TWIC - George and his River

Reasonable return on the first day of Round 10 as 2s and 4s have already hoovered up first innings points while 1s and 3s are well placed.  5s went down in a close one against South Sydney while 24s also lost a thriller against Souths at Tantallon on Sunday after working back into the contest late on.  24s have one game left on the 5th of February, against Warringah at Tantallon Oval.  With a bit of luck and application the boys can go out on a high.

1st Grade:   Lane Cove 1/44  v  Georges River 104


2nd Grade:   Lane Cove 124 & 0/3  v  Georges River 53

The relative calmness and pleasantness of my Saturday morning came to an abrupt end as I received the text all second grade Covie men dread, “What time are you picking me up today?” That’s right, the natural order had resumed and once again it was my destiny to burden the pain of the rant to the game about “I am the in form batsmen of this club”, demands to stop for snag bags and cigarettes, not to mention having to detour via Tantallan to recover toxic waste that once resembled cricket gear. 

Surviving the journey to Bexley Oval, the spiritual home of the Boeing 747, we were greeted by a semi-covered wicket (pretty sure my pants require more fabric to cover my blurter!) and a lush and wet outfield, I was confident we would be starting on time and that I had no chance of winning the toss given my ordinary luck already for the day. Sure enough, faster than Dohers on a secretary, we were batting! 

Our usual start saw the skip play and miss repeatedly, drawing the now consistent mixture of sarcasm, advice and general life tips from both the opposition and his own team mates. Even the umpires had enough of the opening pair and decided that both myself and Dohers needed to be despatched back to the sheds soon after for not too many. 

Fish and Tunwell set about steading the ship before Tunwell forgot he is not Usain Bolt and was unluckily run out, with Fish following shortly. Davo and Rixon then batted sensibly and built a reasonable partnership before we lost a couple of further quick wickets, Rixon and Benny (it took you longer to walk out there and back!). It was this moment in the game that I actually felt sorry for the GR fieldsmen as they crowded around the next batsmen in looking to snag a hat trick, correct one A Dodds strolled out to the crease breaking no less than a dozen EPA laws on the way. From there Davo and “do I have to do everything in this team” put on 40 plus to get us into triple figures, both guys finishing in the runs scoring 46 and 25 respectively. A late tail flurry giving us enough to bowl at, all out for 124. 

After receiving various send offs when batting the boys were fired up to take the field and this showed! Bezer Pleaser and Joey charging in to have the home side reeling at 4/4. Again, the natural order had resumed for the day. From there both Joey and Bez bowled really well to take 4 wickets each with GR finishing all out for 55. None of the other bowlers really got a look in as a result.  

Our timing was slightly off though as we had one over to face at the end of the day, with Farmer ("did anyone see where Dohers went?”) deciding he had unfinished business out there, seeing off the 6 legal deliveries none down and 70 in front with ten points on offer this weekend.

3rd Grade:
   Lane Cove 153  v  Georges River 2/22

Early Saturday morning it was looking like a day of waiting around and pulling the covers on and off, however the rain disappeared and we managed to start only an hour and a half late. Again, our regular skip was too lazy and protective of his average to join us on the field and sent out a large contingent of our very successful Under 24s team to do the job instead. We lost the toss and we were sent in to bat.

We batted through to tea and were only 4 down, McElduff and Rae had done their job, although Rae bunted a short ball outside off straight back to the bowler instead of into the next suburb where it belonged. It was a very comfortable looking Panther at the crease with Duckman; Ducky managed to swing and miss a good 20 times before tea and was struggling. However, post tea the roles were reversed as Duckman continued to swing wildly though now managing to connect resulting in 4 maximums over wide mid on, comfortably clearing the fence. It was a short wide ball outside off that claimed him for an entertaining 44, proving to be the place to bowl to Lane Cove batsman. Panther then ran out of gas and was run out for 35. A steady collapse  followed and we were all out for 153 after 61 overs.

We had an hour to bowl and were aiming for a few cheap wickets.  Boggle kept it tight and claimed 2-7 from his 8 overs. Unfortunately no one else really troubled the batsman consistently and they finished at 2/22 from 17. We are in a good position and will hopefully get on next week and get the 8 poles needed to claim 6 points.


4th Grade:   Lane Cove 4/169  v  Georges River 80


5th Grade:   Sky Muppets 143  def by  South Sydney 9/152


U24s:   Lane Cove 196  def by  South Sydney 9/199

24s had 11 on the park for the second week in a row and were looking to notch up our first win of the season. This was our best chance to date as South Sydney were only one spot higher than us on the ladder.

We lost the toss and were sent in to bat on a good deck and started off well. An opening stand of 40 with Ricco (21), gave us a rare opportunity of making triple figures as a team. We almost batted out the overs and reached a very defendable 196 from 49.1 overs with Daly (30), Scarcella (39), and Pirenu (23 not) being the main contributors with the bat. And sure enough, X. Tras managed to top score again with a very helpful 50.

With 196 to defend Joe and Pirenu opened up. Joe managing to bowl even slower than last week but still claimed 2 wickets from his 10. Pirenu and Coxy also picked up 2 with Standing and Kiran getting 1 each. We picked up wickets consistently throughout the 50, however some poor fielding and a few dropped catches allowed South Sydney to get into a winning position. The run rate got up to around 7 an over and it came down to the last over with 4 runs to win and the number 11 on strike. However a win was not to be with the first ball of the last over being hit for 6 over fine leg despite the waist-high full toss on leg stump usually being a guaranteed wicket ball.

The bowlers put in a good effort however were not backed up in the field and not enough runs were put on the board to defend. Under 24s are 0 and 6 with Warringah in the final round at Tantallon, hoping for a full team and a good performance to try and not finish winless and avoid the spoon.


Players' Player
3 – Scarcella (39 and 2 poles)
2 – Pirenu (23 not and 2 poles)
1 – Rixon (21, 4 catches and a run out)

Classics:   Lane Cove 9/143  def by  Cricketers Club of NSW 7/190

Cricketers Club 7/190 (2/84 after 20 overs) defeated Lane Cove 9/143 (2/72 after 20 overs).
For a start we were pleased to get a game, given the huge volume of rain that fell on Saturday.  Longueville Oval was a picture and the wicket the best it's been for years. Both teams were delighted with the conditions presented - and it was a fine cool day to complete the ambience.
Cricketers won the toss and batted - Ajay Roy, their opener, was a man on a mission and rushed to his retirement score of 30 by the end of the 7th over. After his departure we were able to contain them but batting remained of good quality. 2 excellent catches one by Pedro Marin Gusman and a freak effort from Tim Ryan highlighted our performance. They were 2/84 after 20 overs when we commenced our stint.  Murray Holmes batted with aggression but played over a good one - then Ed Petrie & Al Beattie put on a fine partnership scoring at a good rate till Ed was unfortunately run out just prior to the break. Al reached his 30 soon after. We were 2/72 after 20 overs and still in it.
We were able to pick up regular wickets when they resumed batting, but we couldn't stem the run flow and they took all sorts of risks with quick singles but we just couldn't hit the stumps. The bowling continue to be tidy with Dick Pym, David Caldwell and Al Beattie all impressive. But we just kept leaking runs and they scored very freely in the last 6 overs as we tired and put a number of catches down.
We were left about 120 to get off the last 20 overs and it proved beyond us. Most batsmen got a start but we just couldn't dominate and wickets fell at regular intervals and we were left nearly 50 short with Al a sparkling 40 not out.
There were wasn't too much in the game, but it would be fair to say they had the edge on us in all facets.
As usual when we play Cricketers, there were a couple of incidents - but fortunately they came to nothing - and proceedings were quite convivial as we enjoyed a couple of refreshments in the pavilion at the close of play.
Cricketers Club 7/190 (Pym 1/29, Robinson 1/43, Beattie 0/15, Frankish 4/36, Caldwell 1/16, Treweek 0/24) 
Lane Cove 9/143 (Beattie 40 no, Petrie 24, Frankish 13 no, Robinson 11)
B & F : Beattie 3, Frankish 2, Petrie 1.

Fantasy League - Samuel L Coxon has gingered his way to the top on the back of good performances from Scarcella, Boggle and (disgustingly) Southcott.  Disgustingly Southcott now has 12 poles at 7.3 in 4s with his rude door knobs, evidence enough to drag Senor Dempsey up before the World Court for crimes against humanity.  Boggle lies 2nd after also indulging himself in himself.  The two are being pursued by a lineup of current and former presidents, which does not bode well for the Secretary in 6th.  Early days yet though.

Training - Training on Wednesday at North Sydney #2 is almost surely off due to the rain this week.  Check the front page of the website for an update during the day.  We start training again at the Gartlan Centre at Riverview in the first week of February.