TWIC - 1s, 3s Beat Southern Districts; 2s, 4s Self Destruct

Peanuts are nutritious.

Please make sure you get back to the Diddy this Saturday (25th Feb) to celebrate Mad Mick Doherty's highest score for the season, 27 (beaten regularly).  Lets all get back to the Club and buy poor Mick a beer and console him on yet another failure at the crease.  For those interested in dedicating an entire weekend to philanthropy, you can also visit Mick at the Coogee Bay Hotel on Sunday afternoon.

1st Grade:   Lane Cove 0/64  def  Southern Districts 63  with a bonus point


2nd Grade:   Lane Cove 165  def by  Southern Districts 170

Second Grade Report – Believe Own Hype, Be Complacent, Get Beaten
It is with much frustration that I write this report, so if it comes across as harsh, insensitive or vulgar than I apologize (well not I'm not really sorry, but in today’s politically correct day and age, disingenuous and token remarks such as this will generally suffice before unleashing a volley of abuse with impunity).  If you find yourself reaching for the tissues during a romantic comedy, eating organic food, not being able to seal the deal or getting upset when you can't bowl from the end you want to…..then please turn away now.
Few changes this week.  We lost Big Cox who was replaced by Standing, and John covered the late pull out of Tunners. 
Rubbish Warm up.
Lost Toss.
Southern Districts elected to bat first on a beautiful track for which Dub should take immense credit.
Didn’t bowl at the stumps enough, didn’t support the bowlers enough, and were generally flat in the field as SD’s galloped to 3/100 with a minimum of fuss.  Things improved slightly, Porks, Mick and Fish held a few catches, and SD’s were dismissed for 170.
Sammy and Mick batted very well from the outset and at 2/110 things were well and truly under control.  Sam batted superbly for his 60 odd, with Davo also fighting hard for his runs.
The less said about the remainder of the afternoon the better – Bar a gallant last wicket stand between PTBDK and Bez which saw as pull up a handful short.
Well done to SD’s, they were the better side and deserved the points.  To our boys, much to ponder on this week, and with some luck we will come together and put this disgraceful effort behind us coming into the finals.  If that happens at any stage throughout the next 6 weeks, then start reading up on your Easter Carnival form.
Ian Phelps
No Jokes, No Hyperlinks, No interest

Players' Player
Mantarro – 6
Everyone Else – SFA… Go look in a room full of mirrors

3rd Grade:   Lane Cove 5/129  def  Southern Districts 43  with a bonus point

A one-dayer at SDs is always a long day but the game itself was relatively short.  Luckily for us, too.  Returning legend Imran Sarfraz rang the Secretary at 9:30 am to find out what time the game was supposeted to start: "10:00 am."  "Okay, I will see you at 10 am."  Sure enough, he got to the ground at 10:30 on the dot.  The pitch, square and ground were all fairly wet, but the SDs boys got the roller and the super sopper out and did their darndest to get on.  We eventually did get a start at 1:30 pm with 37 overs per side - credit to the hosts for all their efforts to get the game up and going.

Sammy Cox returned to 3s to skipper the side, lost the toss and we were sent in on a bit of a tough pitch.  Schaafs and Ritch Mixon cautiously trundled along at 1 an over for the first 10 or so as the slow, popping deck and savannah-like outfield made it a wee bit difficult to score runs.  Mitch unluckily picked out fine leg with a pull shot as we lost our 1st wicket at 20 after about 15 overs.  Jarrod replaced brother Mitch and looked in fine touch, slapping balls into the long grass, turning 4s into 1s, 2s into 1s and 1s into 0s.  We lost quite a few poles due to run outs as we tried to up the run rate, so Schaafs (13), Kiran (9) and CJC (1) all ended up back in the sheds while Duckman (12) tried to lift the scoring rate in larger increments and lost the pegs.  Paul Ritchie joined Ricko at the crease and the two took us from 97 in the 30 somethingth over to 5/129 after our allotted 37.  Ritchie knocked one out of the park on his way to 12* from 8 pills, but Ricko was the mainstay of the innings with 57* from 80 balls... robbed of a ton too - would have been 150 on most other grounds!

Imran got us off to a good start, taking an early pole with a sharp straight one - welcome back.  Sadly, he was pretty well knackered after that.  The new SDs pair batted sensibly for a while, pushing singles and twos before the opener tried to thwack one over the pavilion and lost middle peg.  After that, it was a bit of a flurry.  Once the SD's skip was out, the rest followed rapidly into the pavilion.  Phil Tran (5/10 off 2.1 overs) was the destroyer if not the pick of the bowlers, and Coxy, Fat Former Schkip and Imran were responsible for the remaining wickets.  SDs were out for 43 in the 15th over so we chalked up an extra bonus point to boot.

Warringah next week as we stroll into a tough audition for finals cricket.  Despite my best efforts we're now guaranteed a spot in the 6 so expect complacency to play a leading role in our next two losses.

Players' Player
3 - Jarrod
2 - Tranny
1 - Coxy

4th Grade:   Lane Cove 212  def by  Southern Districts 5/216 

Players' Player
3 - Rafe
2 - Cotty
1 - Robbo

5th Grade:   Sky Muppets 8/155  def  Auburn 78  with a bonus point

Sky Muppeteers take on the Auburn Eagles in round 19 of TCC

In the latest instalment of Mupping goodness, Lance Cove’s finest human beings were sent out to George Parry oval in an attempt to mow some grass, each sandwiches and win a cricket match. This week saw the emergence of another UK battler to the Muppster ranks in Loz ‘the Snoz’ Mead – joining recent recruit and all round shower lover Jimmy Studds. This would make for plenty of self-sledging when Sudsy began bowling to Studdsy, but I digress.
In further Wes-ing excellence, Nev off loaded skippy-do duties to yours truly for the 2nd week in a row so it was pleasing to get off to a cracking start by winning the toss. Given Auburn doesn’t have much of a sea breeze to speak of, it was nice to grab schticks first in the sweltering heat. Shower Lover and Jimmy Barnes got us off to a good looking start before we lost Studdsy. Loz showed his class and proved he will soon be pounding our humble Australian offerings when he gets used to our bouncing decks whilst Dick Campbell halved his Covie average with a well made 28. This bought the red-headed Skip to the crease. Now, I don’t like talking myself up that much but gee I batted well. Scrounged around early-doors, watched the ball darting left and right off the marble ensconced deck and confidently dealing with the invariable bounce. In fact, its probably the best I’ve ever batted. I was seeing them pretty well this day but not as good as Sunday. Even the wicket keeper shook my hand when I scored my first half-ton for the Coves. Lance would be proud. I know I was, so was T-Mac. He came down and met me for dinner at the Diddy which was nice and romantic. I like T-Snacks, and Snappy Tom likes me – that’s why we live together. Nice.
For the rest of the innings, Anna Bolic chipped in, as did the fast moving Marty d’Greekus and Front-loader. But it was my day. Gee I batted well. A wifty on that deck should not be undervalued – the deck was like batting in dry, flakey marbles and I excelled. Well done me.
When it came Auburns turn to face the music, Annabolic-Ben-Broyd took the first scalp with Chewy Bakker bowling very toight lines. In fact, Chewy ended up with 1-9 from his 8 overs – well bowled Wookie. Then we went with the spin-cycle of Sudsy Omo and Zeek the Greek who kept taking poles and not giving the Auburn batsmen any sniff of a successful run chase. Whilst the wickets were all shared, Front-loader bowled a lot better than his 1-20 from 8 overs suggest – particularly as the former Schkip was Wes-ing at backward square dropping catches all afternoon. Jimmy Barnes came on and took a pole and as if I hadn’t done enough for the day, I took the final wicket and celebrated accordingly.
So there you have it Muppet Lovers. A comfortable victory against Auburn with the home team bowled out in the 35th over for 78. Good job by the bowlers but it was the 155 runs we put on that set the day up. It didn’t seem like a huge total at the change of innings, but batting was quite difficult on that mine field as evidenced by the Auburn total. Next week we are back at the home of cricket on Sunday for another Muppet-fest against the students from Club Mac.
All round nice guy and massive Battlecat

3 - Schooner
2 - Marty
1 - Chewy

Fantasy League - is fantastic.  James Clarke still leads.

Training - Very good odds North Sydney #2 is going to be washed out again.  Keep an eye on the front page of the Nedsite.  Wednesday night at the Gartlan Sports Centre from 7 pm to 9 pm will still be rockin' and a rollin'.

Diddy - Mick Doherty wants to share some love for his birthday at our sponsor.  Lets get back there and have a few quiet beverages.