TWIC 10/11 Round 9 Day 2: Louis Drops 2 Catches

Another reasonably successful week for Lance with MAXimum points achieved in first grade, preserving the top of the table position before the next two crunch games against followers Auburn and Strathfield in the next two rounds.

Second grade stays in the six, despite the River notching up just their second win of the season at Tantallon, but can leapfrog Auburn next time out. 

Third grade showed that games are hard to win if you don’t take catches as everyone’s favourite Peaheart put down a couple, presumably after watching a Craig Robertson fielding highlights video.

Fourth grade almost snatched defeat from the jaws of victory  despite what were probably entertaining innings from Frenchy and Shingler. They took the six points, and are looking good for some action in late March.

Fifth grade didn’t BAAAAT THE OOOOVVVVEEERRRS, however, in true Covie tradition the bowlers did the job in tearing through the Tigers, with Clarkey taking 4. Despite them not having played a game since we had a competitive test team, they are in position for another finals campaign.

U/24’s saw a horrendous one over spell from Ed Scrivens allow Lindfield to post a competitive total and continue pushing for a finals berth. Tom Stone never gave in as he carved the bowling to all parts, bringing up 2 figures in just on an hour, while ably supported by Simon Undries, however, the junior coves fell just short after a few wickets fell in quick succession in the middle order.

Next week don't forget to come along to Pottery Green to hear which suburb and grade cricket club Sean Dunn can't stand this year. I believe that there will also be much dagwood and beer consumption. If you want to play then email Geof, and if you haven't paid then please make your donation soon.

First Grade: Lane Cove 144 and 5d/218 def Georges River 76 & 166 outright

The boys started the second day with a lead of 77 with 8 wickets in hand and an absolute belter of a pitch with which to set a total to achieve MAXimum points. The tone of the day was set with the revised batting order taken first honours. Unfortunately the revised batting order experiment failed with the boys 4 down in the 4th over of the morning and the River attempting to pile pressure on the nightwatchman.
Unfortunately for their boys it was another 18 overs of chasing leather with limited success. Senior showed that the 2 games rest has proven a good thing with a return to form whilst also showing patience to achieve 79no and a red ink. Battler continued to find the going tough in grafting 31no despite showing little regard for his wicket in his quest for quick fire team runs. The boys reached 218 in the 29 overs faced (206 off 22 for the day) with the Captain calling in the boys, setting the opposition a target of 284 for victory.
Unlike the first innings, Richo started on target. However, unlike the first innings, the boys couldn’t break the partnership with the opening spell. A Holt was bought into the attack to contribute to the unwes’ing of Corny before getting his second to ensure the boys went into the sheds with 2 wickets in the bag. The Gal boys ensured an entertaining break in setting the Lane Cove Grape catching
record, a feat many expect may surpass Dagwood consumption as the ultimate Covie crown.
After the break Senior picked up his first with a straightforward catch to Richo before Junior unwes’ed with a quick pick up and throw to hand a Diamond duck to the unfortunate River batsman. Manpower was the last to unwes, but did so in spectacular fashion with a one handing parry, toss of the hair and hip thrust before gently cradling the ball. I doubt Chris Gayle could look any cooler taking that one. Senior took another despite the somewhat odd fielding attempts by A Holt in first slip
, giving the ball plenty of air and challenging the batsman to have him caught short of the fence in the safe hands of Battler.  Nothing else happened and the boys wrapped up the 10 points to ensure 1st position on the table going into the competitions most awaited games.
Crazy Joe had a day out to remember.  He played a little blinder with the bat hitting a scorching 87 including 8 x 4s and 3 x 6s.  The Crazy man then back it up with his first ever 5fa for the club and his best figures of 5 for 41. Well played mate.
We will need to be a little better in the field next week and take our chances. We need to keep applying pressure to back up the good work by the bowlers.

3 – Devola
1 – Norto
1 -Richie
1 – Holty

Second Grade: Lane Cove 173 defeated by Georges River 202

2nd grade were keen to make amends for a disappointing finish to day one, by batting out the day and chasing the River's 202. We talked about being as patient as the River lads were and being no more than 4 down at Tea. Of course Pus is not one to adhere to any patience talk and went at the bowling from the first over. A few plays and misses and some luck went his way, and we had peeled off about 30 runs in 5 overs before Paddy guided one as though he was giving grippers at training to 2nd slip which was appreciated by the GR boys. Pus followed a few overs later for an aggressive and lucky run a ball 29, and the rest of the lads decided to dig in and take their time.
If you look at the balls faced and minutes in the scoresheet, you'll see how watchful we were. The most disappointing thing about that is guys were facing 40 odd balls and then getting out for 7s or 13s. 6 down for 105 at Tea and up against it. 

Davo and Robbo batted for an long time in accumulating a 30 run stand and we started to believe our tail could wag like theirs did. Unfortunately Davo (24) got a thin edge which was snaffled behind. JP went out and looked to score, and Robbo (26) started to free his shoulders too with the pair adding another 30 odd, but when they fell in the same over we were pretty well shot ducks. We fell 29 runs short and could only bat for 68 overs. GR's 10th wicket stand put on 40 enabling them to bat 84 overs. Therein lies the difference. Well done to the River. Good blokes, played well.

Massive game against an Eagles side 5 points and 1 spot ahead of us coming up. We have identified our problems. Now we have to be good enough to fix them.
Farmer 3
Bezer 1
JP 1
Robbo 1 (bat more like that every week mate!)

Third Grade: Lane Cove 156 defeated by Georges River 6/164

Waiting on Dohers to best describe the unique interpretations of the rules, even mores unique catching techniques employed during this game and general fielding excellence.

Fourth Grade: Lane Cove 120 and 8/130 defeated Georges River 111 and 6d/159

It was advantage Coves after day 1 with 6 points already claimed and a paltry 9 run lead in our favour.  We were greeted by another warm day and a good batting track with a bit in it for the bowlers too.  We started brightly with Cox snaring the first wicket - an unfortunate Rivero marching back to the pavilion after almost snicking one to the keeper.  Shingler got in on the act as well with the GR skip walking after getting a thin edge through to Smiffy.  Sundstrom and Scott each chimed in with poles before Scotty had his second in removing the River's best bat from the previous innings with a great piece of glovework from Smiffy - Coves in business at 5/46.
The two new batsmen had other ideas though and proceeded to bat the River into the ascendancy.  Poor balls were put away and good ones kept out as the pair put on almost 60 before Cox had his second penetration, sliding one in to the unwary batsman and ruining the furniture.  Like a blushing young bride on her honeymoon, he wasn't quite sure what had just happened - never trust a man with a ponytail (it may have kept low too).  That was all she wrote for the Coves though as missed chances continued to pile up as the day and heat wore on.  The River Skip eventually called his troops in with the lead at exactly 150 - a sporting declaration giving us 25 overs to chase maximum points or fall on our swords trying.

Pottsy attempted great length first ball of the innings and was unsuccessful (play straight!).  Demps looked in good touch before falling trying to push the run rate along.  Dash and French put on 66 together before both falling on the same score - Frenchy hitting them very clean with a timely 47 off 38 balls.  By now the spectators had flocked in and the fences were crowded with fielders and fans alike.  Will Daly fell after a promising start which allowed Shingler to come in and disrupt low-flying air traffic with a delightful array of doinks towards cow.  I haven't seen them hit much cleaner... 23 from just the 9 pills for him.
Unfortunately with the rate almost down to a run a ball required from the last 5 overs, the Secretary, Shingler and Marty all departed in succession to have the Coves in strife at 8/121 with just over 3 overs remaining.  Big Cox looked quite comfortable while Smiffy managed to play out 8 deliveries without missing a straight one to see the day end at 8/130.  So we all could have stayed in bed and the result would have been the same.

Oh well.  Still, a win, and congratulations to the GR boys for playing the game in the manner they did. I wish I could say the same for the Coves but claiming half-volleys has become something of a club trademark over the years.

Sam "Nicole Kidman" Cox

Players' Player
3 - Scotty - 6 for not much and a duck

1 - French - 47 in the 2nd dig

1 - Demps - 31 to win the match

1 - Sundstrom - 4 for not much and some noodling

Fifth Grade: Lane Cove 189 defeated Balmain Inner City Tigers 90

Nothing from the stand in captain, and the regular captain has only sent me his cunning plan to turn 5 free burgers into 20 free burgers. Smart guy.


LCCC Sky Muppets impregnate the Inner City Tiggggeeeers

Yes Muppy Cuppy lurvers, LCCC’s finest travelled to Glebe for another instalment of rain watching – or so we thought. Forecasted rain had the Mupsters keen on extending our enviable record of 7 washouts from 14 rounds. No one can get wet like we can. But, alas, it was dry. So we played cricket on the weekend. Strange. Will take a while to get used to.


Trumdog Millionaire led the side this week and upon arrival was aghast that Little Tiga only had 5 players. Hmmmmm……seen this before. So out for Toss the Boss and Trummers won. Decisions decisions. What to do when the opposition has 5 players (oops, now 6) and the toss is in your Sky Rocket. We’ll have a bat thanks. Enjoy chasing the jaffa lads.


Steamy day too. Glad I was on the sidelines. Offered to score or umpire but such is the constitution of the Mupsters that the regular schnitzel was told to rest up. So I did. Lost a couple of early poles with Shaaaaafs and Sockit going early doors. Sharples forgot to drop his hands when green lighting a delivery so was schnoodled behind – like in prison. Three for not many. This left Schooner and Webby to pile them on. Steve Chooner took a while to get going (had as many LBW shouts as runs when he was on 17) but pestered away to compile a well made 46 (and highest number for the coves excluding dagwoods). Webby ploughed through to 61 before his enforced retirement. (ed – TCC is thinking of limiting bowlers to 3 wickets next season as they limit the batsmen to 60 runs. Should limit a few other things too – bourbons the night before, strides in a run-up, breaths in a minute). This led to remaining batsmen going for runs with Pushy and Clarkey putting on 20 odd each and the remainder selflessly throwing the bat. 189 for the Coves in a hot display of carnival mayhem. Hmmmm.


Into the field, Clarkey picked up a few wickets early doors before Trumdog Schnitzel was seeing stars and took himself off. Franko came on and picked up a few. Broydy bowled well also to pick up a pole. Pushka bowled terribly and burgled a few wickets (sickening) before the Fat Schnitzel (7 darks last year) got inspired by Burt Dickardson to thieve a captains’ lower order pole. Utterly disgraceful.


So Muppet Lovers – maintaining just the 1 loss this year against Burwood whom we just so happen to be playing again this Saturday – but don’t worry, it’ll rain. Hmmmm……..If the rain holds off we should have a good run into the finals and hopefully make the top 4. Its certainly going to be tough with sides around us having played on average 3 more games than the Mupsters so we have our backs to the wall. (Sounds like a night out with Burt Dickardson). Yeah baby. Perhaps we should go and sabotage some pitches or something. Probably best not to though. I like losing fairly.


So, get on board and support your favourite wet and excited Muppet – we’re a sure thing. Go 2nd grade. Go. Go Go.



Livin’ Nevida Loca


3 – Webby – Been due for runs and laid the foundation

2 – Schooner – top Covie score sans sausages

1 – Clarkey – for bringing Rosie


Under 24's: Lane Cove 37 defeated by Lindfield 6/205

The Covie Cubs were greeted by another sweltering hot day at Lindfield Oval as they sought to go two on the trot after last week's successful outing against Burwood.  Once Ed Scrivens had finished his phone conversation about the fully sick beats and pink shirts on display at the Greenwood the previous night, the Coves were ready to warm up in preparation for the match.  Pete lost the toss and Lindfield chose to bat on a hard wicket which looked like it might do a bit for the bowlers early.

Phil O'Byrne got the Coves off to the perfect start with Lindfield's best bat nicking sharply to second slip early doors where Gallichan pouched with ease.  Jack Standing removed one of the Field's pommy imports with a rather adjacent lb to have the Coves fairly chuffed at 2 for 26 after 12.  The two new Lindfield bats put on a solid stand together though, and it took an excellent and persistent spell of bowling from "Tin Man" Tom Stone to break the partnership with Ferbrache caught by O'B at slip for a well-made 51.  The Lindfield captain came out and put one into the trees before attempting something similar off Pete Gal and being well held by Will Daly at point.  Phil O'Byrne came back on to bowl an excellent spell at the death to remove the #4 bat who had compiled a solid 49.  Pirenu picked up a wicket bowling full and straight at the death and Ed Scrivens (0/12 off 1) could have had one of his own had Tom Stone shown any inclination to catch a ball that landed a metre in front of him at fine leg.

All in all a good bowling display by the Coves to restrict a strong Lindfield lineup to 6/205 off the allotted overs with O'B (2/34 off 10) and Stone the pick of the bowlers.  Will Daly was also outstanding in the field - an absolute wall all day at cover.

Sadly, the batting went completely awry.  No one gave their wicket away so we'll have to chalk it up to persistent and nagging lines from the Lindfield bowlers.  Tom Stone (11) was the only batsman to reach double figures, although I'm not sure how as he can barely hit the ball off the square.  Xavier Tras was next best with 7 as the Coves were bundled out for 37.  The only thing we'll say about that is I'm still waiting for the Club Coach to make "Lane Cove collapses" a thing of the past.

Last 24s game is at Tantallon on the 6th of Feb against Strathfield - I hope everyone will come down and cheer on the boys for the final game of the season.

3 - Stone
2 - O'B
1 - Will