TWIC - Outright Wins and Crushing Defeats

It was a little from column A and a little from column B this weekend as 1s, 2s and 3s picked up outright points (although 1s gave away 4) while 4s dropped the ball and U24s were soundly beaten by the Canies.  The Sky Muppets meanwhile chalked up their 3rd victory of the season in style with poles being shared and the willow being wickedly wielded by more than a few Coves.  Happy days, Mupsters.

24s are again playing at Tantallon on Sunday - would love to see some numbers down there to cheer the boys on.  We're playing South Sydney and its a great chance to hopefully get our boys off the mark for the season.

1st Grade:   Lane Cove 128 4/121  def  Lindfield 131 & 115  but lost first innings because Brett wanted to be a hero

First grade resumed Day 2 in a strong position needing just 35 runs to take first innings points with 5 wickets in hand.  We got to 6 for 123 needing 8 runs to win but we then lost 4 wickets for 5 runs to lose 1st innings points by 3 runs.

Credit to Lindfield for bowling well and deserving the 6 points.  Everyone was pretty shattered in the sheds but we had 70 overs left in the day and we were determined to get out of jail and make something of the day.

We came out fired up and the bowlers did the what was required knocking over Lindfield for 115 from 39.1 overs - the Skip picked up 4 and Devola 3.  It left us with 29 overs to score 120 runs for an outright victory.

We lost Smith and Norto pretty early ... but Forster played a controlled quality innings to steer us to victory with 7 overs remaining in the day.  Forster finished with 64not out (his highest score and first 50 for the Coves) and he was well supported by Holty with 20 not out backing up 31 in the first innings.

So great to get 6 points but we did it the hard way ... there is plenty of improvement to be had in the batting but we are currently sitting equal first on the ladder and we are only going to get better !


Players' Player
3 points - Richo (9 wickets for the match)
2 points - Forster (96 runs for the match)
1 point - Holt (51 runs and 3 wickets for the match)

2nd Grade:   Lane Cove 112 6/151  def  Lindfield 90 8/172  outright

2's turned up to tantallon expecting quick wickets and hoping to pursue all ten.  After putting covers down with Mantarro and Juuuuuuuuuuuuurn (note it must be somebody else's turn, I like getting drunk on Fridays without the grief of doing covers as well).
Really, really good warm up. Multiple hits at HPL, plenty of focus and the lads were expecting good things.  Scarcella started with an LBW, closely followed up by Dodds trapping one adjacent and things were looking good to have been hauled up in the boozer before the start of the magic millions.
What followed was probably one of our poorer patches in the field for the year.  Luck went against us and despite 2 cracking catches from Juuuuuuuuuuuuurn (no misprint, thats John Francis Lloyd) Lindfield set us a rather generous 151 from the 46 remaining overs.
Mantarro and "Iron" Mike Doherty went out to begin the chase will things starting solidly enough.  If it wasn't so serious, watching our skipper play and miss at regular intervals was funny until he was spectacularly depegged off a slower ball. If it was a kebab, there was no way it would have got past him! Next to go was Mick who fought hard for his 15 before putting one back to the bowler with the score at 47.  T Mac was then joined by Benny and a fruitful partnership developed.  The two lads batted sensibly and it would be fair to say that Tommy showed his best touch for the year before getting out for a well compiled 29.  Davo was unluckily run out, followed by Benny and despite a lively 20 from Juuuuuuuuuurn the good guys found themselves at 6/120 with 30 to get.
Despite batting with runners (a difficult proposition at our level of ability and definitely intelligence!!!!) it was left to an outstanding dig by PTBDK - OOTG (11 n.o) and a dirty 18 not Dodds to get us home to bank the ten with 4 overs to spare.
It is pleasing to get the ten points after probably our worst performance of the year.  Much work to be done in batting, bowling and fielding (fairly key areas in cricket it must be said) and plenty of improvement left in us for another key match versus Georges River next weekend.
Ian Phelps
Rod Monster

Players' Player
Chiarella - 3
T Mac - 2
Farmer - 1

3rd Grade:   Lane Cove 148 1/21  def  Lindfield 92 76  outright

3s resumed their match with a 56 run lead and with Lindfield also one man down.  The pitch had had a bit of work put into it during the week - it still offered the bowler some assistance but the bounce was a lot more consistent last week.  Boggle Clarke was also showing consistency, lobbing straight ones at the pegs with wide-eyed enthusiasm to skittle the Lindfield top order with figures of 5/20 from 8 overs.  He was a little unfortunate to be taken off, with his hooping innies proving a handful to all comers, demonstrating that 10 fas for the match are very tough things to come by.  Samuel Cox, developing tremendous skippering instincts, sensed cheap captain's poles on offer and brought himself into the attack.  A great spell from Big Red returned figures of 4/10 from 5.1 overs as he blasted through the tail, leaving us chasing 21 to win outright from an ample number of overs.

The Bugle and Kiran opened up the innings, but it was Xavier doing all the hard yards early as the keeper and umpires did all the work.  Will fell trying to end the game (departing via the old straight pull) but there was no denying Xavier as he saw the Coves home with a well constructed 15*.  Well done to the young guys, picking up 10 points with a solid display of bowling and fielding, if not batting.

Not Skip

Players' Player
3 - Boggle
2 - Ricko
1 - Cox

4th Grade:   Lane Cove 8(dec)/257  def by  Lindfield 9/258 

With 257 on the board and Lindfield one wicket down we thought with good bowling the 6 points should be ours. We got off to a great start with a run out third over and a wicket next to Sladey to a good slips catch to Rafe, 3/33 that’s the start we wanted. The Lindfield boys dug in and showed some real grit after that even though we beat the bat regularly and most of the early runs went between keeper and gully. Sladey and Jacko both were unlucky not to get a couple more each. The introduction of Slats had immediate effect with 2 wickets falling pretty quickly, whilst Scotty gave nothing away at the other end. At 5/80 we were well on top until an 80 run stand evened things up with a run out just on tea to see things pretty even at 6/160 with a lot of overs left.

After the break Cotty who had taken over from Slats hit a good line beating the bat every over with his well-flighted straight ones. Two wickets in an over to Cotty saw Lindfield slump to 8/177 still 80 behind with the game slightly back in our favour. A handy 29 run 8th wicket partnership was broken when Rafe dropped, then caught, then dropped to eventually catch one to have them 9/206. Most of the time you win from here but the Lindfield boys to their credit chipped, snicked and played some good shots to get the job done.

Fielding and in particular dropped catches were the difference between a good win and a very disappointing loss. Next week Georges River lads - we have to bounce back.


Players' Player
3. Alex Southcott 37 & 4/47 off 24 overs
2. Chris Wing 64
1. Skip 52

5th Grade:   Sly Muppets 3/150  def  South Sydney 9/149

Lance Cove take on the Bunny Boilers in the latest edition of Muppy Cuppy goodness
Lance Cove vs South Sydney at Alexandria Oval
Photos below used by Fearless Leader for inspiration

Has been a lean spell for Lances’ finest as we haven’t won a game since, well, pretty much the 1970’s despite the best efforts of many a young
Covie. Indeed, it has been a very difficult year to put together a regular side and this has certainly cost us. At last count (remember, only half
way through the season
) we have had 48 different players play 5th Grade this year – certainly season 2011/12 will smash all records! But as the
national side keeps on pumping those poor Punjabis, players suddenly get keen to try their hand and get amongst the runs and stuff.
So a few old battle-cats came out of the woodwork on Saturday, notably Webby and Schooner – gee its good fun playing cricket with that
Muppet. Any McHoo, a full side of eleven greeted Alexandria Park early doors and were served up quite a green deck. Fearless Leader rueing
the fact he didn’t have too many bowlers at his disposal as Schooner was still recovering from dislocating his hip in a late night Minskies love
fest leaving us only with Paul Bakker to lead the charge. I did offer up my services but at a spritely 13 years of age Fearless Leader thought he’d
be throwing a lamb to the slaughter of the South Sydney batsmen. Little did Fearless Leader know that I bowl quite well for my youthful 13 years
and I’d be chortling in my cordial later in the day. So with a deck greener than Green Day, greener than Kermit and certainly greener than the
Green Lantern, we were asked to bowl. “Bowl?” – Fearless Leader was heard to extole. So bowling it was.
With this being said, Fearless Leader thought that with the lack of new ball talent (or old ball talent for that matter) that he would choose this
weekend to reinvent himself as an opening bowler. Yes. Our hero. Can I say that for an fat old man, he thinks he is a lot funnier than he is (seriously,
calling Martyn Potts – “HotPot, Crab Potts, Tea Potts and Jack Pot was funny in what darn century???
). Schnitz finished with 2-23 from his
eight overs giving away 3 boundaries when his ned got in the way and he threw them down leg side.......Well done Schnitz. Bakker finished with
2 poles, as did I and Big Marty. Some other fat old man picked up a pole as-well. This kept South Sydney to 9-149 from their 40 overs but having
them 7-70 we let them off the hook a little bit.....
With the love schtick, Webby and Pushy put on 60 for the opening stand with the Great Punjabi falling for 33 and Webby retiring injured for 53 –
although Webster assures this writer that he’ll be fine for next week..........Studdsy ended up with 45 not out (well batted sir) and I scored the
winning runs. Yes, me and Bobby Magee!!!  Is there anything this great teenager CAN’T do? Easy points in the end with 9 overs to spare.
So there you have it – I’m about as excited as the Swedish Chef cooking Chicky in der Basky. Sky Muppets move up to 10th on the ladder with
a small but possible charge towards the finals now on the cards. 
Climb aboard the Muppet Train all you Muppet Lurvers ‘cause we’re bringing this baby home!!
Yours winningly,
Max Magee

Max Factor
Mad Max

U24s:   Lane Cove 97  def by  NW Sydney 2/98

Another Sunday morning, another numbers dilemma, McKenna was a no show but luckily Pirenu was able to make an appearance giving us 11 from the start for the first time this season. Even some of the underage members of the team were feeling a little dusty from the previous night. Most of the team arrived around 9 to find all 13 North West Sydney players waiting in the stands. Scrivens was late. Rain delayed play but eventually we got on an hour late without losing overs (not that we ever needed all 50). We won the toss but unfortunately it was all down hill from there. We decided to bat on a good deck with 200 plus required to be competitive. 98 runs and 34 overs later the damage was done and again our batting order had failed to deliver a competitive total.

Scrivens and Daly opened up and Daly was de pegged early in the 1st over. Scrivenhands managed to snick 16 runs in between their 3 slips and 2 gullys. Ricco ran himself out, Scarcella hit a juicy full toss straight to the fielder and we just fell away from there. A few middle order runs from Cox (16) and Standing (14) helped boost our embarrassing total a fraction and Pirenu was left stranded on 16 not, definitely should not be batting at 10. And as always it was Xavier with a very handy 20 not that gave us an undefendable 98.

After some overcooked snags courtesy of porky we took the field with the hope of making some in roads into the North West batting line up. That did not happen. Scarcella bowled 6 overs of slower balls and managed to claim 2 poles. With Jack Standing taking the most basic of slips catches at 2nd, that does not make up for all the other dropped catches. No one else looked like claiming a wicket as the 2 North West bats made our bowling attack look very average, including the dispatching of Coxy to the JCMF; extensions may soon be required.

They chased the total in 20 overs to gain the bonus point. We had 11 players so the short on numbers excuse cannot be used, we just aren’t playing good cricket. Hopefully we can keep plugging away and look to the next few seasons. We are up against another average cricket side next week at Tantallon so hopefully we can notch up our first win of the season.

Players' Player

Not today

Finals - With 1st Grade coming joint top (somehow), 2nd Grade in 2nd, 3rd Grade in 3rd and 4th Grade in 6th, we're uncomfortably positioned for the club to make finals in the top 4 Grades for the first time... ever?  Who knows.  In any case, please keep the selectors aware ( of any unavailabilities you may have in the remaining games for the season or finals series.

Club Champs - situated a fairly tidy 3rd at the moment.  With Georges River, NW Sydney, Sthn Districts, Warringah and Auburn to come, we may even be able to stay somewhere up there.  Maybe.

Fantasy League - Former President Gerard Boyle returns to the top of the pile once more, currently holding a 2 point lead over Rodney Dangerfield while Dodds came stomping up the ladder to pip Red Samuel into the final podium position.  How much does this matter?  Not a jot, we're one round in - five to go.  Please transfer $20 to the club's account for FL entry (BSB#: 062-192, Acc#: 10015602, put your name and FL in the description) or give me $20 back at the Diddy.