching him bat I was thinking to myself “I can’t wait to get around this lad”. And boy did I. But I gotta say it really was a team effort. Great energy in the field, blokes grinding it out with the bat. It honestly was one of the great wins.

Ricko: Being vice captain as well. I bet that added to it a bit.

Doddsy: Yeah mate very proud of all the boys. I’m just trying to get around all the lads, get everyone up. You know, like get in there like BAM!

Ricko: Awesome stuff Maxy.

Doddsy: Grab that corner for me would ya mate?

Ricko: Ahhhh Maxibon, it goes this way yeah? You have done covers before?

Dodds: Ahh… right. Look Ricko the misso’s tapping her foot pretty harshly, I better get going, you’re right to peg these bad boys down yeah?

Ricko: Mate its the wrong way aro…

Dodds: Cheers legend catch you Satdee! I’ll bring the microwave.