TWIC - Blacktown By The Sea, Friends Of You And Me

We love playing BBTS.  They beat us more often than not and they're not very pleasant, but no club has a better nickname.  Every match should finish with a boat race and a pub brawl, and I'm told 2s nearly did.  After the first day's play, honours are pretty even, with the Green Men taking points in 3s but probably behind in each of the other three grades, with 2nd Grade pulling one out of the fire courtesy of a blazing ton from "The Italian Mallyon" Joe Scarcella.  The Sky Muppets had a big win over Mac Uni with Laurie Mead stroking his way to a classy century in just his 2nd dig for the club.

1st Grade:   Lane Cove 2/59  v  Warringah 149


2nd Grade:   Lane Cove 221  v  Warringah 4/20

2’s turned up to Weldon with plenty of work to do to solidify a finish of second spot.  It would be fair to say that we were disgraceful
last week, and our fat captain stressed this in the prematch warm up with a lengthy rant that had good intensity.  Good Ranting Mantarro, good ranting. 

Post rant a good warm up.  Good HPL, good chat, and a healthy team environment as we gathered around to watch Mantarro torch a effigy that strongly resembled a 6 foot 6 NSW Cricket communications manager.  Im not really sure what happened there.

It was hot and the surface looked flat and all roads led to batting.  The coin toss fell our way and out strode Sammy and Doherty. 

Before the team had sat down properly Mantarro was disrobing after receiving an LBW in the first over.  Jarryd and Fisher were then bowled in quick succession and when Doherty, Big Cox, Tunwell and PTBDK – OOTG soon followed the coves were in all sorts of trouble at 7/46. 

The Skipper was not amused at this stage.  In a foul mood, strolling around the ground brooding and with the Allan Border scratch of the beard going on, this particular author was fearing for his eardrums – if last week’s spray was anything to go by.  Davo and Dodds set about restoring some semblance of respect, taking the score to 78 before the degenerate nicked one to first slip and was given clear directions as to where the sheds were.   

The mood darkened further in the Mantarro camp… as the lads feverishly took a peek under their cars looking for devices that may be strapped to the bottom.

Davo was working hard for his runs and had been a standout in the innings thus far.  He opened his shoulders a little, including a massive bomb straight that cleared the two storey pavilion.  Meanwhile, Joey was hanging in with him and seeing the ball very cleanly.  Mantarro then added to his appalling day by clapping Davo’s 50 while he was on 49.  Sure enough next rock the silent assassin was in the sheds – massive fines there.

At 9/120 with farmer striding to the crease, there was a mad scurry to get the whites on and hit the field shortly with at least something to bowl at. 

What followed rivaled Ian Skinner’s legendary 100 for skill, importance and execution.  Joe hit the ball cleanly, rode his luck and dispatched the ball to all parts of the ground on his way to a magical 100 not from a peter cross like 81 rocks.  Just as importantly, Farmer stuck with him with an important contribution of 14 for a club record last wicket stand of 95.  It was great to watch, plenty of heart and courage and typified that character that we have showed as a team for most of the year. 

Lane Cove all out 221 with a chance to press on the massive psychological edge we had gained as a result of the last wicket stand. Joe (who else???) opened up with a good spell from the end where the pitch doesn’t fall away and picked up 2 poles to make it a solid allround day.  Farmer and Big Cox chipped in with one each but more importantly the intent and intensity was there in the field.

4/20 at stumps.

Much to do next week – as we all know you never have the green men beaten until you are shaking hands with them

Key Numbers:

6000 – The amount of Rums Joe Scarcella had on Saturday night.
4 – The amount of X’s that sit on the inside label of Sam Mantarro’s trousers
10 – The number of times Peter Cross blew up when he found out the Diddy had taken his double century poster down.
1 – The number of Lance Cove cricketeers that have scored 100 and taken 5fa in the same year since John Lloyd was born
7 – The number of second grade cricketers ejected from licensed premises on Saturday night.

Well done Joe, great dig mate.  Lets not let him down next week boys as it would be a waste.

Ian Phelps

Ask Me, I’ll give you a look

3rd Grade:   Lane Cove 99  v  Warringah 9/121

Cricket is not for the faint of heart.  I suspect I never liked cricket from a very early age, and the seed within grew into a great tree that bore many fruity delights that were shared with all who would taste of them, and now most people that play cricket with me hate cricket too.  Stupid, stupid game.

3s have lost already.  No one did much.  Warringah were okay, we weren't great.  Welcome back and farewell Cam McKay.  I made our best bowler for the season wicket keep.  Why play with 11 when you can use 10.  The opening batsman had to drop down the order after being struck during throw downs.  The captain has grown so obese he can scarcely move.  Kiran again looked a cut above before dismissing himself cheaply.  Ken Slade is still my favourite Cove.

Looking forward to being bundled out of finals and the season ending.  Lets make it happen.

4th Grade:   Lane Cove 0/30  v  Warringah 172


5th Grade:   Sky Muppets 7/244  def  Mac Uni 172  with a bonus point

Sky Muppeteers take on the Macquarie University Students in round 20 of TCC
Watching two Poms bat and hoping they do well is not a familiar feeling


Sir Lawrence of Tantallon. But more on that later. 

Arriving at the ground saw Shower Man needing to be collected from Artarmon station. Zorba handed Nev the keys to the Tzikas mobile and was subjected to John Farnham’s Greatest Hits blaring though the stereo at rock concert levels. Interesting method of pre-match gee-up there Marty, but I digress. Actually, no I don’t, because following on from Farnsey’s greatest was a little bit of Andrew Lloyd Webber’s classic – Jesus Christ Superstar. That’s riiiyyeeettt – Marty, you are our sweet heart and ‘thooper-star’ – complete with Spirit Fingers. The fact that this came a week prior to the Mardi Gras may, or may not, be a coincidence. I’ll let others be the judge on this strange case musical irregularities.

Skipper Schooner went out to the middle for an early doors rendition of toss the boss and with Tantallon looking like a good batting deck, Mac Uni’s skipper won the toss and chose to send us in. Not sure why, they have batted first pretty much every time this year and after losing on the weekend are in real jeopardy of missing out on a finals birth. Push-a-car and Nev opened up, got us to 25 before they were both back in the sheds with the 2 poms out in the middle (Laurence Mead and Shower Man). We lost our next wicket at 174 – excellent, excellent partnership of 149 for the 3rd wicket. Whilst not a club record, Rod Monster and Shaafsma still hold this with 182, was quality batting. Studdsy contributed a well made 43 with Loz scoring his maiden Covie Ton in his second innings. 101 from 74 rocks and looked quality. No doubt Bwett and Muntardo will be fighting over his services next year – sorry Bryyyyyyyyarrrrrrn. All at the ground were impressed with the partnership, but none more so than Studdsy himself......

Sharples and Schooner came together and kept the runs ticking over with Sharples smashing one hard into the top (read, VERY top) cross bar at the Epping road end. Jesus Christ Superstar did his best not to have to bat but had to come out for 1 ball. Which he doinked for 4 which got the coves to 244 and the 2nd highest score in TCC this year. Excellent effort lads. Excellent effort. 

With the pill, Frankenbits and Chewy opened up very well and had us off to a steady start. Sharples got back into the action with a good catch at gully, then a miraculous diving save that appeared to save one run but whist horizontal he let go of the rock and smashed the stumps down from side on. Oh, and beat the batsmen too. Sharples direct hit run-out 1, batsmen 0. Franko picked up 2 poles early doors before the Mac Uni batsmen finally realised the condition of the wicket and started putting on the runs. Marty and Front Loader were unlucky however a batting brain fade had the Mac Uni skipper run out with a classic yes-no-sorry. This started turning the match almost comfortably within Lance’s hands and when we picked up their other batsmen it was a fait accompli as they say in the classics. Macquarie University all out for 172 chasing 244. Was probably a little closer than we’d like, fielding was average to ok. Mad props to Chewy, Sharples and Ladies Man who fielded well – but the rest of us had a stench that would have equalled the remains of the 2 Chicken Tikka rolls Dodds consumed on Saturday Night.

Good win lads. Hurrah. Left our run too late which is a pity as the side we now have would comfortably be in the top 3. Oh well, more opportunities to support our beloved 1st grade in their quest for finals glory in March. We love you guys!!! Hoo ha! Oh, and yes you too 2nd grade. And 3rd grade. And 4th grade.

So, 2 rounds to go. This Sunday at Tantallon and then Saturday at Jubilee against Balmain to bring this little season home with a bang. I won’t ask you to come down and support as you probably have better things to not be doing. But, if you could just see it in your hearts to head down to Tanty and cook some dogwoods this coming Sunday – Marty (Superstar) and Nev would be appreciative.

Final words – Keith, has done a sterling job with Tantallon. Is really a treat to play on Trent. Bryan should be paying you more. Bryan.

Andrew Bray
Serial miss-fielder







Ladies Man

THAT century



Partnership with Ladies Man and kept well



Doinking, fielding, runouts



4 poles. General b00bery.

U16/17s:   St Coves 7/148  def  Gordon Red 144

The combined Junior Coves and St Ives team finished the season on a high as they knocked over Minor Premiers and first round vanquishers Gordon Red with a well-timed run chase.  Gordon opted to bat first and started well, reaching 64 before Chris Spratt took two wickets in quick succession.  Jackson Brackin picked up a pole from the other end to right the scales a little as Gordon were reduced to 3/68.  Mitch Wright (3/14 from 4) and Matt Keevers (2/20 from 3) went through the middle order, but the undoubted highlight was 9 year old Cooper Wright taking his first wicket in U16/17s, bowling an inspiring spell of aggressive pace bowling with 1/9 from 3 overs.  Conor Rae wrapped up the innings as Gordon were all out for 144 in the 30th over.

The chase faltered early on as Will Daly, Chris Spratt and Lew Criniti were all dismissed before the total had reached 30.  Matt Keevers and 12 year old Noah Wright set about rebuilding the innings as they saw off Gordon's trio of frontline pace bowlers and put on 33 before Noah was caught at fly slip.  Gutsy knock from a young kid against a Green Shield bowling lineup!  Tom Criniti played some exciting strokes in true Criniti family style but was run out by a good piece of fielding, as was Matt Keevers, who unluckily was caught out by the bowler with a crisply struck Conor Rae drive being collected and flicked on to the stumps - out for an elegant 50 with the score on 111.  Brad Caddey received a peach of a delivery as the chase teetered at 7/112, but Mitch Wright was solid in defence as Conor Rae picked off the bad balls on his way to a match-winning 44*.  We reached the target with no further loss - very impressive given the tense and antagonistic nature of the match! 

Great result for the boys and a tremendous way to finish the season... although we do have a bottom of the table Plate clash this weekend to wrap things up for good.

Centurions - Several new additions to this list.
Record Partnerships - Well done to Joey and Farmer - a new 2s record 10th wicket partnership.

Fantasy League - Looking like being a lucrative season for the Prez after cashing in the first installment as well.