Round 1 for most Junior Competitions - Sat 28th/Sun 29th September

Round 1 for Junior Blast and Girls Comps - Sat 12th October




Competitions Recommence Sat 1st February 2020.


Finals March 14th/15th



FORMATS 2019/20:


LCCC Juniors has a superb suit of competitions and formats this season, designed to cater for all levels of skill and game style. We are a community minded club with a central vaue that every kid should be given the chance to play a decent game of cricket. We are focused on skills development and participation. We also believe a fun game is a good game.


Here are our formats for the season:



Junior Blast is a skills training program designed for 5-7 yo girls and boys. They will learn basic skills for competitive games the following season. Times and Venue below.

Further info HERE



Girls U11 Stage One and Girls U13 Stage 2 (modified):


OUT is NOT OUT!!!!  Both these comps are designed for absolute beginners to come and have fun with friends and develop skills. To that end these formats give every player a guaranteed number of balls when batting and bowling. This is a superb fun style of cricket that helps everyone learn.


Last year we swept the comp and had fantastic fun. So get on board and put together a team! Girls players for these teams will be given a discounted Registration of $200 covering the whole season.


The girls comps are held in 2 x seasons: one before Christmas from October called "Spring Season" and one from February called "Summer Season". Use your $100 active kids voucher and you will therefore only pay $100 for the lot, and this includes playing shirt and training clothes, all the balls, ground hire and insurance.  



Stages 1 to 3: U8/U9 to U17 

LCCC offers a range of game types to suit all ages and skill levels. We have T20 games and longer format games depending on the skill and interest of the players. Please see the list of competitions below. If you have any further questions please contact the relevant Age Coordinator (listed below) or the Junior Secretary for more information.


N.B. Children aged 6 or 7 have the choice to do Junior Blaster OR play in U9 Division 3. This 3rd division is has been set aside specifically so younger kids who want a proper game (rather than the Junior Blaster skills only program) can play again kids their own age and ability.  If you have any double please contact one of our age coordinators.



U8 Players

At LCCC our U8 players play in a lower division of the U9 competition. We find the modified Stage 1 competition is perfect for kids and means they get to have a proper game experience. They are guaranteed an equal share of balls batting and bowling and quickly become comfortable in this next level after Junior Blaster.


Representative Cricket

LCCC has a strong tradition of producing talented cricketers who have represented our region, state and country. Every year there are trials held by the NSJCA to select teams for the U12 - 15 Representative duties. LCCC has always had a strong number of players succeed in these trials, a record we are very proud of. Reps games are generally played on Sundays and range from 40 over to 50 over (on turf competitions). If you would like your child to trial for Reps we put out an email mid-season announcing the dates. Otherwise keep an eye on the relevant section of the NSJCA website.


Formats for 2019/20



(Awesome fun skills session...  Basically learn to play cricket with fun coaches)

T20 - SAT AM - U8/U9

T20 - SAT AM - U10

T20 - SAT AM - U11

T20 - SAT AM - U11 Girls


(These are STAGE 1 games where every kid gets a fixed number of balls batting and bowling. Shorter pitch, lighter balls, 2hrs, 7-9 players)



T20 - SAT AM - U12

T20 - SAT AM - U14

T20 - SAT PM - U12

T20 - SAT PM - U13 Girls

T20 - SUN AM - U13

T20 - SUN AM - U14

T20 - SUN AM - U15


(These are STAGE 2 games with a leather ball, bigger field, longer pitch. 2hrs. 9-11 players)


40 Over / 2 DAY - SAT PM - U12

40 Over / 2 DAY - SAT PM - U13


(fantastic competition with games held over 2 weekends. A superb competition for talented youngers who want to take their cricket to the next level )



40 Over / 1 Day - SUN AM - U14

40 Over / 1 Day - SUN AM - U15


(excellent, proper cricket games played with skill BUT with a strong focus on making sure every player gets a fair go at batting and bowling)



32 Over /  1 Day - SUN AM - U17


(played on our superb turf pitches at Tantallon and KSO ovals)






Girls Cricket Coordinators - John O'Farrell and David Micheletti (,

Junior Blaster Coordinator - Brendan Hood (

U9 Coordinator - Stefan Hutton (

U10 Coordinator - Jonathon Shwabsky (

U11 Coordinator - Rishi Sharma (

U12 Coordinator - Richard Cairns (

U13 Coordinator - Michael Kearney (

U14 Coordinator - Brendan Twining (

U15 Coordinator -VACANT

U17 Coordinator - Michael Forrest (

Junior Convenor - Steve Mannix (

Junior Secretary and Registrar - Damian Barbeler (