Pumas and Pummellings and Precipitation

Disappointing weekend for the Coves with just the one further weekend to add to 4th Grade's outright win last Saturday.  1st Grade were done over despite Richie Gallichan's 3rd Century for the Club in only 6 games while 2nd Grade were just short of undoing last week's poor start which gave Penno 2s their first win of the season.  3rd Grade fared better and managed all 10 while the Sky Muppets were washed out at the halfway stage for the second time in two weeks.

No Westravaganza in 1st Grade after Richo put personal vendettas above the team's performance when he ran Wes out for 2 after an exciting 10th wicket stand of 9.  "The 6 points were there for the taking but - like running John Lloyd out for 99 or dropping a hat-trick off Pusie Boyle - I took the road less travelled," Brett explained. "I'll probably only play with Wes once or twice more in my lifetime; the opportunity was there and I took it.  No regrets."

1st Grade:   Lane Cove 261 def. by Pennant Hills 9/288(dec)

We resumed at 2 for 22 and knew that if we applied ourselves throughout the day we would be in with a big chance of chasing down 290.

We got to 57 unscathed until Smith was adjudged LBW for 24.  We then lost Pete Gallichan with the score on 95 to an unfortunate mix-up between the brothers.  We then lost Jacko, Byrney and Devola in pretty quick succession to have us in lots of trouble at 7 for 138.

Throughout all the chaos at the other end Richie was in the process of building a very nice innings.  He was joined by Holt and the pair batted extremely well together.  Without taking many risks and just batting sensibly they managed to put on 76 until Holt was d-pegged just after tea for a well-made 36.

Richie kept going however and brought up his century with one of five 6's.  It was a super knock in the circumstances and should have / could have been a match-winning innings but unfortunately he was out stumped for 119 after the Skipper and he had combined for 48 runs to take the score to 252.

It was Richie's 3rd century of the season and without a doubt his best... very well batted!

Wes was the 10th man out... unfortunately another run out... with the score on 261, leaving us 28 short of victory.  Plenty to take away and learn from that run chase and hopefully this painful loss will prove to be one that we needed to lose.


Players' Player
3 - Richie
3 - Richo

2nd Grade:   Lane Cove 122 & 4/139(dec) def. by Pennant Hills 127 & 7/70

2s returned to Tanty 80 odd runs in front of Penno with 6 wickets to get confident that if we bowled and fielded the way we did last week we would secure the win.  Unfortunately some leg side or too straight bowling, some sloppy ground fielding and some positive and patient batting saw Penno eventually scrape through 9 down.

The day got off on the right track with Stoney taking an excellent catch at point to get us going, but a few irritating partnerships developed.  Davo grabbed a couple to ensure a tense finish to the first innings before their 10 and 11 negotiated the required 4 or so runs to see Penno home.

We had a crack at the outright with Paddy (51) and Hoody (39*) the main contributors, leaving the Pumas to get 135 off 22 overs.  They had a crack but wickets fell regularly, especially to Davo who bowled excellently in grabbing 4 poles.  Paddy took a screamer at deep midwicket against the apocalyptic conditions and Smiffy had his face smashed by the spinning ball.  Twice.  That was as good as it got.  Alas, we ran out of time and Penno shut up shop 7 down.

Massive game for 2s against Mac Uni.  Must win game to get us back into the 6 leading into Christmas.


Players' Player
2 - Robbo
2 - Painter
1 - Stoney
1 - Davo

3rd Grade:   Lane Cove 4/179(dec) & 1/54 def. Pennant Hills 143 & 89

3's take the Maximum Ten versus Pennant Hills

3's turned up to Penno needing an additional 30 or so to get first innings points.  The plan was really to play aggressively from the get go and to try and get 100 or so ahead quickly and push for outright.  This failed to occur as the deck was fairly lively early and despite a pulsating, thrill-a-minute 70 ball 24 from
Mick Cross we probably chewed up more overs than were necessary to reel in the required runs.  Despite some late order hustle from "excitement machine" Porky and Dohers we declared about 30 ahead with 50 overs left in the day.

The Skip
stressed at the break that we needed to be switched on and aggressive in what was essentially a short, sharp session.  Dodds and Kenjamin opened up and soon had Penno in trouble early at 3/8.  A couple of partnership followed but wickets fell steadily throughout the afternoon and Geof even pegsed one of their bats with a searing inswinging Yorker.  Despite Dohers bowling his offies we dismissed Penno for 89 leaving us 54 to get from 9 overs.

The same two boobs Sundstrom and Dodds headed back out to chase and were helped first up by
Xavier Tras taking ten off the first over.  Geof did the run chase a favour and departed soon after but Crossy and Dodds managed to get the Coves home with three overs left for maximum points.  How many Billy Bob?

Mick Doherty
Always be closing

Players' Player
3 - Dodds (7fa, 56, 29*, humility)
2 - SKD (5fa)
1 - Schooner (33)

4th Grade:   Lane Cove 5/135(dec) def. Pennant Hills 38 & 60

The mighty 4's have the weekend off this week due to a dominant outright performance on day one against Penno.  Before I go into detail I want to congratulate the seven Penno players who turned up and gave it their best shot on the weekend.  They could have pulled the pin, complained and carried on but no they played the game in the right spirit even though they were seriously out gunned.  Well done lads.

After waiting around for a team to play we finally got started a little late after Penno won the toss and batted with seven players.  Shingles and Coxy were on the job from the first ball and made the most of a deck with a little in it.  Shingles was very unlucky not to have more than his one wicket, Coxy 3 poles and Broydy bowled two excellent overs to finish with 2 for 0.  Penno all out for 38.

Our turn at the crease was planned to have quick runs scored leaving enough time to bowl again later in the day.  There is no truth to the vicious rumour I had anything to do with Dash making a duck to keep him in 4's, he was LBW.  Pottsy almost made half the Penno score with three 6's in three balls, finally out for 23.  Frenchy batted well and quickly to make 58 not out off only 36 balls with three 6's.  Shingles made a handy 17 not out to put on 53 in only a few overs.  We declared at the tea break 5 for 135 - a lead of 97 off only 18 overs with 47 overs left in the day.

The Penno boys came out swinging (not much else to do in the situation) and got away with a few good shots and top edges.  It was only a matter of time before Shingles and Cox cleaned up the 6 wickets on offer with 3 each.  Both these guys bowled good lines with plenty of heat in both innings.  Can't remember playing a two day game where it isover with an outright victory in 45.1 overs.  To my team:  well played, we fought hard and didn't let up even though the outcome was pretty clear - won't knock back 10 points this time of year.  Scotty was heard to mutter after the game "there isn't many times in my career that I haven't got a bowl"...

Get up to the other games and support the rest of the Covies this weekend, boys.


Players' Player
3 - Sam Cox 3/27 & 3/32
2 - Frenchy 58*
1 - Shingles 1/8 & 3/23

5th Grade:   Sky Muppets drew South Sydney 140

Sky Muppeteers take on top of the ladder South Sydney

After a comfortable victory the previous week over Lindfield Blue, LCCC's finest were up against it when we took on the might of the Bunny Boilers @ Tranny-tallon.  In the previous week Souths had calmly posted 290 odd from 45 overs so we knew it would be a tough afternoon chasing the biscuits.  However Pushkar had a plan.  His lucky coin that fat schnitz had ignored the previous week scored a victory this week with South's leader Brad calling a head - silly, silly lad.  14 previous 'practice tosses' lead to 14 tails, and Nev finally won a toss for the first time since February.  So on a muggy day with rain threatening, what were the Muppets to do?

"We'll have a bowl thanks, Brad.  Good luck."  Indeed.

Chewbacca and Boggle opened up and had the ball ducking, diving, dipping, dropping, drooping, darting and dodging the bat in a masterful display of opening bowling - on a day when the Nation's Test side were bowling Mrs Mac's surely they'd be pressing for a Test call up?  3 wickets to the Hairy Man and 5 for Clarkey (from 2 spells) took the majority of poles.  We were in trouble around the first beer break as they had 2 doinksmen who had decent eyes but ultimately fell in cowboy-like fashion.  Persistence and patience.  That's riiiiiiight.  After that, the Souths Skip came in and batted patiently - clearly trying to ensure they batted the full 45 overs and they so nearly made it.  Sadness.  With wickets falling around the top scorer we bowled the Bunnies out in the second last over.  Wickets also to Marty and Papa Don't Preach who bowled well, as did Matty 'England' Donegen who was desperately unlucky and had the ball moving around like a fart in a teacup.  Apparently that moves around a bit.  Hard to say - I'm taking advice from Pushkar this week.  Wowee.

So - Souths rolled for 140 odd with a very slight drizzle appearing in the last couple of overs.  Off the field to hop into the other side of bed and we decided to put the covers down.  Surely not.  The Sky Muppets already had half of our 8 rounds washed out, surely we could get passed 50% and finish round 9 with 5 wash outs?????

Yes we could.  Yes we did.  Wetter than an 18+ film shoot.  Wetter than Pushkar's hip pocket.  Wetter than the Titanic's 5th bulkhead.  How'd it look?

So trendsetters - we spent most of Sunday playing with the covers.  Not rolling around in the covers you degenerates, but we were pulling plenty:

Fingers crossed round 10 against Warringah at Mike Pawley this Sunday doesn't also go the way of the rain gods.

With love and Wet Strawberry Kisses,

Nevendra Wetendra Prasad

Players' Player
3 - Boggle - wet himself 5 times!!!!!
2 - Chewbacca - wet himself 3 times!!!
1 - The Zeek of Tweek - wet himself once!

Training - lots more rain.  Keep an eye on the website - North Sydney #2 will be off, but we may have training and a barbecue at Tantallon if the weather and our lack of logistical competence doesn't get in the way.

Movember - we have now raised over $11,000!  Well done to almost all the Covie Mo Growers and in particular to all the Juniors, Seniors and Masters members who supported them.  I believe we've ranked 1st among the cricket clubs again and we'll wait on official confirmation of that from Cricket Australia.  I'd also like to warmly applaud Ken Slade for his bravery on Saturday night when sharing his expertise on damage control with the better half while standing next to the better half.  A small crowd gathered around but Tom Holt appeared most interested and took copious notes.

NSW v Tasmania - The Speed Blitz Blues take on the Apple Island folk in a one-day match on Sunday December 12 at North Sydney Oval.  Coves have been a bit of a fixture at this event in previous years, taking up much room on the hill and leaving behind great aluminium idols to their gods.  If you would like a ticket or tickets to this event, contact Burt Dickardson at and he will deliver them unto you.  

Fantasy League - Richo, Demps, T Mac, Hig, CJC and Crossy are the best performed Fantasists.  With only two rounds to go Brett must be feeling quite confident...

Duck Bat, Milestones, Champagne Moments - I'll get there eventually...

Clothing - Contact the Secretary ( if you need anything.  Just a reminder - new players receive a training shirt, training shorts and a cap.  Returning players get a new playing shirt.  If you already have these items, talk to me and we can work out something else you might want.  Prices for the clothing are as follows:

Item Price
Senior playing shirt (white) $50
Junior playing shirt (white) $35
Training shirt (blue) $40
Training shorts $30
Baseball cap / floppy hat $20
Playing pants $45
Tracksuit (full) $95
Tracksuit top $65
Tracksuit pants $50
Hoodies (not the President) $70

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