TWIC - Receiving a Good Caning

I'm always excited when we lose on a scale like this so close to finals.  I see bubbles bursting all around the club while simultaneously light bulbs come on - "Yes, its true... we're not that good".  Sadly, a cathartic cry, a night's sleep and the power of positive / delusional thinking tend to wash away this enlightenment and by the time training rolls around again on Wednesday, all the talk is about "a wake up call", "a kick in the pants" and "the recession we had to have".  Am I the only one who remembers this happening every year?  Do we have to keep going through this?  When will people learn?  You baboons!

We won 5th Grade on Sunday.  Go you Muppets.

1st Grade:   Lane Cove 122 & 2/70 def by NW Sydney 6/218(dec)

Lane Cove arrived late on the first day and paid the price being bundled out for 120.  Corny was the only batsman to contribute anything of note before being burnt by Sneaky.  Fortunately the boys were better with the ball despite taking only the 1 wicket to go to stumps at 1-40 odd.

The second day saw us take 2 early poles with a good opening spell from Holt and Bez in his 2011 first XI debut.  Unfortunately a few dropped catches, lazy fielding and luck to the home team saw them get the points.  Richie picked up a couple of consolation wickets to see an odd declaration at 6-220 2 overs before tea.  Fish got removed second ball before going to tea 1 fa.

After the break, Smiddy got caught short before the Gallichan brothers settled down to take red inks and close the game early with 2 for some amount on the board.  Hopefully this is the wake up call the boys required leading into the business end of the season.  Alarm clocks will need to be turned on to "arrive" at the ground prior to 5 pm otherwise the finals series could be a 1 day affair.  We will have to start playing cricket from ball one as each team remaining is more than capable of tearing us apart if we put in a similar performance.

And personally I couldn't think of anything worse than giving Geof the satisfaction of having First Grade in the stands watching 4s playing finals cricket.

Bwett R
32 wickets, 55 runs, 5 catches, 2 weeks

Players' Player
3 - Corny
2 - Richie
1 - Holty

For the record, I would find it very satisfying.

2nd Grade:   Lane Cove 189 def by NW Sydney 6/192

2's turned up to Tantallon with 7 poles to take to guarantee a finals position.

Unfortunately it just didn't happen for us, nothing went our way and NWS batted sensibly enough to beat us 6 down.

So after being
comprehensively pounded by Strathfield, Souths and NWS we know we need to beat Lindfield to guarantee our recent good record of contesting finals.

Have pity on me, I'm going to the football with Malkovich & Pork Chops on Friday night

Players' Player
3 - Standing
2 - Dodds
1 - Not awarded, zero interest

3rd Grade:   Lane Cove 145 & 90 def by NW Sydney 140 & 4/98 outright

Rocked up to Castlewood again needing 3 wickets for less than 36 runs to secure 1st innings against NWS.  Benny Craig, Byrnie and Slats all bowled really well and once again were backed up well by the rest of the boys in the field.  Each got one wicket and we took first innings points by 5 runs.  Nice for a change to be on the right side of a cricket result but then we realised we had 66 overs left in the day and had to bat again, not our strong point this season.  Again another dismal display with the bat saw us rolled yet again this season for 93, leaving NWS 98 to get in 28 overs.  We bowled well and were a little unlucky but just didn't have nearly enough runs on the board.  NWS got them 5 down to win outright, however we still got 4 points due to 1st innings, our first points since the break.  So there were better signs in this game but still zero ticker with the bat by LCCC 3rd Grade.  Looking forward to the last round next week and finishing with a solid W against Lindfield who are one of the few teams somehow still below us on the table.

Ian Phelps
Duck Investor

Players' Player
3 -
Byrne, handy knock in the first dig and bowled well all game even with iffy figures
2 - Benny Craig, pick of the bowlers all game
1 -
Dohers, still getting poles bowling pies and even got one in the second dig that resembled a genuine wicket

4th Grade:   Lane Cove 195 def by NW Sydney 8/195

We resumed on day 2 with the Canies 4/51 chasing the Covies 195 for victory.  The wicket was similar to last week - a hard surface with not a lot in it for the bowlers, so we'd have to take our chances when they came.  Sadly we missed a few and it ended up costing us.  The Canies batted well throughout the day and wickets proved hard to come by.  Brian Scott took our first with a low full toss skied to Dempsey at mid on, and a few runs later Coxy bowled the other overnight batsman on the leave with a sly inswinger.  We started to work on the tail and when Cox had our 7th wicket at 112 with a neat catch to Jim at 1st Ned, we thought we were well and truly in business.

The #9 joined their keeper and after an early missed chance, the two batted superbly to get the Canies out of trouble and almost all the way home before Cox returned to take a late pole with the scores level.  Too little, too late though as we let a good opportunity to cement a top 3 spot slip and the Canies got the runs 8 down.  Credit to the opposition - excellent match-winning dig from Burton at #7 with 65 not, didn't take many risks and kept the scoreboard ticking along without too much difficulty.  For the Coves, Coxy chalked up his second 5fa in as many matches and now has 26 poles at 11 in 7 games.  Joe Molloy also bowled well and somehow managed to eek out 23 overs during the innings, which is about as many as he bowled in total last season.  Unfortunately we didn't create a lot of chances during the day and when we did we didn't take enough of them, so that's something we can improve on in the coming weeks against Lindfield and in finals.


Players' Player
3 - Cox
2 - French
1 - Dash

5th Grade:   Sky Muppets 5/90 def Epping 9/89

This week the Sky Muppets rocked up to Epping's home away from home, Jubilee Oval with an above average ginger quota in P. Int, S. Chooner and M. Iddy.  That's right sports fans, Steve Chooner roped in some red headed relatives to aid the Muppet cause, complete with family photo op captured by Pushkar "Annie Leibowitz" Thakur, official club photographer.

Stand-in skip Marty "The Tzik of Tweak" continued Nevida Loca's form, losing the toss and allowing the Coves to do what we would have anyway, have a bowl.  Franko and the Broydman opened up, Steve Chooner donning the gloves in Errol's absence.  Franko got off to a good start, despite Steven green-lighting several byes before Broydman got in on the action getting the opening bat to schnick one back onto the middle peg and having first drop schnick one straight into Schooner's ned.  Schnicking.  Neds.  Yeah. Now that breakfast had been consumed, Ooooohhhhh Errrol (I would give anything just to be like him) wrestled the gloves back and the Coves got on with business, despite the sub out of Middy.

After some tight lines from Franko and Broyd, Schooner got in on the action with a slow straight half-tracker that bounced an inch and went straight onto middle.  The Gov chipped in with some more tight lines and top spots and picked up a couple.  The Pingers managed to bat out the innings and finished up 9/89.  Yes, correct, 9/89 off 45.  Did someone say nap time?  Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

In response, Demps and Booboir opened up and opened up quickly with Big Demps smashing a couple of boundaries early doors before the Boob spooned one straight back to the bowler.  Pushy came and went, The Gov strolled to the crease with "anchor" as his catchcry.  Demps fell, so too did Schooner and Pint in quick succession before the Tzik of Tweak and The Gov combined to guide the Sky Muppets to safety.

A somewhat dull match but Jim Henson will take the win.

Next week the
Sky Muppets wrap it up at Lindfield Oval - come down and see all the boobish action (NB: said action will take place solely at mid-off).


Players' Player
3 - The Gov, 2 poles and a steadying influence with the bat
2 - The Tzik, pole or two, runs and all-round good skippering
1 - Schooner, 3 poles and 1 grab

We will have $200 on the bar this Saturday night to celebrate the end of the home and away season.  Please invite partners, friends, etc to come along and get to the Diddy for Presentations at 7:15 pm.  

Fantasy League will finish after the 5th Grade game on Sunday.  Bezer currently leads, sadly, but I'm backing Damian Naughton to do a solid job and get me over the line.  Lets put aside our personal differences Damian and work together for the betterment of my fiscal situation...

Training is on this Wednesday from 5 pm at North Sydney #2.  We have a net booked at the SCG Indoor Centre on Thursday night from 8:00 to 9:30 as well.

Presentation Night will be held on Saturday the 30th of April this year.  Put the date aside boys and girls!  Hoping for a big turnout with Masters and the bigger kids rolling along as well.

Duck Bat, Milestones, Champagne Moments - will be updated when all stats are in...