First Grade Report: Burwood V 1st Grade Premiers


Second Grade Report: Lane Cove v Buurrwoood

The Dutch....the mighty Dutch...

With plenty of rain overnight the temptation for many a player (I suspect) was to consume an extra rum and have a lie in on Saturday morning.  However, playing at the home of cricket the only real way that you don’t get a game would be in the case of nuclear holocaust. So, with that in mind I put down my drink and started practicing the coin toss.
The day started out ordinarily enough. We peeled the covers off to find a fresh green moist wicket, no real surprise, with more coverage than Doherty’s head.
Coin toss next.
Feeling ever so confident from all my practice I sent that coin high in the air. The call from the Burwood skipper followed – tails…… yep… it sure was!
With a shake of the hand, and a very large smirk on the face of the Burwood skipper, we were batting! (For the statisticians and gambling addicts, 0 and 4 for the year so far.) Feeling now somewhat deflated the thought of reversing the batting order was very very tempting.
Our start was steady enough with Doherty (super bat) and me negotiating the first few overs with little problem even with the deck and ball doing a bit. That steady start soon dissipated as Doherty departed cheaply, to what could only be described as an atrocious shot, and the skipper not far behind, beaten for pace. Score 2/35.  Enter – standard middle order collapse- and we found ourselves in dangerous territory. Again!  Score 5/54.  A brief cameo from Nishant and Flipper pushed the score to 76 before Nish departed for 13 of the classiest John Lloyd V runs ever.
This brought the great man to the crease, BDK. Never has such a number 8 batsmen strode out to the middle with such purpose.  
With the pressure well and truly on they pushed the score up to an almost respectable 91 with a mixture of play and misses, good defence and blunt force before Flipper departed with a well made 24. Cox came in and came out shortly before tea. Adding another innings to his batting chart and not much more. Deciding the best form of defence was attack, holing out on the fence at fine leg. Did some one say Duck bat?? Wes – you have competition!
All the while the Flying Dutchman was watching from the other end, plotting and sobering up enough to actually see the ball.  Bezer showed us why his 35 runs a few ago was so unbelievable, as he went for 1, which only left Farmer and BDK left. Lance Cove, 9 for 96 and looking at a sub par score of less than a 100.
BDKOTTG had other ideas as he set about taking the Burwood attack apart, flaying boundaries and a six to all parts of the ground.
His technique, think more
Rather than
At this point, a run is a run, and with Farmer being the ever patient support man assisting the great man to get our score beyond 150 – game back on.  
With his first half century looming BDKOTTG decided that even with 4 fieldsmen standing at long on and off he would try his luck and go over them, unfortunately a top edge resulted caught out at point the single run short of 50. Farmer also devastated, robbed off another 100! 
This gave us a target to bowl at of 164. Again, we got there be it the hard way on a tricky wicket early on.
We started out really well with the ball with both Cox and Bezer beating the bat regularly and getting plenty of movement.  Bezer got the initial penetration before Cox entered the action, Burwood 2 for 8. Bezer then taking his second wicket, having us in a great position with Burwood 3 for 14.
With the wicket getting better and better to bat on and the ball doing a bit less the Burwood batsmen managed to hold out for the rest of the day, pushing the total to 3/60.
Have we used all our luck this season…. . we will see.

Another game evenly balanced.

Third Grade Report: Lane Cove v Burwood

Refer to first grade vision.

Fourth Grade Report: Lane Cove v Burwood

One legged cricketer takes wickets!
Back to the 3s and 4s home of cricket Longueville to tackle the top side Burwood. We were getting reports that other grounds were washed out but our pitch and square were dry and ready for an on time start. A big thank you to the Council ,gee they do a mighty job.
After losing the toss and winning last year’s GF I’ve continued this philosophy religiously every game this season by losing every toss. I’ve now decided this policy sucks as we proceeded to chase leather all day to see Burwood post 293 all out. To the bowlers credit they stuck at it all day with Rafe being the pick of the bowlers taking 2 wickets from a 24 over spell. Jackson was unlucky not to get a couple more wickets also ending up with 3. Cotty on one leg picked up 3 late order wicket to keep the score just under 300. We survived 7 overs to give ourselve a chance to knuckle down next week and reel in this big score.

Round 8: Muppy Cuppy goodness:
Sky Muppets vs The Mounties at the Home of Cricket

Greetings earthlings and mere mortals. Tantallon played host to some sort of crazy paranormal activity – or certainly some otherworldly skull-duggery – as there were some freaky events taking place in these here parts. Maybe it was ghosts of cricketers past, maybe the ghoulish features of Pussie-Kong and Stypey-zilla,  or maybe it was an array of emails and text messages doing the rounds this week. Either way, it was all justified and because I’m Chuck Norris, I’ll round house kick you to China.

Schnitz won the toss which was freaky. Man. Woweeeeeee. Studdsy and the Prince of Punjab opened up with Pushy forgetting to backup and ground his bat – hence he was run out. Boob. Off to India to get married you sexy prince. Dave Simmons batted 3 and let go a straight one that cannoned into middle stump. Olly Young looked good but his innings was short lived, almost as short as Dastardly Dicks innings. Storys’ are often whispered in dark, seedy and dimly lit corners about Dastardly’s prowess – and if you saw Dicks’ full potential you’d be impressed too. But we didn’t see it yesterday unfortunately. This had us reeling at 4-18. Studdsy did his best impersonation of a boat anchor and stuck around whilst Brett Favel started doinking – Studdsy and Bretto (or Favelly as Pushy calls him – god only knows why) – put on 70 odd to steer us towards a competitive total. Around the 25 over mark we lost a few wickets trying to up the run rate but Sockit Twomey put on a quick fire 16 – then Chef Delaney started dispatching bombs onto Epping road including one over going for 20 that ended some poor unfortunates spell. Daz ended up at better than a run a ball 38 for his highest ever Covie score, with Peter Griffin and Schnitz putting on 20 odd at the end to get us to 175. Pretty good from 4-18.
Dave Simmons and Chef Delaney opened up early doors – both unlucky but the Mounted Men had a very strong batting line up and were scoring comfortably. It wasn’t until some cagey brilliance bought Peter Griffin to the wicket to send down his spinning door knobs that we collected our first pole. In fact, the Big Marnnnnnrn picked up 4 quick poles to give us a sniff and with Chef Delaney picking up an LBW we pushed hard to stay in the contest – however the Mounted Men comfortable accounted for our 175 runs with 6 overs to spare. We got Mounted.
In other news, sandwiches were tasty, cakes were delightful and Studdsy even got a cup of tea with milk. He was a happy little pom. He then got excited and let it all go to his head by putting up the sight screens!!! For heavens sake man, I said, do you realise we’ll have to take them down now???? I mentioned that Mantarro and Battler have been kindly taking them down each Saturday because they know I couldn’t be arsed – but putting them back up was stupidity personified! Not really said the Pom. Apparently it’s the ‘proper’ way to play cricket according to our little pommy-pumpkin. Well it won’t help you come Ashes time you curry loving aliens.
Oh well. Enough from me. I need to get back to training and snap some heads. I’ll start by doing some Earth Downs – you weak humans call them push-ups. Get stuffed.
You’re Welcome,

Chuck Norris
Round House Kicks:
Bretto – 3
Peter Griffin – 2
Daz - 1