TWIC - Deja Vu Bunnies

So we played the Bunnies last week, and reversed the fixtures this week for the Twenty20 round.  Souths didn't fare any better this week, again going down in grades 1 to 4.  The Sky Muppets went down in 5s against one of the Warringah sides while the 24s went down to Georges River having made the trip with just 8 players.  In the Masters derby match on Sunday it was the Blues who came away victorious, beating the Whites for the second year in a row.  We hit the Christmas break pretty well placed in 3rd in the Club Champs with 1st Grade running 2nd, 2nd Grade in 3rd, 3rd Grade somehow also 3rd, 4th Grade in 5th, and 5s and U24s both struggling near the bottom.

1st Grade:   Lane Cove 3/71  def  South Sydney 8/70


2nd Grade:   Lane Cove 7/110  def  South Sydney 64

After watching 4’s get the money in the first game of the day (well done Bryan) the pressure was then on to maintain the clean sweep. Winning the toss – again – (Richo, I am available for coaching sessions) I had no hesitation in batting first.


Dohers and I got us off to a steady start in the first couple of overs before Dohers had his castle knocked over from the “ball of the century”. Fish and myself pushed the score to 47 after 7 overs with two wickets in the shed and on track to post a good score.


To South’s credit they dug in and we lost 3 for 14 to put a 120 plus score out of reach.  Davo and Fez needed to bat sensibly to ensure we had enough runs to bowl at, with Davo finishing 29 not out, on the back of his 50 last week (he still hasn’t acknowledged he made 50 or that in fact he is I Davidson), and 19 valuable runs from the Duck man. End result SS to chase down 110 to win at just under 6 runs an over.


Needing to keep it tight in the first few overs, and build pressure, the new ball was given to Benny and some bloke A Dodds (anyone heard of him?), who was promoted from 4th Grade after showing some good form under Mr Dempsey’s tutelage. He didn’t disappoint, removing both openers for not many runs and unlucky to not have a third wicket (Yes Dohers, you owe him a beer on so many levels). Sorry Bryan, you may not get this prodigious talent back!


With the middle order exposed Farmer set about building his wicket tally for the year taking a further 3 wickets, leaving no doubt that the Bunnies are definitely his bunnies! Finishing with figures of 3/13. T Mac also got in on the party taking 2/7 with Souths losing 7/33, ending any chance of an upset. All out for 64.


Overall another solid team effort, special mention to Fish, an inspiration in the field to all of us 30 something’s, Bez for breaking a potentially dangerous partnership, A Dodds for protecting his batting average and Fez for putting the duck back into second grade!


Players' Player (after some heated discussion) 

Davo – 2 -  the only bloke I know to be more on the back foot since Silvio Berlusconi! (Great Italian leader, mentor and inventor of the Bunga Bunga)

Dodds – 2 – Ok, ok, not bad for a 4th grader.

Farmer – 1 – Rabbit stew anyone?

Skipper – 1 – Managing to keep squad sober (relatively) until 2.30pm and ah, well, cause I can!

3rd Grade:   Lane Cove 6/119  def  South Sydney 8/109

Victory last week wasn't enough with the captain ringing the changes for the Twenty20 round.  In came the iron-fisted Hood, scissor-fingered Scrivens and 6 young chaps not yet old enough to get their Ls.  Were they good enough to get the points though?  My fur they were.

With the regular skipper being sacked for being terrible, Boggle Clarke led the side and got off on the right foot by winning the toss.  We'll have a bat.  Scrivo and Conor Rae started solidly on a Tanty deck with less grass on it than usual, but the ball was still doing plenty.  Conor was the first to fall, quickly followed by the unlucky Matty Keevers who was run out first ball in dubious fashion.  Scriv slapped one to cover and we were in early trouble at 3/38?  Can you be in early trouble in a Twenty20?  One for the purists.  Anyway, Andrew Sierakowski was joined by a Prez returned to the club in less than peak condition (Lisa !!!???!??).  The two batted comfortably and sensibly, pushing 1s and 2s and hitting the odd bad ball to the fence.  The pair put on 65 in good time before Andrew was out trying to push the run rate for a classy 23.  Hoody, knackered by this point, started donking the ball to the fence, but with no time to get the eye in, it was difficult for the incoming batsmen to up the score as well.  The innings closed at 6/119 after 20 with Hoody finishing 49* from 37 pills to continue his red ink form for the season so far.

Boggle and Conor opened up the innings, and both bowlers hooped the ball around significantly... possibly resulting in a few avoidable extras!  Conor (2/23) took the first pole, ripping one through the opener's defences before having his partner well caught behind by Josh Joseph with the score on 43 at good pace.  Slade and Rixon were next into the attack, with Kenny striking first, the #3 presenting Fergus McKenna with a straightforward chance at cover - 3/45.  The Souths skip looked to take the game away from us with some clean strikes (yes Kenjamin), but the pocket rocket Max Magee was introduced to break the partnership, and he didn't disappoint, removing both batsmen in quick succession to swing the game back in our favour and take 2/18 from his 4 overs... not bad for a 12 year old!   At 5/87 we probably had our noses in front, but a few more good hits had Souths at evens to swing their way home.  Enter Fergus McKenna with his trusty leggies.  Bowling the 3rd last and last overs of the innings, Ferg came on and hit the spot straight away and proved just a bit too good for the Bunnies.   3 fell in the last over trying to get the required runs, sealing the game for the Coves and leaving the "Ice" Ferg with a match-winning 3/10 from his 2 overs.

Absolutely brilliant to see so many young guys out on the field for the Coves, and for all of them to play so well.  Hope the boys all enjoyed themselves as much as the older guys did.  Hope to see the young fellas again very soon!

Regular Schkip

Players' Player
3 - President Hood
1 - Andrew Sierakowski
1 - Fergus McKenna
1 - Max Magee

4th Grade:   Lane Cove 6/89  def  South Sydney 87

After beating up the Bunnies last week, we headed off to Alan Davidson Oval to repeat the serve, this time with Messrs Aman, French, and Woo Slats additions to the side. The pre-match ritual consisted of Demps insisting that he had done the numbers, reviewed the stats and the only way to win the match was winning the toss and batting first.

Souths won the toss and batted, which prompted alarm bells after the first over came and went without a wicket, leading to “spin” being used from the other end. This plan almost worked, apart from Frenchy being as deceived by the lack of movement as the opposing captain, who then decided to take the long handle to anything remotely near the mown surface. Normality returned as Jackson broke through, followed by Scotty chiming in with 3/20 at the other end.

Slats was on the receiving end of some heavy hitting in his first over, before bowling 3 excellent overs, to take the momentum away from the Bunnies. Demps, clearly not learning from last week’s ridiculousness, went back to “spin”, leading to a team hat-trick (2 batsmen stumped and a runout) and the Frenchman piling on the fantasy points. A third wicket surely ensures that Cotty will keep the new ball for the rest of the season.

Souths all out 87, and not baaattttinnnnggggg tttthhheee oooovvvvveeeeerrrrsssss. Thhaaaattt’sssss rriiiiyyyyeeeetttt!!!

Cotty and Arnall set about peeling off the runs, before a very soft dismissal saw Alex return to the pavilion, leaving Benny to set the tempo. At 1/77, chasing 87 with 4 overs to go on a reasonable wicket, most sides would be pretty confident, but this author has played too many games for LCCC to be counting those chickens just yet.

The skipper’s prophetic words of needing to bat first to assure victory remained firmly in the minds of the middle order as at 2/77 Aman departed, next ball followed by Frenchy 3/77. That’s OK, surely Ben Arnall would steer us home.

Not exactly….Benny holed out for a well compiled 42 at 4/81, followed by Dempsey 5/81, followed by Ephraums 6/85.

1 over to go, 3 runs to win, 4 wickets in hand.

Slats attempted to deposit the first ball towards cow corner without success, before connecting second time around, confirming that this side can chase down totals steadily, with minimal fuss.

All in all a good win, we fielded well and bowled well, and kept our heads up when things weren’t going our way. We’ve now set up a solid position in the 6, allowing every chance for a strong run home.

Players' Players
Ben Arnall 3: 42 off 56
Alex Southcott 2: 3/14 & 22 off 29
Brian Scott 1: 3/20
Xavier Tras 0: just couldn’t follow on from his 72 last week
Bryan Dempsey -5: Should be sacked for his bowling selections

5th Grade:   Sky Muppets 8/75  def by  Warringah White 7/164


U24s:   Lane Cove 81  def by  Georges River 2/82

“Another One Bites The Dust”

Typical stinking f***ing hot day here in Bexley. All 8 of us rocked up to what looked like the Bronx too early for our liking on a Sunday. A few players were looking a bit dusty and could possibly pass out, yeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaahhhhhh shhkip.

Thankfully, we won the toss and batted on a nice batting deck though unfortunately couldn’t capitalise. Ricco managed to reach 25 with a nice 6 almost getting Geof’s car, then getting out to a Dave Warner-esq stroke. Good effort considering he was completely in his own world the night before with some ridiculous drunk night texting with Coxy. Unfortunately, with the few batsmen we had, we were very unlucky with the decisions, with Scriv getting caught behind after smashing the pitch with his bat and some debatable LBW calls. Brad and James however started things again with a nice partnership before Brad got run out even though we were effectively 8 down with 30 overs remaining. We ended up with a score of 81 after 20.2 overs.

More than 50% of our team managed a bowl, yes including Scrivo (0/15 off 2 with 7 wides) !!!! That gives you an idea of how much the bowling was spread out. Coxy (2/17 off 4) managed to snare some prey with his outswingers whilst Conor Rae (0/19 off 4) provided quality in swingers from the other end.  Unfortunately, it was just too much a task to starve the opposition of runs when you have a 4-2 field and part-time bowlers. Post Christmas fixtures however will be stacked with talent so look out!

Ricco out, cheers

You're still Jenny from the Bronx.

Fantasy League - Porky Lloyd has come out of the distant chasing pack and snatched victory.  The repercussions of bowling Southcott are felt far and wide, Dempsey.  The Prez also finished strongly to snatch 2nd while Wesley managed to hang on to 3rd by a point ahead of Mr National.  Keep your eye on your emails for the next edition of the FL, should be able to knock it over in the next few days if I'm not lazy.

Training - No indoor sessions at the Gartlan Centre until the end of January / start of February.  Wednesdays at North Sydney #2 will resume on the 4th of January, provided 90% of Coves aren't at the Sydney Test. 

First round back after Christmas is a two-day match against Lindfield on the 7th and 14th of January while 5s have one-dayers on the two Saturdays as well.  24s first game back is on the 15th of January at Tantallon.  Please send us an email at to let us know of your availability for these matches.

Milestones - updated.  Congratulations to Porky on passing 7,000 runs for the club against Strathfield in round 4, and Davo also passing 2,500 runs in the same round.  Hoody passed 5,500 runs for the club against South Sydney in round 8.  The Duck Bat has been updated - go Scriv.

Good luck to the Lane Cove Juniors / Seniors / ring ins playing in the Green Shield competition over the holidays:
Lachy Borg (Gordon) 
Kiran Dindayal (North Sydney)
Jordan Farrell (Gordon)
Josh Joseph (North Sydney)
Liam McElduff (North Sydney)
Fergus McKenna (Sydney)
Pirenu Nirmalendran (Western Suburbs)
Andrew Sierakowski (Eastern Suburbs)
Chris Spratt (Gordon)

Noticed a few former Coves in there as well.

Have a great Christmas break and I'll see you folk in the New Year.