TWIC - Late, Lazy and Lame

Hello Coves, cricket etcetera.  We played Roseville on the weekend and they were very nice.  We won some, we lost some, it was all very philosophical in the end.  John Lloyd mused quite a bit.  Our annual love in with Burwood is due to start next week, I hope you're looking forward to it.  I know Burwood are.

Brett Lee will be down at Kingsford-Smith on Thursday afternoon for our Movember training session from last year's Movember fundraiser.  The training session will kick off at 4:30 pm, weather permitting.  Come down if you want to lend a hand.

If anyone has any interest in writing TWIC and updating the website occasionally, flick me an email at  Enthusiasm, literacy and common sense are desirable but not essential.  Three strikes does not mean you're out.  Hit me with your rhythm sticks, kids.

1st Grade:   Lane Cove won

First grade were chasing 5 straight wins against fellow North Shoremen Roseville Roseville.

I won our first toss of the year and chose to have a bowl on a decent looking deck.  The Skipper and Sneak bowled a fair bit of rubbish early including Sneak’s first over going for about 60 and completely ruining the $60 Kookaburra in the process… until Sneak managed to break-through and burgle a couple of wickets to get us going.

Bez then came on and was a bit hot and cold but bowled a jaffa to take the edge of their opening batsman but it wasn’t until Richie and Holt had the ball that we started to apply some pressure and take control of the innings. Holt picked up 3 and Richie 2 and both were very impressive.  Roseville Roseville ended up reaching 155 from 41.2 overs but not before Action Jack dropped the easiest catch ever offered up in the history of the game…

After some enjoyable Subway for lunch Smith and Forster opened up and were both in good touch reaching 65 until we lost our first wicket with Forster’s off-stump being disturbed with a pretty handy delivery.  Smith kept going though and ended up reaching his first half century of the season making 59 including 10 x 4s and 1 x 6.   Smith’s innings broke the back of the Roses and with Richie chipping in with 28 and Devola 13 not out … we passed them 6 down with 3.1 overs to spare.

Chinatown and the Steve Carfino played host to our celebrations that night and thanks to ‘Dami’ for organising.  I think he has organised a little restaurant in Cabramatta for our next night out – and we all can’t wait for that!

It wasn’t out best performance of the year but 6 points is 6 points and we are undefeated after 5 rounds and sitting tied on top of the ladder.

Finally just a quick thanks to Roseville for having us and their attitude and spirit on the day was great.


3 points – Smith (6 dismissals with the gloves, 59 with the bat and nearly a repeat performance of the needle in the snake eye debacle)
2 points – Holt (bowled well, took 3 wickets and made the trip to Subway at lunch time)
1 point – Richie (2 poles, 28 runs and some top draw action Sunday morning)
6 points – Club Dub (thanks again mate – hope the Heinekens went down well)

2nd Grade:   Lane Cove won

Second Grade Report Versus Roseville (ROSEVILLE!)


Much more pleasant start to the week this week.  Few beers at the City Hotel, No John banging on my door, No juniors with John, No TAB with John, No coffee with John, No phone calls from Barry.  All in all a pretty good start.


Few Changes to the team this week with the absence of star opening bat Doherty, and dependable middle order noodler and tweaker Davo.  In came Big Cox and Bustling Benny Chiarella.


Main inclusion being a Sober PTBDK (Who has enforced an 11pm curfew before cricket).


Important toss to win on a hot day after a bit of rain – and Mantarro showing his years of quality Wrist work got the job done and we were in the field.  Dub had produced a quality surface and we were surprised that it didn’t do that much in the morning even with the 10am start.


Quality spells from Scarcella, Chiarella, Big Cox saw them rolled for 98


Did the lines and brooming this week Dub.  Areas


Mantarro and Southcott started really well before Neddy was very unluckily given out.


Standard Middle Order Collapse.


Before PTBDK (2*) steered the team home well supported by big cox (34*) to take all 7 points.


Big game versus the Briars at the ground near the chicken shop this week




2 - Scarcella – 4 Fa

2 - Big Cox – 34 Not
2 - Chiarella – 2 FA

0 - PTBDK (Giving us mere mortals the opportunity to be in the presence of greatness)


3rd Grade:  Roseville won

The loss finally came.  Despite at best having risen to a mediocre level this season, 3rd Grade had managed to clumsily navigate the first half of the season without losing a match.  Until now.  And we did it properly.  Turning up the ground, we found it was being occupied by 13 or 14 year old girls who were playing at a much higher standard than we were.  The pitch was soft and fairly patchy, so when the coin came up trumps for the Fat Skip he had no hesitation in sending the opposition in to bat.  Sadly, we didn't bowl in the right areas for the first 30 odd overs.  Bad bowling and a few dropped chances meant that Roseville accelerated away on a popping deck and were travelling at 6 an over for the first 20 odd overs.  Not good.  We managed to peg them back a bit, and kudos to Kiran Dindayal who bowled full and straight and reaped the rewards, snaring 4/13 from his 6 over spell.  The rest of us... not much to brag about.  Roseville ended up collecting 9/226 from their allotted 50 overs.  Not a big total on that ground, but competitive.

Mitch Rixon opened up in fine style and batted as well as I've seen him bat (sadly for him, the bar was not set high).  He flayed the new ball through cover, midwicket and straight  before falling LB for 39.  Kiran Dindayal played patiently for his 17, but after that it was a bit of a procession.  We were bundled out for 123 in the 33rd over, giving up a BP and a lot of dignity (in short supply around LCCC).  Fair play to the Roseville guys who were well on top for 80% of the match, at least.  I feel relieved now that the penny has finally dropped and I can look forward to crying myself to sleep in the coming weeks after several soul-destroying losses.  Viva la revolucion.


Players' Player
3 - Kiran Dindayal
2 - Mitch Rixon
1 - Jarrod Rixon

4th Grade:   Lane Cove won

4s got to the home of cricket on Saturday morning to a fairly soft wicket.  Bryan convinced the Umps it needed an extra half hour under the sun so we began the match at 10:30ish with us winning the toss and sending Geof’s lady friends Rosey Roseville into bat. (Good toss to win)

Sargeant and Frankish opened up and were both quite potent without much luck before some other Brian came on to strike quite quickly. Broydy came on late in the innings and got 3 important quick wickets. Demps showed he’s the best fast bowler in the comp with “lethal” “dangerous” bouncers irritating their batsmen throughout the innings.  All day they began to build small partnerships but our bowling and fielding restricted them to a score of 117.

With the bat being the major problem for 4th grade over the last couple of weeks it was imperative we got off to a good start chasing the relatively low score. 2nd ball of the chase Dunny was back in the sheds looking for his lighter. Schaafs got a dubious one but with his camera recording the action the referral was not utilised. We welcomed back Benny Arnall to the Coves following his new arrival, he looked like he’s still got plenty of runs in him but is generally a terrible person and even worse cricketer so should only play in 4’s for any games he may be available for. Rafs and Benny put on 50 odd and we were looking quite good at 2 for 70 until 2 quick wickets fell leaving the finishing touches to Hoody and Jamie who smashed a quick 33 off 24 giving us the extra bonus point.


Good win to build the remainder of this half of the year on.

Dunnstone checks in

3 - Raf
2 - Broyd
1 - Demps

5th Grade:   Sky Muppets lost

This week saw the Sky Muppets take on UNSW for the 2nd time this year. Got comprehensively pumped last time out, not so this time.


T’was a south of the bridge affair – so we arrived late to find Boggle had already tossed with the opposing schkip and we were batting. Sweeeeeeeet. 1-5, 2-10, 3-12, 4-26, 5-33. You get the picture. UNSW met with some middle order resistance in the form of Pushkar, Clarkey, Franko and Peter Griffin who somehow got us to 133 after 38.3 overs. To be fair, their opening bowlers were pretty handy.


With that little red thing, Mick Dwyer and Paul Bakker opened up and we had them 1-1, 2-6, 3-13...............then we decided to drop catches. Like really firkin’ easy ones. Some even dropped more than one catch – its not a cold people, don’t be scared to hang onto it. Then it rained, and the home side weren’t keen to put covers down. So we did. Thanks. When we finally got out there again we got our mojo back but the damage was done and the 4th wicket fell for 83. We kept arguing the point over who was going to win the match and kept taking poles though. Good bowling by new recruit Mick Stern saw the equation get to 18 runs / 3 wickets. Then 12 runs / 2 wickets. Then we lost. Boo hoo.


Damage was done by dropping catches and not scoring enough – but seriously, you won’t win games if you keep bowling full tosses and drop catches. It’s not rocket science, it’s simple flaming cricket.


Game this Sunday at Tanty against 6th placed North West Sydney a chance to redeem ourselves...............



Not very happy



3 – Clarkey. Batted and kept well.

2  - Mick Dwyer – bowled well.

1 – Andrew Bray – sickening.

Not a lot of love,