TWIC - Death, Taxes and Being Run Out by John

The two current leaders in the Club Champs went head to head this week and the bear did indeed defecate in the woods as Garry Sheen chalked up 5 poles and 40 not to shade the Gallichan-less Coves in 1st Grade.  2nd Grade are on top at Airey Park in what I hear was a very genial and friendly contest while 3rd Grade is in the balance with just 168 on the board at K-S but the opposition 3/41.  4th Grade have already gone down while 5s fell just short on Sunday against Burwood.

The first round of U24s is this Sunday at Roseville Chase.  Come down and support the boys as they brave the early Sunday start and do battle with the chaps from lovely Roseville, Roseville.  The match kicks off at 10 am.

1st Grade:   Lane Cove 162  v  Strathfield 3/91


2nd Grade:   Lane Cove 182  v  Strathfield 5/45

Second Grade turned up to Airey for a pick game versus the high flying Gorillas who had won their first three games outright.  It was pretty hot, and the Airey surface looked a picture.  Skipper Mantarro (clearly benefitting from the hours and hours of 2up in the Crowe Horwath carpark) finally called correctly and we were batting.
In a most "unCovie" type start, Sammy and Mick got us to 0/60 with a minimum of fuss - with Sammy going aerial over cover and Mick showing the makers name with some great driving down the ground.
Now in big font, cos i know you don't believe it
Standard middle order collapse then occurred - with the Coves in some discomfort at 7/113. 
Dodds and Davo and then Dodds and Joey managed to cobble us up to 183 - a sub par total but at least something to bowl at.
With 19 overs left we were out in the field looking to make some early inroads and build some momentum for next week.  What followed was an inspired spell from big bad bustling Joe Scarcella, who picked up 3/20.  4 excellent snares from Peter the Big Dutch Keeper and Strathfield are 5/45.
Plenty to play for next week.  No words. No cheap Cliches.  Just do it men.

3rd Grade:   Lane Cove 168  v  Strathfield 3/41

Greeted by a green wicket on a warm day, I wouldn't have been too fussed losing the toss.  Won... decided to have first use with the 4th Grade skip and chief grounds honcho's advice still ringing in my ears from the previous night.  At 3/24 after 6 overs with the ball doing plenty, well assisted by Sam "I'd love to go back down the order" Cox's ill-advised strokeplay, I was busily drafting abusive text messages to Demps 20 minutes in.  Ricko was well stitched up second over with a ball that jagged back in to catch him in front, while Slats received similar treatment and lost his pegs in the 4th.  Cox was rolling out all the tricks early on and I was particularly impressed with the dolly slap catch he served up to cover... one of a kind, I hope.  Porky Lloyd joined young Kiran Dindayal at the crease, and the two calmed things down a little and made the effort to see out the early pressure period.  Kiran fell with the score on 51, also a bit of a soft dismissal after doing a lot of the tough stuff in notching up 17.

This brought John and Phelps together.  Then John and new Cove on the Block Jerome.  Then John and Boggle.  Method of dismissal in all cases:  run out.  Common element:  that's riiiyeeeeeettttt, John.  Just  the 5 Covie victims in 3 innings for the ex Prez who really has hit a rich vein of form.  Naturally, none of them were John's fault... the prosecution calls James Clarke to the stand.  Anyway, with 4/51 becoming 7/105 courtesy of Galloping John, Tranny then cemented his spot at the bottom of the order when he missed a straight one to be pegsed for his 2nd duck in a row.  The Fat Skip's holiday at #10 didn't go as planned - very disappointed to be required - and after potting a few short ones managed to get bowled by one that squeezed between the pads, hit a few things and then trickled onto the stumps.  Frustrating.  Will be doing some extra sessions with the Colonel over the next few weeks to ensure no more gaps.  Jack "Red Rabbit" Ryan joined Porky and after witnessing the debacle of an innings so far, had figured out the only way to survive was to play straight and not to leave the crease under any circumstances.  The two took the score along to 168 before Jack was finally dismissed for 9, having batted for over an hour and faced nearly 50 balls.  John finished up on 65*, proving a frustrating thorn in the side for both teams with his lemming-like running between the wickets and teasing strokeplay through the reverse V, the highlight being a stunning counterattack early on where John peppered the third man fence on three consecutive occasions with the heavily populated Strathfield cordon absolutely bamboozled.  You can't bowl there to John Lloyd.  No sir.

Thanks to Jack, John and Jill, we only had 26 overs to play out at the end of the day, so instead of potentially winning on day 1, Strathfield set up to survive until the close.  Big Cox and Tranny started off, with the Big Man swinging it a mile and Tranny mixing it up nicely.  A fair bit of playing and missing occurred, but no breakthrough, so the Fat Skip and Boggle came on after short spells by the openers with immediate success.  A slow straight regulation from the FS kept a bit low to remove one opener, before Boggle took two at the other end with Porky plucking one out of the air in the cordon mid-seizure and a spectacular pegsing.  A few more chances eluded hands and Strathfield finished on 3/41, so we're still well in with a shout on day 2... if we get on.  Weather not looking promising.

Fat Shkip

4th Grade:   Lane Cove 65  v  Strathfield 6/118

Turned up at Bark Huts full of confidence to put in a good performance against the bench mark team in 4s Strathfield.  Welcome back to Big Hig for this game and hopefully many more, only 2 changes to last week's side so introductions were much quicker than usual. Found out just before the toss that Frenchy of the Alex variety was MIA so went in one short for the day... not a great start when you need to name a team at the toss and you have 10 so Robbo we will see you next week.

Lost the toss and were sent in, no problems with that I would have batted anyway.  We lost young Jimmy Barnes very early to a beauty, this brought Schaafs and Ben together who dug in to see the opening bowlers off and take the score to 38. I think we all thought that a platform was set by these two that could be well and truly built on. Ben threw away a big score on 29 then the wickets tumbled steadily to see us bowled out for an embarrassing 64. Yes the bowling was very good , the pitch helped and they caught everything but 64 please that is not acceptable after the hard work of Ben and Schaafs. As is custom in Covie Land three ducks in a row means whites out so Jackson welcome to the list of Covies who hold this honor. It has to be mentioned that your's is special as it is your first three innings for Lane Cove, this will have historians scrambling to see if it has been done before, my guess is no it hasn’t.

Defending 64 against the top team was always going to be near impossible but we stuck at it from ball one. Jackson and Mick opened up bowling a good line each with Jackson in particular beating the bat regularly without any luck. Scotty and Ben then formed a bowling partnership that wasn’t in my planning of rotating our bowlers to find wickets. Both the boys bowled a good line mixed with a bit of experimenting to buy wickets. Although Strathfield pasted us comfortably we made them fight for every run. First wicket was a gem of a catch diving in cover from Jackson off Ben with Ben finishing 19 overs straight 4/45 and Scotty 19 overs straight 2/42. We had Strathfield 6 for about 90 only to see them finish 6 for 118 with early wickets the plan for next week. We all hope Strathfield is thinking of an outright to make next week a little interesting , we will take up the challenge having nothing to lose.


5th Grade:   Sky Muppets 9/138(cc)  def by  Burwood 7/139 

Sky Muppets taken on Burwood
Round 6 of Muppy Cuppy goodness saw Lance’s finest arrive at an unlocked Tantallon to take on the Burwood Briars. Phat Secretary was delivered pleasing news at the Juniors on Sunday as he got out of playing - Nick Sharples advising that despite his hot date the night prior, he would be ready to play – cricket that is. Yes Bambi. Yes Bec. No Rachel.
Sweltering conditions greeted toss the boss and Lance promptly chose to bat – much to the delight of the opposing schkip. Booby Tompsett made his 2011/12 debut who requires congratulations as he will in a short time be called Double Big Poppa Pump Tompsett – kind of like a Double Whopper with Cheese. Thats riiyyeeettt. Really getting on with the job there Booboir in double quick time – I have resisted any childish links here Benjamin. Opening the batting with teh Double-Boob was Jerome Canlas who is like a baby lion patrolling the savanna’s with Dom Haylen like abilities – quite the little jungle cat is young Simba. Neither lasted long though. Nor did Pushkar who was triggered LBW by Screeeeevo – now known as Sir Edward of Scrivenhands for his dismissal of our cuddly Punjabi. This brought Rafe Aman and Sharples together who toughed it out in difficult conditions to steady the ship. 45 for Rafe and 29 for Bambi from 29 balls in 29 minutes with 29 thoughts of Bec. Nice work Casanova. The Zeek of Tweek  didn’t bother the scorers at all, and Tea Potts and Sudsy went whilst trying to pile on the runs late in the innings. Sir Edward of Scrivenhands and this writer did a little bit too – but could probably could have done a bit more.
So, 138 in the end on a hot, hot Rebecca of a day.
Good start early doors with Tea Potts and Frankenbits getting us off to a good start with the crazy little red round thing. In particular Franko was getting plenty out of the deck with several overs being largely unplayable. Fielding was fantastic at the start and Franko had 3 poles from his 8 overs for 19 runs. Tea Potts was unlucky but bowled well – especially being thrown the ball to open after not having rolled his arm over for, well, some time. But a couple of dropped catches crept in and the 2 Burwood batsmen who did the job in the end were both dropped early doors. Sudsy and Marty bowled well, but in the end we were a bit short on bowlers with Nev and Double Whopper Combo bowling 7 and 4 overs respectively at the death – with Big Poppa Pump collecting 2 scalps in the process.  In the end, not enough runs, a couple of dropped catches at critical times and a few miss fields cost us the match. Only another 6-10 runs made with the bat or saved in teh savanna’s would have given us the win. Sadly, no biscuits. Nev hungry.
So, a game this Saturday against Balmain at Jubilee. Get your Muppy on and be ready to hear ALL about it on Satdeee Naaaaaaaaaate.
Hot Cross Buns
3 – Rafe – 45 vital runs. Yesssss Bre-yarn.
2 – Casanova – 29 runs and, generally, kept well
1 – Frankenbits – Bowled very, very well.

Fantasy League - Battler has taken the lead in FL, a nose in front of Dohers and Cotty.  Some wise investment in the kids has really paid off handsomely for those three.  Richo, Hoody and Bez all slip off the podium and need to do a bit of pre-match motivating for their star players.  I vaguely recall Richo bowling rapid bouncers at someone at training who was in the leader's Fantasy League team at the time... you really don't know who your friends are.

Milestones - Congratulations to Porky Lloyd who has now amassed 7,000 runs and 800 run outs for the Coves.  John has become just the 7th person in Lane Cove's history to pass that total - well done El Porkety Chop.

Duck Bat - Well done to Jackson Sargeant, who we'll be seeing in whites on the circuit very shortly I hope.  Ken Slade and Phil Tran are also at short odds to join him.  Keep up the good work, kids.

The weather is looking ordinary for the week.  Keep an eye on the front page of the website for messages about Training.