TWIC - Good Start Against The Students Warriors

All grades are in reasonable shape against the Mac Uni Warriors after day 1 of our round 3 matchup.  1s recovered well to knock MU over for 205 and are 1/62 in reply, 2s have runs on the board with the Warriors still needing 170 odd for victory with 3 batsmen back in the shed.  3rd Grade persisted in tough conditions and managed to restrict MU to 183, knocking up 1/53 before the end of play while 4s are 5/88 chasing 161 at Longy.  5th Grade posted an intimidating score at Tanty and ran out comfortable winners to earn their 2nd victory for the season.

Thanks to all who attended the Trivia Night.  Congratulations to the star and host of the evening Tommy Holt on earning every penny of his appearance fee, and particularly to Stephen "Nev" Campbell who organised, supervised, wrote and did all the work that made the night such a success.  Well done to Mr and Mrs Farmer on winning the Trivia Competition despite the interventions of Kenny, Dodds, Mantarro and the Fat Secretary.  Commiserations also to Team Bezer who proved that you need more than an impressive array of talent to triumph at trivia.  Wunderbar.

1st Grade:   Lane Cove 1/62  v  Mac Uni 205

With 2 wins from 2 starts we were keen to continue our strong start to the season against Mac Uni who were also undefeated coming into the match.

Northern Oval was looking its usual picture with no dressing rooms, no bathrooms, no running water in sight, no grass on the pitch or square in general and JC once again decided to throw a 30 degree plus day at us.

The toss was going to be crucial with conditions excellent for batting ... as a result i lost the toss again and we were having a bowl.  Honours in the first session definitely went to the home team with the Students Warriors reaching 4 for 163 and looking in complete control against a tiring Lane Cove.

However just after tea Harold Holt struck twice in 2 balls and from there the wickets kept coming and we knocked them over for 205 which was a great result!

Bacardi Beezer bowled well again and took 3 for 18, the Skip got 3 for 41, Holty got 2 for 37 and Devola and Forster each chipped in with 1 wicket ... with Forster taking a very good caught and bowled to claim his first Covie wicket.

We had 17 overs to face at the end of the day and we are in a healthy position at stumps on 1 for 62 with Forster the man out.  Smith looked in very nice touch and will resume on 37 not out with Corny on 13 not out.


2nd Grade:   Lane Cove 199  v  Mac Uni 3/27


Second Grade Report – Game in Balance Versus Students Warriors



Second Grade turned up at Tantallon Oval to play Mac Uni in a must win game.  I must admit, I was some what tired, as there is no more depressing way to start your weekend then John Lloyd banging on your door at 7am.  “Mwaaaaaaaaah Dodds….time to go to juniors.  I especially appreciated the introduction from Porks in front of the kiddies….. “and here to help us is Alex, who is an ok second grade bowler, but lets not talk about his batting”.  Cop that. Juniors. Check.  TAB. Check.  Watching Porks put on 4% Flexi trifectas in New Zealand. Check. Turn up to ground. Check.


New look side this week.  No Damo, No crazy man and no Covie Cult hero Peter the big Dutch keeper.  In came Tunners, Doinking, Nedcott and Mantarded – ensuring a return to the second grade status quo of having passenger captains.


Dub produced another terrific cricket wicket, it was hard and with a good covering of grass and would hold up nicely through the long day’s cricket.


Mantarro strode out to toss, and promptly lost and we were inserted.  The skip stressed the importance of the top four doing the job in the first hour or so, especially when the ball was doing plenty.  The result was the best start in quite some time, with Doherty flaying the ball to all parts of the ground, taking the score to 60 before Mantarro was put out of his misery, scratching around like Chris Sandow at the Pavilion Hotel for 47.  Southcott then continued his terrific start to the year and was trapped plum for his second consecutive duck and after Marty and T Mac were also fired along with the swashbuckling Doherty things were on an even keel at 4/96.



In any team sport, sometimes you just get the feeling that somebody is focused and ready to rumble.  As the fish strode out to play I mentioned fleetingly to Wendy that the fish looked focused and was going to score runs today.  As it turns out, he was on a promise for Wendy to cook him Ribs so the students had no chance of getting him cheaply today.  Fish took the long handle and peeled off a quality 52 off 41 rocks to get the score up to 162 in super quick time.  Dodds and young Scarcella then ground out another 30 run partnership before one particular left handed spastic through it away.  All out 199, 9 overs remaining.



It was a good chance to take a few late wickets with a short sharp 40 minute crack at them to round out the day.  Mac Uni’s opener took a liking to this author’s humble, humble offerings before he left one that nipped back to be bowled.  Joey (who bowled at a good clip) then had their other opening adjacent and after big fat doinking held onto a caught behind chance Mac Uni pulled stumps at 3/27 requiring another 173 runs for victory with 7 wickets in hand.


3rd Grade:   Lane Cove 1/53  v  Mac Uni 183

After waking up at 2:30 am on Sunday morning with a near-fatal case of cramp in both chicken wings, you may be able to glean that the toss didn't go as planned for the Fat Skipper.  I called "heads" yet again and let out an expletive or two when my cunning plan to win the toss and not field evaporated into thin, hot air.  "I don't suppose you want to bowl?"  "Sorry."  "Bugger"... bugger indeed.  So into the field we went, 11 sorry faces (courtesy of Mick Caddey, substituting for Rixon Snr) out to face the music.  Debutantes Mitch and Robbie Wright and Brad Caddey were keen to impress, clearly not familiar with the other sub-standard human beings taking up space in 3rd Grade.

The deck played pretty well, just like we thought it would.  Coxy decided he was okay enough to rolly poll down a few gentle mediums with Phil to get us going, and both bowlers managed to keep things tight without taking wickets.  Slats made the first breakthrough after a truly diabolical first over, having the unfortunate Club Mac batsman suffering the injustice of being caught by John Lloyd at 1st ned.  Boggle then trapped the #3 in front to have us feeling a bit better about losing the toss at 2/29.  The Students Warriors continued to slowly build their total, but lost wickets at regular intervals with Clarkey, Fat Skip and Junior Ricko managing to winkle out a batsman each - MU 5/79.  The Mac Uni Skip was joined by some young chap, and the two batted fairly assuredly in taking the team to tea and then beyond the 100 mark.  Their Skipper was undone by an obscenely flighted Ricko Jnr delivery, drilling back a return catch that the Jungle Cat just managed to hold on to, ending an important partnership and a controlled innings at 62.  Ricko continued throwing it up to the batsmen and was rewarded with two more, while Boggle and a run out accounted for the other two wickets.  Mac Uni all out for 183 after 71.2 gruelling overs - a great effort given the conditions, persistence really paying off for some stump-to-stump, aggressive bowling.  There was some brilliant work behind the pegs during the innings as well, with Brad Caddey (1 catch, 1 stumping) and Robbie Wright (2 catches, 1 run out) impressing with the gloves despite the oppressive heat.

The Fat Skip and Tranny opened up the innings but we lost Phil early in the 2nd over, perhaps a little unluckily (one of many who could say that on the day).  Big Cox joined FS in the middle, and despite a few hairy moments from the tiring Secretary, managed to roll the score up to 53 at the close of play with no further loss of wicket.

Very chuffed with the game so far given the conditions.  As everyone in the team holds a bat, the pitch is a road and we've only got to get another 130 runs to win, I fully expect us to lose this match by a significant margin.  Cheers also to the Mac Uni skip who generously allowed us to use a sub-fielder and for putting on a great spread at tea (yes 1s, we ate all the good stuff).

Secretarial Goodness 

4th Grade:   Lane Cove 5/88  v  Mac Uni 161


5th Grade:   Sky Muppets 5/221  def  Georges River Stingrays 8/120

Lance Cove vs Jorges Reeeeeeeever Stingy-Rays


Thats riiiiyeet Muppy Cuppy lovers, it was a day out for Campbells on Sunday as the latest instalment in the Mupster Campaign got underway at Trentallon. Nev asked me to do the match report because despite turning up, how should I put it?, full – I opened both the batting and bowling in true Under-12 style. I did score 20 in double slow time but didn’t take any poles, ho-hum. According to the Campbells this constitutes a lack of contribution. Personally, I think turning up at all to spend time with you talentless low-lifes would have been contribution enough. But, alas, its not. So match reports here I come.


Nev Campbell arrived to realise he got his mathematics wrong and 10 is not the same as 11. So whilst I was hiding in the sheds and the boys were doing covers (sans hessian 2nd b00bs), N.Campbell #1 was writing G.Sundstrom’s name on the team sheet then calling him leaving a message stating what he had just done........whoomper! Bang! Cop that Skinny! The big guy stitched you up good and proper! Like copping one from Punches O’Haylen right on the trumpet!


So with the Phat Schkip realising he had no keeping gear and no Fat Secretary, winning the toss and batting first was a fait accompli. It was then he awoke me from my slumber and told me I was opening the batting with The Great Punjabi, thanks Nev – you’ll keep. I batted really well and even Pushkar got off to a good start, solidly doinking from the 2nd over showed a lot of patience from the Dark One too. Then Pushy toed one and was caught, my castle was destroyed and Hussy Ahmed ran himself out ....... again. This brought the crowd to their feet, literally, as N.Campbell and N.Campbell strode DEFIANTLY to the crease. Gee they batted well, really really well. N.Campbell opening his account with a Sundstrom-esk 6 onto Tantallon road – closely followed by another jaffa disappearing into the Tanty pavilion and a boundary that, in all honesty if Pushy (umpiring at the bowlers end) hadn’t ducked for cover in double-quick time he’d be wearing that ball for a nose ring. N.Campbell was then pegsed for a run-a-ball 17 and 50-odd partnership with the other N.Campbell which bought Benny Broyd to the crease. And wowee. Tea time!!! 45 from 41 for the Broydster and with Clarkey maintaining a rear-guard action with the remaining N.Campbell – this got the Coves to 5-221 from our 40 overs. Utterly superb knock from N.Campbell for his 88 not out.


With the pill, a bit slow and boring really. Couldn’t bowl them out in the end but kept them to 8-120 odd. Sudsy 3 poles, Clarkey 2, Franko bowled really, really well for his 2 and newcomer Matt Varidel picked up a pole also. Hussy Ahmed bowled good tweakers too now I think about it. All bowled well – we must have to get 5 LBW’s in an innings. Fat Secretary kept wickets brilliantly. Dropped 3 catches, missed 2 stumpings and let a bucket load of byes through. Not his fault really, a modicum of talent often helps – just ask N.Campbell – he has it, you don’t!


So thats it really. No hyperlinks this week (Nev hasn’t showed me how yet) but another win for the Covie Cupsters. After a washout and a pumping at the hands of UNSW its good to get 2 wins under our belt. Roll on Auburn this week and the probable return of Schooner to the Savanna Patrol.


Did I mention how good N.Campbell batted?


All my love,


Punches O’Haylen

Right-on Sister


Violet Crumbles:

3 – N.Campbell – 88 not, good digs.

2 – Benny Broydjamin – 45, who knew?

1 – Boggle. 23 not and 2 poles

Fantasy League - Dohers has risen to the top again showing you can't keep a good case of venereal disease down.  He's opened up a nimble lead over Cotty and Bez, with Frenchy and Demps also lurking a little further behind.  Looks like those without F-League marquee player Richie Gal in their side might have gambled their way into the money...

Training - continues on Wednesday afternoons at 5:00 pm at North Sydney #2 and at 7:00 pm Wednesday evenings at the Gartlan Centre at Riverview.