Closet Covies - Alex Jenkins

 Ricko: Hey Jenko, welcome to the first edition of this season’s Covie Corner!

Jenk: Yeh gday Jarrod and thanks for having me.

Ricko: Now we’ll just start off with basic player profile questions and ease into it.

Full Name:  Alexander P Jenkins
Age: 26
Nickname: Jenko, Big city, Big smoke, Siddsy
Sex:  Get a bit here and there.
Hair: Brown, thick and out of control. Great coverage. Good purchase around the listeners in particular
Hairstyle:  birdsnest or a dogs breakfast generally. Usually akin to Tim from The Office (legend)

Previous Club(s): 

  • North Sydney Cricket Club (2016- a few games, absolute tripe)
  • Wests Cricket Club, Newcastle (2012-2016)
  • South Tamworth Cricket Club (2007-2012)
  • North Tamworth Cricket Club (2004-2006)


  • 2011-2012 TDCA premiers first grade,
  • 2012-2013 NDCA premiers
  • Claimed a few Michelle 5-fa’s

Favourite Karaoke song? How long have you got? Sunsets by Powderfinger always a go to. If I’ve had 6+ Oprah Tinfreys I’m not adverse to getting some Shania Twain on request. Horses, the Holy Grail, Piano Man, Jack and Diane, Roxanne, Sweet Caroline, Teenage Dirtbag.. My ultimate song for karaoke however would have to be My Happiness by Powderfinger > they came out to the TREC (Tamworth Regional Entertainment Centre for you city slickers out there) for one of their Johnny Farnham tours circa 2009 > sensational, struck a chord and haven’t looked back.

Spirit animal? definitely not a carp, hate those pricks. Tough question. Massive fan of the wilderbeast > strong, not above the law (i.e. get carved up by crocs on the annual migration when crossing the Serengeti) but their work rate for most of the year is second to none. Find a way to get through the bitter winter also. Can take a lot out of them and translate it onto the cricket field also. Big fan

Favourite EOST destination? Obviously had just the one season with LCCC and Darwin was sensational. I’ve had a few treks to Brisbane, Narrabri (pig hunting) and Forster with previous clubs. Couldn’t fault any. But yeh nah, Darwin would take the chocolates on that one.

Prior to 2017/18:  Made a few rep teams as a young pup. Travelled to New Zealand and Perth for the NNSW EMUs which I’m proud of. Played a fair bit of rep for North West and Central North back home.

First Grade have improved out of sight the past few seasons. Is this partially due to your introduction to the side; and what are your thoughts on the upcoming season?

I’ve only been a part of the system for the past 12 months but I think we’ve come a fair distance in that time. When I lobbed up to the club, definitely I thought we would have some success and I think the fact we scraped into the six last year was a fair result. I thought we could have really given the comp a shake-up if we clicked at the right time of the year, but unfortunately it wasn’t the case. Nevertheless, we could be proud of what we did last year.

This year I’m excited for the club, not just first grade. I’m stoked to be on the committee this year and get a bit more involved in the running of the club. I’d like to think first grade are going to have a good year this year > we have recruited really well, the preseason training sessions have been spot on and blokes are looking sharp > Pirra is back and bowling serious gas and creaming the leather, Corn dog is hitting the top of off (as per usual) and from what I’ve heard we’ve picked up a decent prospect in the UK. It looks like there will be healthy competition for spots, and I think that’s crucial. We probably didn’t have a lot of that last year. I’d love too see the other grades do well also, and I think that 2’s and 3’s in particular should have good seasons > fresh energetic skippers and decent playing roster. Things are looking good for Coves

Who is your favourite Covie and why?
Far out, tough question. Not many (if any) blokes at the club who I don’t like!

If I had to nut it down to one though, it would have to be our fearless leader, Andrew Skipione aka Damian Naughton. Classy bat, can take the game away from the opposition in a session. Wears speed dealers in the grippers and has one of the great haircuts. He is organised > huge fan of the team admin emails and game plan that gets sent around weekly, as well as being the el presidente’. Damo is also a great captain, especially in the field. He makes the tough calls and sets good fields. He also gives me plenty of overs, so can’t fault him. He is a good skipper, a good bloke and gets around a beer. Huge fan

What’s your favourite movie?

Neck and neck between Step Brother and Old School. Both classics with plenty of take-home messages. Anything with Will Ferrell in it will do me nicely.

 What else do you use to inspire your team?
I wouldn’t say I’m one of those inspiring type blokes. I’m not the type of bloke who scores all the runs and peels off tons for fun.  I don’t bowl gas (at all). I pride myself on staying up in the field, try to bring a fair bit of energy and make sure the chat doesn’t go away. I like to play the role of the toiler who bowls tight lines up the other end for long periods, builds pressure and bowl in partnerships with the other bloke, so that guys like Scar, Corn dog and Hairy can take all the poles.

Finally, any advice for the young Covies out there?
Get involved in everything at the club. Make training, get to the Diddy after the game and most importantly, buy into the culture. Don’t be stingy by not paying fees and fines > and make yourself available for the EOST campaign at the end of the year. Finally, good luck learning the victory song, you’ll need it!