Accidents Will Happen

Mixed results as usual on the weekend with 1s, 2s and 5s getting up while 3s, 4s and U24s went down.  Damian Naughton did a barely adequate job of filling Richie Gallichan's shoes in 1st Grade so we can't wait to get our Richie back.  Apparently its already a fierce rivalry and I hear they're not on speaking terms despite not having played together yet.  Meow.

I hope everyone is planning on making a great effort to get down to Tantallon this Saturday to watch 1st Grade batter the Pingers all over the shop.  We've got plenty planned and it should be a great day for the entire Club.

1st Grade:   Lane Cove 7/230 def Mac Uni 6/229

Lane Cove's finest ventured out to the port-a-loos at Cross Fans Oval to take on Mac Uni and reclaim the form that has taken the boys to the top of the table.  Richo lost the toss and elected to bowl first with a little early juice in the deck.  Unfortunately the Uni boys got off to a good start to put on 40 before Sneak tempted enough to take the first.  At this point it was plain to see that wickets will be hard to come by and that tight fielding and good catching was the key to restricting the chase.  Good tight bowling from Sneak, SPOTY, Crazy, Robbo, Pete and Richo from the clouds helped to restrict the total to 229.  Taking catches though could have restricted the total to around 200.  Great fielding by Manpower who never stopped, nor allowed a 3 to be run.

The boys began the chase with confidence.  Smithy defied earlier predictions to be out with 27 on the board and allow the
Prodigal Son to return to the crease to continue on from the good form shown against SDs second grade.  Fish and Prodigal pushed the ball around taking limited risks in ticking the total along before Fish was out for a well made 39, score over the hundred.  Pete then came in to continue his rise to allrounder status to combine with Battler to move the score to 150 before lacing one to midwicket and continuing in tradition with the family name.  Cornelius failed to clear the boxes before Jack Gayleard MP joined Battler to push the Uni boys around the field with some quick 1s, 2s and 3s before ultimately lazy trot down pitch slapping.  Battler bringing up his 100 with consummate ease.  With the team still requiring 24 to win, MP and Battler decided to seek the shady confines of the sidelines and allow some of the boys a much-needed hit out before the 20/20 game this weekend.  Holt and Crazy played with ease to bring the teams level before Crazy unselfishly played the team game and gently guided/spooned a slow full toss to the bowler to allow Captain Sparrow the prospect of either hitting the winning runs or get out trying.  Unfortunately a first baller was not scored and Victory to the Coves was obtained with 7 balls to go.

A top all round effort showing the team's ability to structure an innings in chasing a total and everyone doing their all in the field to restrict the Uni boys to what was a sub par total on such a beauty of a batting deck.  Congratulations must also go out to Battler who has returned in style and took control of the run chase (as well as helping the captain count to 4).

A win against the Pingers in the 20/20 will see the boys go into the Xmas break in the competition lead and give the rest of the clubs something to chase.


Players' Player
3 - Battler
2 - Fish
1 - Holt

2nd Grade:   Lane Cove 7/106 def Mac Uni 104

Top Order Send Shivers through the Competition in a Commanding chase of 100 runs 7 Down.

2's turned up to Tantallon
generally intoxicated after a solid December Friday evening.  Dodds found himself the victim of a chance encounter with Mantarro, Booby Jnr had an Xmas party and Painter found himself shuffling around a seedy nightclub looking to prey on low hanging fruit.  Furthermore, Hoody had dealt with John all morning, TMac and Pman were crook, Bezer was Bezer and Davo was suitably repulsed from diving Dodds to the game.  All in all, not a great mindset for an important affair with the Students to try and keep the Coves in touch with the big 6.

Skipper Beeeeeeeeeeeeez lost the toss and we were sent in to field on a warm day and a very good surface.  Dub had prepared a surface with plenty of bounce and carry and is to be commended on a
quality track conducive to good attacking cricket.  Bez got one early and with solid contributions from Dodds and JP we had the Students in some early discomfort at 4/34.  Stoney then came on, dismissing the Mac Uni skipper and best bat with a short slow straight one hit to Barry at cover.  Wickets fell at pretty regular intervals and despite some excellent late order carving from one of their lower order bats we managed to knock them over for 104 in the 43rd over.

Comical events of interest while in the field:
  • Booby and Dodds green-lighting a straightforward catch
  • Bezer getting two run outs, while lobbing the ball in and giving the batsman every conceivable chance
  • Booby letting a ball go straight through his legs approximately 10 metres from his missus
  • Bezer forgetting Farmer was in the team and not bowling him despite being our best all year
  • Porky full as a state school before interval
  • Nev eating most of the players teas along with numerous dagwoods and beer
Chasing 100 should be straightforward but rarely is at LCCC.  Pusie and Dodds opened the batting much to the disgust of Maxwell who is said to be seeking trauma counselling after witnessing this cricketing tragedy.  Pusie continued his sublime form in second grade and was dropped first ball then bowled.  Dodds then played a very soft shot and the Coves were in trouble at 2 for 8.  Thankfully Booby (by this stage having graduated from paralytic to just heavily intoxicated) put his head down and contributed an excellent 24 which was worth far more in the context of the game.  Wickets fell at pretty regular intervals but a quick 20 from Maxwell saw us over the line 7 down just out of bonus point range.

Nonetheless an important 6 points with 2's back in the 6.

Big Twenty20 carve-a-thon coming up this week versus the Bulls.  4's we will be down there early.


3 - Stone (3 fa)
2 - Bezer (2 runouts, 1 fa, shameless in his pursuit of Richo's cheap captain's poles, having the covers off before 12:30)
1 - Painter (best spell of year)

3rd Grade:   Lane Cove 145 def by Mac Uni 4/146 with a bonus point

Dohers won the toss and batted on what we thought was going to be a bit of a road at Club Mac's 2nd/3rd/4th ground.  It was a road, but we didn't bat well and were in early trouble when Schooner shouldered arms to a straight one.  Cotty and Stipey batted patiently in moving the score along to 50 before Stipey was judged to have snicked one behind.  Crossy came and went trying to belt the second ball he faced out of the ground - should have swung really hard at that first one as well, Crossy.  Things continued to get worse when Cotty (34) was given out LBW to a ball that would have been a wide had he not charged down the pitch and kicked it - Los Coves 4/64.  Fez and Wes came together and were looking okay before Wes decided to spoon one to a fielder.  Fez was undeterred and hitting them well until he missed a straight one to be out for 25.  Cuddles looked good in knocking up 20 odd before taking a large chunk out of the pitch, caught behind.  Dohers suffered a similar fate, striking them well until he was given out LBW / caught behind.  The misery was complete when Kenjamin couldn't conjure up his hairless magic and the Coves were bundled out for a sub-sub-par 145.

Defending peanuts, we needed to get off to a good start.  We didn't.  First wicket fell at 69.  Franko made the next breakthrough at 79.  At 3/88, did we have a sniff?  No.  How about 4/102?  No again.  Fortune may have played a small part in it with Southcott's (1/21) slow straight ones doing too much when pitching and hitting in line, but we played badly and were beaten soundly on the day with a bonus point going towards the Students as well.  Slade (0/16) was unlucky, having the batsmen fishing with regularity outside off, while Sundstrom (2/29) and Frankish (1/25) were lucky, taking poles off slow full tosses and trash down leg.  Swings and roundabouts and slippery dips.


3 - Cotty, I guess
2 - Canny, I guess
1 - Fez, I guess

4th Grade:   Lane Cove 9/240 def by Mac Uni 6/246

Up against the best side for the last 6 years in 4th Grade, Mac Uni was always going to test us to see if we are the real deal this year.  Well, the answer is yes we can match it with the best even though we fell just short by 6 runs.

Mac Uni decided to bat first on a good looking Longy deck.  Their openers started slowly but safely, Jack bowling a good line beating the bat regularly with Benny.  Unfortunately we bowled too many wides to let the pressure off.  The opening stand was broken by Scotty, with the score at 83 the next wicket didn't fall until 138 and we were looking at a large run chase.  After 50 overs they were 6 for 246 - a good score but gettable at Longy.  Marty picked up 4 wickets with his worst spell of the year (don't worry, we talked about it), Scotty bowled very well to get 1 wicket and Jack got 1 in two excellent spells in his first game this year.

We started badly with 2 wickets in the shed for 25 off about 12 overs.  Then Pottsy hit four 6's in his 28 to bump the run rate in the right direction with Jim and they put on 35.  Jim was cramping badly and batting with a runner but stuck it out to make 42.  A couple of quick wickets and we were 5 for 97 and looking in a spot of bother. But to the boys credit all the second half of the batting order contributed to get us into a winning position.  Frenchy 19, Myles 30, Jack 19, Marty 49, Scotty 13* and Ben 9*.  With 15 overs left and 90 runs to get were well in it.  Marty and Scotty put on 51 with Marty doing most of the hitting until a mix up cost Marty his wicket (think the sprint coach needs to do some work with these guys).  It was left to Scotty and Ben to get the last 21 runs unfortunately overs ran out with us 6 runs shy.

Couldn't be happier with the effort to chase down the runs (well could have been 6 runs happier) but seriously it was a gutsy effort from the team.  Just to show how close the 4th Grade comp is we are 6th - if we had won we would have been top.  20/20 this week against Epping with the points vital, training Wednesday afternoon from 5pm - need a good roll up boys.


Players' Player
3 - Marty, 4 wickets and 49 runs
2 - Jim, 42 runs
1 - Jack, 1 wicket and 19 runs

5th Grade:  Sky Muppets 170 def Epping 47 with 2 bonus points

Kindergarten Cops vs da Pingers in da Muppy da Cuppy

LCCC Secretary hard at work

Yes - that's riiiiiyet Mupsters, LCCC's finest took on the Pingers this week in the 11th instalment of the Muppy Cuppy for 2010/11.  Had the opportunity to promote a couple of LCCC's leading juniors into senior cricket with the likes of Kiran Dindayal, Lachlan Borg and Jackson Nelson making their first foray into our 5th Grade side.  First off - let me say what a pleasure it is to have these young and talented guys coming through the ranks and fitting in so easily.  All are gifted cricketeres who acquitted themselves exceptionally well on the field and seemed to enjoy themselves in the process.  We certainly look forward to these guys having a hit with us again.  Thanks to Raj and Tim for helping us organise these guys to play for us too.

So - onto all matters comical.  Fat Schnitzel Schkip won his second toss in a row and.............. wait for it.  Waiting, waiting, waiting.  No run.  Schnitzel won the toss and elected to bat.  Wow.  At Tanty.  Wow.  Fat Schnitz.  Tough going early doors with the Schnitz and Webby falling early.  The cybernetic organism from Star Trek's Delta Quadrant (aka Lockie 'the' Borg) came in at number 3 and was looking really good before a slow straight one nipped through.  Slow straight ones can do a job Lockie - ask the Schnitz.  Woo Boy had his #1 Fan in attendance (before she was ushered away by Pushkar) and made a healthy 19 - fly swatting his way to cow corner with aplomb.  This brought Jackson and Kiran to the crease who both played pivotal innings and on 40 odd.  Then Clarkey, Franken-bits and Skinny had the tail wagging to take us to 170 all out with 1 over left.  A great recovery considering we were 7-70 at one point.

With the pill Clarkey and Franko opened up with ripping spells.  Clarkey 1 for 1 from 6 overs and Franko 1 for 8 from 6 overs.  'The Borg' and Jacko took up the attack and ended up with 2 for 8 and 2 for 11 respectively.  We both bowled really, really well and were beating the bat at our leisure.  Great spells of bowling.  After our mandated 6 over limit, Woo Boy came on and picked up 3 poles with Kiran taking the last from his 1 official ball that he bowled....... Particular mention to Clarkey who took a speccy at cover off my bowling (me - Jackson Nelson).  Dad has it on video so it will be on YouTube in no time.  Good snare Boggle - but I did all the hard work.....

Awesome win lads.  Although the bonus points haven't been updated they soon will be.  But this now leaves us firmly in the top 4 coming into the Twenty20 round this Saturday against the defending premiers.  Whilst we're 3 wins from the top of the ladder - our 6 washouts compare with 3/2/4 washouts of the top 3.  So we're going okay lads.  Keep turning up to training and supporting your favourite Muppeteer - you know you want to get on one.  We're a sure thing.  Really.

Jackson Nelson
The Club Secretary's #1 Fan - Stitching up all and sundry

Tim Tams:
3 - Woo Boy.  For bringing the Woo.
2 - The Borg.
1 - Me.  Jackson Nelson.

U24s:  Lane Cove 197 def by Warringah 7/221


Training this week - No training on Thursday.  Get down to North Sydney #2 on Wednesday from 5pm until dark.

Movember - We won!  Well done to everyone.  Read about it here.

Fantasy League - Come on Dempsey!  Come on Hig!  Come on T Mac!

More Ashes Drinks - Get down to the North Sydney Hotel from 1:00 pm to catch up with some former Covies.  Tim Jenkins (a former Covie) is also going to raffle off some memorabilia on the night with proceeds going towards the nets at Longy!

Centuries - Yawn... seems like they grow on trees these days.  D.Naughton moves into outright 9th on the Covie centuries list after he notced up #6 for the Coves and his second in as many digs this season.  Well done Berty Battler.

Duck Bat, Milestones, Champagne Moments - I'll get there eventually...

Clothing - Contact the Secretary ( if you need anything.  Just a reminder - new players receive a training shirt, training shorts and a cap.  Returning players get a new playing shirt.  If you already have these items, talk to me and we can work out something else you might want.  Prices for the clothing are as follows:

Item Price
Senior playing shirt (white) $50
Junior playing shirt (white) $35
Training shirt (blue) $40
Training shorts $30
Baseball cap / floppy hat $20
Playing pants $45
Tracksuit (full) $95
Tracksuit top $65
Tracksuit pants $50
Hoodies (not the President) $70

Lance Cove