Superb Day of Sweeping Defeats as Southern Districts Self Destructs

Not actually true, I just wanted to use a lot of SDs.

Now, as most of you aren't bothering to read the weekly blurb or indeed take in words I've said directly to your faces, I'll put a few important notes up above the match reports.

The Ashes Lunch - we now have details up; click the link on the left to view.  Tickets are $70 each and $20 of that goes towards the new nets at Longueville.  The menu looks excellent and with four hours of boozing also included in the cost the seasoned pros amongst you will see the value right away.  Book your tickets as soon as possible please - need to know numbers by the 22nd of November.  Purchase your ticket(s) here!

Movember - We're halfway through Movember now, and we're currently running 3rd in the Weet-Bix MyCricket race to get a test cricketer down to one of our Junior training sessions.  So far we've raised $2,460 for the cause and with more than a few Coves yet to get themselves into gear I think we'll hit our straps on the home straight.  Top Covie contributors so far are Team Captain Michael Doherty ($400), Stephen Flynn ($375), Gerard "Blue Oyster" Boyle ($335), Ian Phelps ($325) and Brett Richardson ($260), but I'm tipping Tim Ryan to be the big mover and shaker in the coming weeks.  There is still time to join up and raise money, guys - click here to join the team!  If not, please donate to one or some of the Covie entrants to help us win the main prize for the Juniors.

Milestones - Two players broke significant milestones on the weekend just gone.  Chris Granger became only the 20th Lane Cove player to pass 4,000 runs for the club when he notched up his 6th score in the 90s on the weekend.  That's a lot of brooming over the years, Stipey.  Damian Naughton also scored his 5th century for the Coves and became only the 9th player to take 100 or more catches for the club too.  Well done, guys.

1st Grade:   Lane Cove 4/285(dec) def Southern Districts 110 & 123 outright

SD's resumed at 2 for 77 on day 2 and nudged the score along to 97 until we got the next breakthrough with the Skipper getting a faint edge through to Doinkswell to take the catch.  After that initial break, the flood gates really opened up with Holt and Richardson trading wickets for the next 8 overs.  SD's lost 8 for 13 in the space of 8 overs to be all out for 100 in 35.3 overs.  Holty and the Skipper finished with 5 each.

We then took the crease in extreme heat on a very good Tanty batting surface and we were positive from the outset.  Smith smashed 40 runs in boundaries on his way to 54 until his middle stump was disturbed by one that may have kept a tad low.  Fish was accumulating nicely at the other end as well and was on 36 when a smart bit of work from the Ants keeper had him stumped for his highest score of the season.

The loss of wickets didn't slow the run-rate at all as the Gallichan brothers kept things moving along swiftly with some poor bowling being punished on almost every occasion.  Richie went for 66 including four 6s... Pete finished unbeaten on 61 - then some late doinking from Corny (30) and Jacko (16 not) took us to 4 for 285 from 39 overs when we declared.  It gave us a lead of 175 and 63 overs to push for outright points.

Sneaky Pete got things going for us in the 2nd innings picking up 2 early wickets caught by Smitty and Jacko.  The SD's batsmen continued to play their shots and chance their arms which meant we were always in the game.  We introduced spin after about 15 overs with Crazy Joe and Richie bowling nicely in tandem... they ripped through the SD's middle / lower order picking up 6 wickets between them (Ritchie 4 / Crazy 2).  And apart from some more spectacular hitting from McGlone (four 6s in 32 runs) and their Skipper (39) they didn't show too much resistance and were all out in the 2nd innings for 123... handing us an outright victory by an innings and 52 runs.


Players' Player
3 - Richo 
2 - Holt
1 - Richie

Race for the Case
9 - Brett Richardson   (25.3 runs per wicket, 74 overs)
8 - Pete Mallyon   (17.1 runs per wicket, 45 overs)

It pays to be the captain, Shneak.

Now for the Crazy version of events...

The day started well for the table toppers. 10 Covies arrived at the designated time and Dub Dub was putting the finishing touches to what could only be described as an absolute f**king belter. The house won the ABC, bowlers got a doubly doubly, JCMF sightscreen was a picture of perfection and SPOTY was wearing his pants.

SDs got off to a good start for the day and at 2/97 looked to be setting a challenge. Lego Man's offerings were seen off when a bowling change brought SPOTY to the RG bus lane end to break the partnership.  Combining a probing line and length with accuracy and variation, SPOTY was able to provide the necessary control to enable Sparrow to attack the other end with his mixture of bouncers, yorkers and comfortable half volleys to charge ahead in the race for the case. Like the good ol’days with the big fellas steaming in from both ends, there was little chance of a lower order fightback. Good to see Richo’s change of ends doing the job with his redtubes finally getting some results rather than the occasional one slipping down the legs. SDs losing the final 8 wickets in 8 overs for 13 extra runs. This was a great result considering the position that SDs found themselves in on a flat deck and shows that a little extra application both at the bowling crease and in the field can turn the balance of a game.

With the bowlers having done their part, Fish and Smitty opened up with a target of 110 for first innings points with about 45 minutes to bat in the first session. Smitty continued where he left off with 4 maximums to race to a quickfire 50 before being depegged. Fish played the steadying innings to enable the team to reach the main break 1 down with 30 odd required for victory. After the break the Fish and Richie took on the bowlers to take the points 1 down. Fish continued on to his best score for the season with 36 (including 1 maximum).  

With points in the bag it was now a chance for the prima donnas of the team to ensure averages and aggregates were boosted coming into the big games before Christmas. Richie continued his demolition of opposition teams to finish with 4 maximums in his 66 before skying the ball to end his innings to be worth 1.81 times the great man with the bat. Big Dog came out to face a few overs and finish with 1 over the fence for a quickfire 30 to continue his good run of form. Richie’s brother Pete Gallichan followed in his brothers footsteps (no maximums) to complete another fine 61*, however 61 is less than 66 so Richie continues the stranglehold on the major prize in the Gallichan household.

Manpower also came out to put 1 over the fence in a cameo to ensure a decent total of 285 was posted in 39 overs setting 175 for SDs to chase in 63 overs.

The second innings started in much the same fashion as the first with Smitty grabbing a screamer at point to open the wickets column and Sneaky taking another to pull 2 back in the RFTC. Due to the ideal batting conditions spin was the preferred option to take the maximum points with SDs riding their luck to add a partnership of 44 before a superb piece of fielding by Crazy led to the third wicket. 2 more followed before Crazy picked up his second. SD's tonker came out to trouble the JCMF in a repeat of last season’s shelling before Sparrow came back for cheap Captain's poles. Richie cleaned up the tail with SPOTY waking up in time to catch the last over (and second last wicket) and ensure the boys took home MAXimum points. Richie picking up his third Four fa for the season.

Next week we are out to Penno and a similar performance should see the boys enjoying exotics well into the night.

Meanwhile on Sheen Watch we can see Richie has taken the lead with the stick with former SPOTY falling behind fast.

The bowling also paints a picture with Sheen taking advantage of some juicy bowling conditions to streak ahead with 19 with a lack of cheap captain's poles causing Richie to fall behind, possibly behind the 4:13 CBD to Epping. Pete is also showing the effects of not being captain and is yet to register a victim after 4 games.



2nd Grade:   Lane Cove 8/222 def Southern Districts 125 with a bonus point

It was hot, lost toss, batted.
Naughto = too good for Shires = 100 controversially given 1 run by Phelps after technically being out for 99.
Phelps ugly doinking - 39 (really 40)

221 off 50

Great spells by:
Blobbertson 1-16 off 10
3 for 28 off 10 for Farmer
4 for 31 off 10 for Davo Davo Davoooooooo

All out 124
Bone-Arse Point Yeaah.

Inspiring 2's since '09, like fully always ok guys.  Yeah!

Players' Player
3 - Naughto
2 - Davoooooooooo
1 - Warwick Farm

3rd Grade:   Lane Cove 5/227 def Southern Districts 185

3s turned up to Longy and the reign of Wes began.  As the rest of the side warmed up, Byrnie was still playing 'cuddles' at home. He eventually walked into the Longy sheds around midday.  The toss was interesting as the coin decided to land on its side - eventually the two skippers came to an agreement and we decided to have a bat on a typical Longueville road.

Porksword and Nicko opened up but unfortunately the young lefty was back in the sheds in the first over.  Granger strolled to the crease and the innings moved along slowly until Porky was caught with the score on 25.  Next in was the Kiwi sensation whose tips for the Melbourne Cup were about as good as the New Zealand cricket team's tour of Bangladesh.  After a whirlwhind 17 that included do-ba-lay sixes Myles was finally dismissed by a Doherty Special.

Hoody joined Stipe in the middle and the pair formed a formidable partnership.  Hoody kept the strike turning over while Granger took a liking to a number of their bowlers, taking Lance Cove to 139 at the drinks break.

The boys were instructed to continue what they were doing until the 40th over and then put the foot on the accelerator.  Hoody decided to take this advice on board first ball after the break, playing one straight to mid-on to be out for a well-constructed 21.  Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah!

The skip joined Granger and pushed the score along to 199 before Granger was out for 92 - great knock, Christopher.  Cuddles Byrne blocked out the final 5 overs and Lance finished on 227.

Spirits were high in Camp Lance and the new ball was taken by Shaun Kenny (Slade) Down and Jared 'Dulux' Painter.  Myles surprised everyone by taking a sitter at mid-on to give Ken Doll his first pole.  Dulux was rewarded when Myles took another 'screamer' and the Ants were in all sorts at 2/39.  Horrendous / excellent fielding by Dunny resulted in the next wicket.  After dropping an absolute sitter Dunny then rolled the ball into the keeper to have the Southern Districts bat run out.  Dunny claimed two himself and looked threatening every ball.

Wickets continued to tumble but to their credit Southern Districts put on a few solid partnerships before Myles 'Turning Point' Bertrand pegsed their number 9 for 24.  Louis came on and finished the game to give Lance the 6 points.

Captain Wes

Players' Player
3 - Granger Danger
2 - Yeah Yeah Yeah Hood
1 - Louis Louis

4th Grade:   Lane Cove 8/221 def Southern Districts 100 with a bonus point

After a pleasant drive on some of Sydney's finest freeways we arrived at Greenway Res, Carnes Hill.  Well, most of us did - Crossy ended up at a park in Camden, Greenway Park the Nav Man said.  This park has a swing and a slide but no cricket ground.  The reason I know this is it is the same one my Nav Man lead me to last season.  The phone call from Crossy went something like "Demps, I'm f#@king lost, I'm in Camden"... this is where I chimed in with "Does the park only have a slide and a swing?", Crossy: "How did you know?".  You get the picture people. Half an hour after the start we had eleven players, he apologised but I understood (5th Grade next week).

It was about 30 degrees at the toss and getting hotter, lost the toss and was asked to bat.  Pottsy gone for a globe, Jim in the shed soon after, us 2 for 13.  Frenchy and Smithy dug in and were looking solid before Frenchy lost his pegs for 13 after putting on 34 for the 3rd wicket.  Smithy went for 24 and Crossy for 10, Marty for 1.  We were in trouble at 6 for 69 against an under strength bowling attack and staring down having to defend around 100 in 35 degrees on a flat track.  Good thing Shingles had the same idea as myself; we didn't drive this far to be embarrassed like this.  After a cautious start we both started to feel comfortable at the crease... well, as comfortable as you can in this heat on a ground with big boundaries (lots of running).  We pushed the score to 173 before Shingles was bowled for his highest ever score of 48 - really well batted, mate.  Scotty came and went then Coxy helped me push the score to 8 for 221.  Far more comfortable with that score after being 6 for 69.

During the break in innings the clouds came in and the temperature dropped a fair bit - still hot, but much better, good toss to lose in the end.  Shingles who was still feeling the effects from batting bowled within himself but still managed to trouble the top order.  He snared two wickets in his second over to have the SD's in a spot of bother.  It was after this that Smithy was heard to say to Shingles "Come on mate, lets make a Shingler's List now"... that would be a fine in 1st Grade, I'm sure.  SD's were rattling along at 4 an over to be 2 for 64, the weather had warmed up and we were in for a game.  Coxy had just bowled a good little spell of 6 overs, unlucky not to get a wicket or two when the combination of Scott and Tzikas destroyed SD's and brought a swift end to the game.  Marty 5 for 15 off 5.4 overs and Scotty 3 for 28 off 9 overs.  SD's lost 7 for 15 to end a hot day at Carnes Hill.  Pretty sure a bonus point to top things off - well done guys.


Players' Player
3 - Skip 77 not out
2 - Shingles a match saving 48 and 2 wickets
1 - Marty T 5 for 15

5th Grade:  Sky Muppets drew Auburn 82

Lane Cove Muppeteers take on the Weather - and Auburn DCC

 +  = 

Yes trendsetters - typical stinking hot day on Saturday for Lane Cove's finest saw us take on Auburn this round.  Couple of debutants for the Mupsters this week in Brendan Dash (better known as the reindeer formerly known as Prancer - yessssshhh Schooner) and Mick 'Yeah Yeah Yeah' Doherty.  Royalty abounds.  Royalty abounds.

Yours Truly continued our hapless luck of losing every single toss since February this year (and last season) and Auburn's wiley skip John Aitken chose to have  a bat in scorching heat.  Joy.  Fielding in an oven - scenes reminiscent of the 42 degree Souths game last year.  Any McHoo - Steve Chooner and Scotty Davies opened up and got us off to a good start.  Steady - but not too many early poles early on as Auburn settled in early doors amongst the early heat.  Early.

Chooner and Scotty both picked up a pole each in the end including a sickeningly good catch to Sunners in the gully whilst trying to get out of the way of a ball that travelled like a rifle bullet.  Good snare.  Scotty deserved much more and bowled incredibly well - with the best slower-ball this side of Schneaky Pete Mallyon.  Change of bowling saw Sunners burgle and bag more wickets this season whilst Pushkar at the other end bagged just the 1 pole this week.  Another change of bowling saw 'Yeah Yeah Yeah' and Booboir take to the wicket with aplomb, both taking their maiden Mupster Cup wickets.  Is there nothing Booby cannot do?  Actually - its probably down to brilliant captaincy as even Sir Wesalot took poles in 5th Grade.  Something we can't say about Dodds or Schneaky... that's riyyyeeettttt.

So - that was it then - Auburn dismissed for 82 and the Coves feeling supremely confident with a solid batting lineup.  Jesus disagreed and the heavens opened up to unload on Princes Park in epic proportions.  We must have been in the only suburb in Sydney that saw rain on Saturday and we copped it hard for a solid 10 minutes.  Under the advice of Covers Guru Booboir - some of the Coves rain out to help the Auburn players put the covers down - basically because we wanted the biscuits, but nothing could be done.  The heavy rain moistened the wicket and run-ups to the point that as soon as the rain stopped it was clearly evident that play was over for the day - unless we all turned into pigs and played in the mud.  Ah, no.  No pigs in the Muppy Cuppy - thankfully.

So - there you have it.  Another week of cricket and another sterling piece of literary work.  So after 7 rounds we've had 4 draws, a tie, a win and a loss - and somehow we're still in the top 4.  Lindfield Blue this week at Acron and the Muppeteers will be looking to finish a game and get some Tim Tams.

Nev-wumbly chumbly
(watching my typing)

Monte Carlos
3 - Scotty Davies - bowled very well
2 - Sunners - over-bowled
1 - Schooner - its Schooner

U24s:   Lane Cove 9/225 def by Epping 8/227


NSW v Tasmania - The Speed Blitz Blues take on the Apple Island folk in a one-day match on Sunday December 12 at North Sydney Oval.  Coves have been a bit of a fixture at this event in previous years, taking up much room on the hill and leaving behind great aluminium idols to their gods.  If you would like a ticket or tickets to this event, contact Burt Dickardson at and he will deliver them unto you.  

Fantasy League - Disgustingly, Brett Richardson leads.  I foresee computer error, data lost.

Training - It wouldn't be early in the week if it wasn't raining.  Keep an eye on the website for updates on Wednesday.  Not looking promising.

Clothing - The new stock is here.  Contact the Secretary ( if you need anything.  Just a reminder - new players receive a training shirt, training shorts and a cap.  Returning players get a new playing shirt.  If you already have these items, talk to me and we can work out something else you might want.  Prices for the clothing are as follows:
Item Price
Senior playing shirt (white) $50
Junior playing shirt (white) $35
Training shirt (blue) $40
Training shorts $30
Baseball cap / floppy hat $20
Playing pants $45
Tracksuit (full) $95
Tracksuit top $65
Tracksuit pants $50
Hoodies (not the President) $70

Lance Cove