TWIC - Not As Bad As I'd Hoped

Hello boys and girls, we're now 4 rounds deep into the season and building up a good head of steam.  1st Grade beat Strathfield to break a long, long losing streak, defending 162 and weathering the Garry Sheen effect for the first time.  Kudos to the once and future Shires Player of the Year Thomas J Holt on his five wicket haul, if not his humility.  2s were made to fight hard after having the Gorillas 5/30 odd after day 1, but Joey Scarcella and Farmer got the job done in the end with 20 runs to spare.  3s won by 30 and called it quits at tea while 4s struggled again and ended up getting done over outright.  The Muppets were solidly thwacked by the Balmain Inner Sydney Tiggers and the Covie Cubs bowled well but stuttered with the bat, going down to Roseville, Roseville.

1st Grade:   Lane Cove 162 & 7/132  def  Strathfield 152

Week 1 review

We lost the toss. Again. Crazy 35, Naughto 30 odd, Gayleard 20 odd, Richardson 1. Sheen 5 Passengers 5. Game in the balance at 3/91 overnight.
Day 2 started with the 4th drop off from the Strathfield bus to a thick edge to Wes with no addition to the score. Some good bowling, tight fields and top banter bought about the 5th with 117 on the board – 5 wickets or 46 runs required for victory. A steaming Holty was finding good areas. He was bowling pretty good too. Good signs were showing with No 7 offering the necessary batting advice to Sheen before a lazy shot led to No 6 passenger being dropped off. Further tight bowling and restrictive fields and we finally got the driver out – 7-133. The remaining passengers were ordered off with Strathfield all out 152. Holty was unsure of his exact number of wickets and asked the boys to “Put your hand up if I got you out”.
Holty was the pick of the bowlers in terms of wickets but hard to go past any of the bowlers who didn’t allow Strathfield to get into stride.
Due to the nature and spirit of the game we were sent back in with 51 overs still to play to be in a bit of trouble at 3/32, however more sensible batting from Jack, Bowler's name and Naughto allowed stumps to be pulled early with 7/132 on the board. Highlights being a spectacular depegging of our own Wes and Holty stemming the flow.


Players' Player
3 - Holty
2 - Naughto
1 - CJC

2nd Grade:   Lane Cove 182  def  Strathfield 161

Second Grade Report Versus Strathfield – 2’s Get Season Back on track after beating Competition Leaders
Usual start to the morning – John Lloyd banging on my door at 7am… he just doesn’t leave until I go and help with juniors.  Very effective.  The coaching bit is ok (some would even say rewarding) but it’s the time spent with John that affects your mindset.  The coffee you have to buy him when he claims he bought you one on a Saturday morning in 1982, the TAB time with him, waiting for him to snap one off at Woolworths, eating with him.
All in all not fun.
Mantarro was running late, Im waiting at Lane Cove shops and see a big grey ute, quickly sprint over the road and climb in with my usually gregarious diatribe of expletives (I mean it is Mantarro) and look to my right…
You guessed it, the bloke driving was the biggest plumber you have ever seen, and asked me in no uncertain terms to vacate his vehicle.
So after Mantarro drove off as I was getting in and nailed the back of my melon, I had had a terrific start to the morning.  It didn’t get better when the boys were greeted with a very flat track, and an outfield that you could quite comfortably putt on.  There was about as many blades of grass on the deck and Peter the Big Dutch Keeper had had career lemon squashes.
Good warm up, plenty of energy and much to do with Strathfield at 5/45 chasing 183 for victory.
Scarcella and Dodds opened up, bowling ok areas but unable to make the breakthrough.  We created a few half chances, but the two Strathfield fellas batted sensibly, waiting for the bad ball and letting the hot weather sap our energy levels.  Strathfield got to 99 quite comfortably before one of their bats nibble one to a (steaming drunk) BDK off Joey.
From there, it was simply a grind and just trying to build pressure with a ring field and hope runs on the board would get us home.  Farmer bowled a super spell – 25 overs of toil on a placid track to take 4 poles.  Joey took his 5 fa with a very gutsy spell of a million overs (showed more heart that every other riverview old boy I know… yes Wes... yes Sharpy ... yes Harpham Senior.
Strathfield approx 20 runs or so short.
Dodds took no wickets.  Never looked likely.  Never threatened. 
In the serious department, a terrific win by a side that showed plenty of character against a formidable Strathfield outfit.
The Calamari and chips from the world’s best fish and chips shop was a good crack as well – can someone check if Southcott has left there yet?
Counts for nothing if we can’t back it up next week though versus Roseville in the clash of the leafy North Shore private school boys.
Players' Player
3 – Scarcella (5 wickets, not turning up full)
2 – Peter the big Dutch Keeper (7 dismissals, turning up really full)
1 – Farmer (4 fa off 25 overs)
Dreadfully Unlucky:
Fish – saved us 20 runs plus in the field
Mantarro – top scored, bought 24 of the most blizzardly cold amber beverages for consumption after the game
Dodds – Doing Juniors with John

3rd Grade:   Lane Cove 168  def  Strathfield  137

Joyous news during the week with Paul "Herr Direktor" Slater being called away to Rome for the weekend for "work", and with Junior Ricko having a late exam, 3s once again enjoyed the familiar feeling of playing short for the 4th round in a row.  Adding to the Skipper's irritation was a cagey effort by Phil Tran to send down the first over, handing the umpire his cap and marking his run up out before Boggle was subbed in to continue last week's successful spell.  Big Cox sent them down from the other end, and it was tight early doors without making a breakthrough - a bit of a win itself with just 9 in the field.  Ricko arrived to give us a 10th fielder at about the same time Big Cox picked up the opening bat with a thick edge to Kiran Dindayal at gully.  Boggle then picked up two quickly with some hooping deliveries and Strathfield were in early trouble at 6/61. Two Gorillas knocked the ball around and pinched singles, driving the score up to 93 before Coxy had his 2nd in a long 14 over spell (2/24 off 19), caught by Phelps at short midwicket - 7/93.

Phil Tran then entered the attack, and picked up a pole straight away with one that kept a bit low and cannoned into the pegs.  His second pole was a hooping delivery that was padded away from middle and off, but in between were a few wayward sticky short ones that were despatched with gusto.  The Gorilla #10 lived up to the club moniker, monstering a few into the fence and over it  once courtesy of the Fat Schkip's humble offerings.  Before things became too concerning, Boggle chased down a slice over the infield and hoofed it in to the bowler to catch the last batsman short - Strathfield all out 137.  

Fairly good bowling effort for the most part, particularly with only 10 players for much of the day.  Boggle was the pick with 4/46 from 17 overs.  Well done to John and Jack for adding the extra runs we needed last week too - crucial partnership.  Cheers also to the Strathfield boys for a great game played in very good spirit.

Somehow this boobish 3rd Grade outfit remains undefeated and currently tops the competition table with 28 points.  I expect normality to rear its lumpy head and the fall to be swift and bloody.  We are not a very good side and its only a matter of time before the penny drops.  We probably won't finish bottom this year but don't be surprised if we give it a really good shake.  Good teams can recover from bad starts and vice versa.  Roseville, Roseville.


Players' Player
3 - Juuuuuuuuuuurn........ (sincerest apologies)
2 - Boggle
1 - Coxy

4th Grade:   Lane Cove 65 & 62  def by  Strathfield 9/194(dec)  outright


5th Grade:   Sky Muppets 114  def by  Balmain IS 3/115

It was a Saturday and we struggled for a side.  Deck very wet.  Lost toss.  Sent in.  Not much to say.

Except for Alex Sidhu who batted well beyond his 10 years of age - along with Batsmen Broyd who between them put on most of our score.

Passed 3 down despite new recruit Paul Bakker bowling well.  Alex Sidhu also bowled well but not enough runs.

Need to win a game soon.


Frank Gray:   Lane Cove 65  def by  Roseville 135

A Comedy of Errors


Typical stinking, f***ing hot day here in Bombay. 10am came around on an overcast Sunday with a majority feeling a little dusty from last night’s escapades at the Oaks, with even the 15-16 year olds looking a bit worse for wear. Play started on time, oddly enough at about a quarter to 10, massive thick black clouds were hovering over Roseville Chase Park, threatening disruption to this one day match, and then bugger me if they didn’t just disappear, quicker than you can say, “Gee its gonna piss down”.


Big Coxy won the toss and sent them in to bat. Jack Standing (2/23 off 7.5) and Joe Scarcella (1/15 off 7) opened the bowling beautifully with some steeeaaaming pace, and the pitch doing all sorts early on and got us off to a great start. Here a bouncer. there a yorker - every ball a real talker. Then came on Coxy with his deceptively slow doosras that managed to grab him 3 wickets and Mitchell Rixon with his classic ‘Dolphin balls’ and a wicket, GOT HIM YES PISS OFF YOU’RE OUT. Will Daly and Ben Hancock also proved quite difficult to put away with their spells. One over springs to mind whilst Ben Hancock was bowling with a record 3 missed chances…. in a row. The first a half chance to Scarcella at point, then a very regulation edge that somehow managed to get between the should-be-non existent gap of first slip and keeper, and then the ultimate sitter dropped by Jack Standing at first slip. This led to a huge array of banter and heckling his way for the next 20 overs. Mitchell Rixon, aka Panther was not growling today as he also dropped a sitter in the cordon, probably as he was thinking about his next cigarette. Ironically it was Ed Scrivens who ended up taking 2 good catches at short mid wicket and in the cordon, and Jarrod Rixon making a regulation outfield catch look like a John Dyson backwards dive catch. Having eventually bowling them out for 135, we felt in a good position, but how wrong that turned out.


A furious 10 over spell by a 6 foot 1000in bowler led to early wickets claiming both openers caught behind with some movement off the pitch. At the other end, a “less than threatening” left arm bowler managed to claim 5 wickets with a few interesting decisions and a short ball staying ankle high to claim Coxy, bowled. Will Daly looking very solid with Jack Standing (14*) looking steady before Daly skied one. Ben Hancock managed to get some big hitting in before having his middle stump cart-wheeled 10 metres behind him. Luckily enough, Mr. Xavier Tras helped us out with 15 runs, our second top scorer.


All in all, not what you would like to achieve on a hungover Sunday, but the game was played in good spirits. The kindest thing you could say about the batting performance was it was shoddy, but there are far stronger adjectives that come to mind.

Slick Rick

Players' Player

3 – Ben Hancock (1/28, 4 dropped catches off his bowling, 19 runs, and helped us with numbers on late notice)

2 – Jack Standing (2/23, 14n.o.)

1 – Joe Scarcella (1/15, great opening spell)

Club Championship - After some pretty good results against the competition leaders, we're still riding 2nd about 60 points off the top.  Bring the same form into the game against Roseville and lets chalk up a few more points.

Fantasy League - Batty Berty Botts leads with Cotty and Dohers leading a distant field.  We're about halfway to the finish line of FL 1 so there is still plenty of time to make up.

Training - If the rain stays away, we'll be back on again at North Sydney #2 from 5 pm.  The Gartlan Centre session is from 7 to 9 pm on Wednesday as well.

Fees - As mentioned above, we're 4 rounds in.  If you haven't at least part paid by now, don't expect to get picked if we have sufficient financial Seniors / Juniors available.  Click the link for details.