Man City

Name: Rhys Elizabeth Manchester

Nicknames: Man City; City; Man City B*tch Man Man City B*tch

Sex: Yes please… (haha no don’t actually print that Ricko)

Previous clubs: Macquarie Uni (they just didn’t get me. Not like Choco gets me)

Bowling type: Nathan Bracken circa 2008

Favourite song: Gold Digger (I think by Snoop Dogg?)

Favourite films: Free Willy; and Hates Silence of the Lambs


JR: Rhyssy boy how are ya buddy?

RM: Yeah good thanks Ricko, thanks for joining me on my day off.

JR: *looking around* Yeah no dramas, strange meeting spot for an interview I would’ve thought.

RM: haha yeah I guess, but there’s just something lovely about having a skinny vanilla latte before catching up with the dugong.

JR: Sure… So, turning to the Covies, what are your thoughts on…

RM: But yeah nah I love coming here, especially to watch the sea lions, they remind me a lot of myself really. Graceful and calm under pressure, just like my bowling haha… they just take life on the chin really and never blow up. I guess that’s what draws me to them, I just get their quiet, chilled nature. So relaxed. Legend has it they also bowl left handed, throw right handed..

JR: That’s great mate, but..

RM: Yeah you wouldn’t be wrong to say I’m probably one of the more quieter Covies out there

JR: Well, actually I…

RM: And I wouldn’t blame you, I’ve only really just started coming out of my shell now since leaving Macq Uni. A lot of that has to do with the Covies culture and of course, Choco. I mean, I came for Naughto but I stayed for Choco. He really gets me Choco. And the chat is crazy haha. Like the phrase “Surely!” haha classic, where does Choco come up with this stuff?

JR: Not sur…

RM: SAVE EM! Haha another classic one

JR: … Not sure you’d have to message hi…

RM: Yeah I’ve tried heaps of times, must have the wrong number.

JR: …

JR: …

JR: …Yeah he’s changed num..

RM: Can you give me the new one?! Surely!

*Cute waitress comes by*

Waitress: You didn’t message me back last night Rhysy…

RM: Not now Daphne, just the usual for me, surely! Haha take away thanks, Steven’s on show in 10 minutes.

JR: Almost finished mate… Now what would… hang on, who’s Steven?

RM: Ahhh the Gentoo penguin Ricko haha, surely you know Steven! But I like to call him Pen City, haha get it? Like Man City haha… Where’s Choco?

JR: …

.. What would you say is your favourite thing at the club?

RM: Oh, definitely Fantasy League, it’s nice to rip into the other LAAADS for a change haha.. YES THE BLOODS! haha honestly don’t know how Choco comes up with it.

JR: Actually Breasty runs Fantasy League I thi…

RM: Haha whatever Windows for Eyes, all I know is you better invest heavy in the Man City at $800. Buy high sell low hey! Haha one of the greats, bowl left hand throw right hand am I right Mr Secretario? haha

JR: Sure… One las..

RM: Nah gotta go hey Ricko, get the good seats to Pen City haha, catch ya at training!