Junior Blasters (previously In2cricket)

Junior Blast is a skills based training program designed for 5-7 yo boys and girls to give them the basic skills required to move into more competitive cricket formats in the following season.

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Girls U11 Stage One:

NSJCA and LCCC are proud for the first time this year to offer an U11 Stage One comp. So get on board and put together a team! Girls players for these teams will be given a discounted Registration of $120 for the "Spring" pre-christmas season.


Stages 1 to 3: U8 to U17 

Cricket Australia has developed modified match formats for junior cricket as part of the Cricket Australia Junior Pathway. The key outcomes of the new formats (based on comprehensive trials) is a reduction in wides and no balls, and also a reduction in balls that aren't scored from (dot balls) - ie more dynamic matches with greater levels of participation by all players. Cricket NSW adopted the formats and in 2018-19 season NSJCA will continue to transition to this new pathway.

N.B. LCCC is not offering Cricket Australia's Master Blaster prod t this year. Instead U8s will play in a dedicated Stage 1 division in the U9 comp. This will let the U8 play with their friends on a real pitch and have weekly training sessions. Like all other Stage One comps they will get infield coaching and a guaranteed number of balls when batting and bowling. 

More information on the junior playing formats: HERE and HERE


Representative Cricket

LCCC has a strong tradition of producing talented cricketers who have represented our region, state and country. Every year there are trials held by the NSJCA to select teams for the U11 - 16 District Cricket Association and President's Cup regional competitions. LCCC has always had a strong number of players succeed in these trials, a record we are very proud of. Reps games are generally played on Sundays and range from 40 over to 50 over (on turf competitions). If you would like your child to trial for Reps we put out an email mid-season announcing the dates. Otherwise keep an eye on the relevant section of the NSJCA website.



Stage 1 - 20 Over Competitions
Saturday AM
(8.00 am and 10.30 am)


Stage 2 - 30 Overs Competitions
Saturday PM (1.30 pm)


Stage 2 - 20 Overs Competitions
Saturday PM (1.00 pm and 3.30 pm)

Girls (possibly 10.30am) U14s
U17s Girls

Sunday (9.00 am and 11.30 am)


Stage 3 - 32 Overs

(9.00 am)

U13s at 9.00 am
U14s at 9.00 am
U15s at 9.00 am
U17s on Turf at 9.00 am 



LCCC is waiting for final detailed confirmation of Rules from the NSJCA and will update these as soon as we have them.

In the meantime parents can be assured that the Stage 1 and 2 formats are very similar to last year with shortened pitches and boundaries, lighter balls, guaranteed balls faced when batting etc. The Stage 3 format will again have teams of 12 with certain restrictions on bowling overs etc as in previous years.

In essence we are just waiting on some small details and will link to the NSJCA 2018-19 Blue Book as soon as it comes in.


Warm Regards

Damian Barbeler