TWIC - Wins, Losses and Winners

Mixed results for the Coves on the weekend with 2 of our 6 Junior sides in GFs winning Premierships (U16/17 White and U13 Healy) and 3 of our 5 Senior sides making finals.  The Masters teams both had wins as well.  Commiserations to the sides that had great seasons but fell just short.  Fairly reasonable finish to the season against Lindfield with 1s, 2s and 4s all recording good victories while 3s threw the ball around and 5s had yet another close loss to round out an unfortunate year.

The weekend's Qualifying Finals fixtures are:

1st Grade v Auburn @ Tantallon Oval, 10:30 am Saturday & Sunday 19th / 20th March
2nd Grade v NW Sydney @ Bruce Purser, 10:30 am Saturday & Sunday 19th / 20th March
4th Grade v Mac Uni @ Northern Oval (Mac Uni Sports Fields), 10:30 am Saturday & Sunday 19th / 20th March

1st Grade:   Lane Cove 3/90 def Lindfield 88

A good finish to the regular season for first grade claiming maximum points against Lindfield at Tanty Oval.

We lost the toss and bowled and straight away had Lindfield on the back foot with Sneaky and the Skip both bowling with extreme control and consistency.

Stall finished with 3 for 27 from his 10 overs and the Skip 5 for 29... Gall Senior also picked up a couple of poles in the middle stages of the innings and another highlight was Gall Jnr's keeping which was very tidy.  Bacardi bowled well without any luck to speak of but only went for 14 from his 7 overs.  In the end we wrapped up the innings in the 31st over with the score on 88.

Lindfield came out fired up and had the perfect start with their English import picking up the wickets of Fish and Smith in the first over.  Richie followed soon after for 13 but the ship was eventually steadied thanks mainly to Pete Gallichan (47 not out) and Naughto (13 not out) who put on 57 runs together and saw us to victory in the 20th over to claim the bonus point and also securing 3rd place on the ladder and a finals berth against the Eagles next week.


Players' Player
3 - Sneaky
2 - Richo
1 - Pete Gal

2nd Grade:   Lane Cove 7/128 def Lindfield 9/127

Second Grade Report - Coves Conquer the Field and Notch Up First Win in a While

2's turned up to Tryon Oval needing to win to ensure a spot in the semis and a match against NWS at Rouse Hill the following weekend.  The surface was very wet and we didn't start until 2:10 pm, allowing
Mantarro to run home and complete some domestic chores as well as giving Dodds and Farmer time to make some astute investments at the Temple of Art and Beauty.

New Second Grade captain Pus Man strode purposefully out to the centre and promptly won the toss and bowled.  
BFBR and Painter opened the bowling with not much going on before on of their gun bats smoked a full Painter delivery to Standing at mid off.  Dodds then chimed in with 2 before an outstanding spell from Standing and a snorter of a run out from Boyle saw the 'Field dismissed for 127 from their allotted 33 overs.

So pretty straight forward equation really - no need for bonus points just go out and get 130 at 4 an over on a flattish deck with an ice rink outfield.  Mantarro sliced on to point and Boyle was unluckily caught down leg for the second occasion in three matches.  LCCC 2/22 and Mad Monday is well and truly on the horizon.  T Mac in the sheds, 3/24.   Boyle and Robertson retirement one step closer to reality.  Enter everyone's favourite sophisticated and prematurely bald man Doinkswell.  He hits them clean and Booby and
Hood stayed with him until Doinking departs for a crucial 44 to leave the game at 5/101.  Standing and Dodds peeled off the remaining runs with a minimum of fuss, though the latter gets out with the scores tied... somewhat of a habit but the good guys get the money with the assistance of Xavier Tras as well as the best of the conditions.

Thank you very kindly to the Lindfield lads who waited patiently and gave us the opportunity to push for a finals berth - if the shoe is on the other foot in the upcoming years we should remember their conduct and act accordingly.

Sudden Death now versus the Canies.  Good luck to the other grades in finals and if you aren't playing, please get out and support at least one grade.

Tim Byrne
Finally you have turned to me to get the Job Done

Players' Player
3 - Standing (4fa, 23 not)
2 - Doinking (44, few snares)
1 - Boyle (fielding, runout)

3rd Grade:   Lane Cove 8/184 def by Lindfield 5/185

Players' Player
3 - Lloyd
2 - Craig
1 - Dindayal

4th Grade:   Lane Cove 3/86 def Lindfield 85

For all the rain on Friday, 4s rocked up at Acron to find a slightly soft but nonetheless dry pitch on which to play cricket on.  The start time was revised to 11:00 am, although we probably could've started on time if we really wanted to.  Sam Cox did not want to.  Although the Big Cox started off well, digging in a length ball that reared at the unlucky batsman to catch the shoulder of the bat and loop to Rixon at gully, he didn't manage to find the rhythm of previous weeks and came off after just 4 overs with 1/12.  From the other end, Molloy was bowling with good zip but no luck and likewise was rested after 4 overs.  Speed twins Sundstrom and Scott came on, and despite some adventurous and fortunate strokeplay began to slowly winkle out the Lindfield upper order.  Scott gave nothing away and fully deserved his 3/18 off 10 overs (just the 6 maidens), the highlight being a fierce wrong'un that turned from well outside off and tumbled in to middle peg.  Sundstrom (1/25 off 10) not the happiest of campers at the time but is still comfortably ahead of Dodds in terms of poles.

The Tzik of Tweak came into the attack with the scent of cheap poles in the air and once again Marty went through the lower order with ease.  Mixing up his flight and pace, Zeek chimed in with 3/15 to wrap up the Lindfield innings at 85.  Joey Molloy also snared one (pegs, of course) and managed a run out - I'm guessing his first ever?  Pretty reasonable performance in the field from the Coves, although more catches being taken off my bowling would be a pleasant change.

With only 50 overs to chase down 86 runs for victory, the clock was clearly ticking when the Secretary went out to bat.  More time was lost attempting to find the ball in the deep rough during the first over (can you get a new rock as a replacement if the pill is only 4 balls old??) but Shkinny then lost at least one of his stumps attempting to thwack ye mole even yonder.  Dash joined Jim in the middle and looked a class above from ball one as he drove and deflected beautifully on his way to 40.  Jim had a wee bit of luck, being dropped a few times and also being excellently pegulated off a no ball before legitimately getting out for 28.  Rixon and Potts clocked up 1 not each to get the team home with a meaningless bonus point, allowing 4s to go down and watch 2s chalk up the win that got them into the finals and in the process do a roaring trade at the Tryon canteen.

Mac Uni next week at the Northern (probably) - game on, boys.

Players' Player
3 - Dash
2 - Scott
1 - Tzikas

5th Grade:   Sky Muppets 195 def by Lindfield 214

Final Flight for the Sky Muppets in 2010/11
Lance's finest take on the Lindfield steam roller

Given Lance Cove's exploits on Saturday against Lindfield in the upper grades, and also given the fact they were coming 2nd last in 5th grenade - the Muppeteers were quietly confident of success on Sunday.  Fat Schnitz lost the toss again because he didn't use my lucky coin and were put in to the field for 3 long hours of immense heat and pain.  But it was the last round and finals could not be made so we decided to have a bit of fun and play for F-League points.

Despite this, Broydy and Frankenbits opened up with the pill and bowled generally good zones without making a breakthrough.  Cagey Schnitz brought himself on for 2 steaming overs of Burt Dickardson style pace until the SChnitz too was seeing stars and removed himself from the attack.  Albeit with the cagey Fancy League figures of 1-1 from 2 overs.  That's riiyyyyeeeeetttttt.  Why oh why did he not bowl himself earlier?  A travesty.  Steve Chooner was noodling down the other end bowling well in his first spell with the Zeek of Tweek, England and Flynny taking poles.  We were getting a bit of a hammering here and there with some mixed bowling before Broydy and Frankenbits came back on to clean up the tail - Franko taking 3 at the end and Schooner taking a cagey pole with some left arm tweekers - right in the bugle.

With the schtick, I opened up with Flynny and made quite a name for myself as an opener - scoring a run-a-ball 34 and setting the foundation.  England came in and scored an almost run-a-ball 52 with 4 maximums and most batsmen contributing.  Even Fat Schnitz scored runs.

In the end, we were left 20 or so short in our last match of the year.  I was personally disappointed as I had been telling Nevvy all year I should be opening the batting so I'll put that down as the reason we missed finals.  Would have been better if Karen was there to watch me as she likes it when I play sans shirt (photo below for your reference).  She likes it.  I'm sure you do too.

So - out of finals - me not opening the batting and bowling and 8 from 22 washouts didn't help.  Now we can all go and support our favourite Covie side in the finals.  Its remarkable we have 3 sides in the finals that doesn't include 3's or 5's given our sterling efforts this year.  Either way, I'll offer up my predictions.  4's will narrowly defeat the Students in the first semi but will face them in the final and choke.  2's will get all depressed at not playing Burwood and actually beat the Canies Juggernaut to play the Green Men for a finals berth.  The Great Doddseeee will finally contribute with the bat and ball and be my hero, and your hero too.  Still hosing the hotel rooms too.  Finals birth for 2's predicted against Burwood and it will be EPIC!  Mega Epic.  Kind of like Roasted Duck on a Spit epic.  Yeah!  See below:

So, on to first grade.  Perennial underachievers and overrated ex-1st graders.  They are destined to meet the greatest player in Shires Cricketing History - the Great man, you know his name - and they will win a South Sydney-esque narrow defeat of the Strathfield Titans.  Yes!  First Covie 1st Grade premiership for 119 years.  Go you great Punjabbies!

You're welcome again for me lowering my standards and playing with you overrated peasants.

Keith Miller

Players' Player
3 - Ingerland
2 - Frankenbits
1 - Schnitz (what!?)

Fantasy League -  Sadly Bezer has won, followed by Paddywhack and the Prez.  Courtesy of the unlikeliest pair of events - Richardson taking poles on a regular basis and Doherty taking poles - Bezer's frankly mental selections have somehow paid off in full.  As a very astute and intelligent man once said; "There's no justice in the world!".  Prizes are $210 for 1st, $125 for 2nd and $85 for 3rd.

Club Championship - At the end of the season we finished on our lonesome in 6th a fair way behind 5th and another ways ahead of 7th.  Strathfield are this season's Club Champs with an impressive 1,449 points ahead of Burwood and Warringah.

Finals Teams and Venues - Click on the link to the left and select 'Curr' and 'All Grades' in Round and Grade respectively to view 1st, 2nd and 4th Grade's teams for the upcoming finals matches.  1st Grade will be at home against Auburn at Tantallon from 10:30 am on Saturday and Sunday, for the local spectators...

Milestones - Quite a few to update you with.  Congratulations to Tom Holt and Brett Richardson who have each taken over 350 wickets for the club now.  Glen Smith rolled over the 1,000 run mark this year while fellow Coasty Pete Gallichan follows his brother upwards of 500 runs this season.  Rixon, Cox, Tzikas and Sharples recently skipped over hurdles too.  The P Man Boyle also snared his 50th catch for the club on the weekend, although the maiden hat-trick continues to elude him...

Duck Bat - Updated... ?

Training - Tomorrow at North Sydney #2 from 5 pm and on Thursday night at the SCG Indoor Centre from 8 pm.