Beaten By Burwood - Take 387

Losing to Burwood is something we do very well, perhaps better than anyone else in the competition.  3rd Grade were the only team to buck the trend on the weekend when rain intervened with the match evenly poised-ish.  Those results leave us running 4th in the Club Championship, which is still pretty fair given we normally start playing some time around Christmas.

So we'd started the season well, and now we've hit this rocky patch.  Declining standards, gentlemen.  If we have any ambitions of finishing the season in Premiership and Club Championship contention, we need to maintain our performance levels.  I think most players would look at their game against Burwood compared to their efforts in the first two rounds and say they didn't do themselves justice.  If you need a model player to base yourselves on who consistently and without fail delivers the goods, week in, week out, I give you John "Wesley" Harpham.  If you need advice I suggest you pull John aside at training and ask him how he manages these awe-inspiring feats.

1st Grade:  Lane Cove 158 def. by Burwood 8/160

Tantallon was looking a picture as always with Burwood resuming at 5 for 34.  We didn't have any luck at all early on and it wasn't until the score was on 91 until Richie got the breakthrough with a smart stumping from Doinky who kept well all day.

At the other end, Burwood's captain was playing very well and ended up steering his team to victory with a match-winning 98.

Richie was the pick of the bowlers, finishing with 4 wickets.

Other highlights of the day included:
  • Crazy Joe and Fish trying to erect the sightscreen for 35 minutes
  • Jacko providing a case with one short
It was a frustrating loss which hopefully will fire the boys up against the Green Men this weekend.


3 - Corny
2 - Richie
1 - Richo

2nd Grade:  Lane Cove 159 & 5/91 def. by Burwood 8/232(dec)

Twos turned up to Rothwell fit, firing and focused needing early wickets to stay in the encounter.  An excellent warm up was had courtesy of Captain Bez and Supercoach and the boys marched into the field with some intent.

Holty stuck early door with a peach of a delivery to remove the dangerous Brennan, who was well caught by Southcott in the cordon.  A cagey LBW and pegsing to Dodds and a smart caught and bowled from SPOTY had the Coves back on even terms with Burwood precariously placed at 6 for 91.

This brought the dangerous Towells to the crease and after receiving a perilously close LBW shout early doors proceeded to take a liking to Holt and Dodds' humble offerings before carving one out to Southcott on the fence for a quick fire 25.  The lads hung in pretty well in
tough conditions but Burwood chased the runs 7 down after their number 9 hit a juicy Davo full toss in the TAB on Majors Bay Road to get the points.  

We then
dropped our bundle as is so often the case when passed and the Burwood lower order cashed in by taking full toll just before tea.

It then started hoofing down leaving Dodds and Farmer anxiously perusing matters wagering and wondering as to whether he would end up watching So You Think win the Cox Plate apologizing.  The rain stopped and we were back in with 38 overs to negotiate.  After
soft dismissals from Porky and Southcott we were in some discomfort however some excellent batting from Holty and Davo saw us stave off defeat and we were delighted with a standard first innings hiding.

Much work to be done before rumbling with the Green Men this week.


3 - Holty
2 -
Slammin' Sam Mantarro
1 -
T Mac

3rd Grade:  Lane Cove 5/130 drew Burwood 211

Woke up at 8am to head down to Longy and peel the covers back to get the sun on the pitch and bake it a little bit, also took the lawn mover with me and gave the outfield a once over.  We resumed at 0/28 and Scriv and Nicky Mc looked pretty good until Scriv feathered one to the keeper and Nick dollied one to mid on.  Stoney came in and noodled a few before getting fired LB and Granger Danger looked rock solid again until he couldn't replicate his fancy dancing moves from yesteryear and stumbled down the pitch to be gone stumped to some pretty handy legside keeping.

Myles also was looking pretty comfortable out there until he misfired on a full straight one and was an easy target for the finger.  5/100 still needing another 112 with myself and the ginger ninja himself at the crease knowing we had a job to do.  Phelps started getting stuck in and made a quick fire 30 not that even included a piercing cover drive - his first for 16 years.

When we got the score to 120 odd the heavens opened up big time and tropical cyclone Fred decided to dump everything directly on Longy, run ups and outfield flooded.  Sat around trying to get back on but was never going to happen.  Called if off, match drawn.  With myself and Phelps still in and Wes, Cuddles, Dunny and LPG still to come, I have no doubt we would have got the 80 odd required but we were beaten by the weather gods.


3 - Stoney
2 - Phelps
1 - Dohers

4th Grade:  Lane Cove 120 def. by Burwood 7/224

With Burwood in the box seat needing only 40 runs to make on a batsman friendly pitch, quick outfield and 6 wickets in hand, they did it easy.  Our bowlers in particular Shingles gave it everything in another lively spell but the damage was done the week before when we only scored 120 on a good pitch.  Crossy, Scotty and Ben Craig each picked up a wicket for the day.  Burwood 100 runs ahead and storms on top of us made our decision very easy to pack it in and look forward to next round.


3 - Demps
2 - Crossy
1 - Shingles

5th Grade:  Sky Muppets 123 def. by Burwood 3/125

Sky Muppets took on Burwood in a moment of planetary alignment

Whilst we all know the Muppets are LCCC's finest - we don't often get to share the draw and play the same opponents as those playing in what Dodds refers to as "proper cricket" (1st to 4th Grades).  This can lead to a feeling of inadequacy sometimes, however regular Muppy Cupsters have learnt to deal with the heartbreak.  So - all grades playing Burwood then.  Proper cricket.  Indeed.

At the toss the deck looked perfect for batting so it was our plan to have a bat first - then we lost the toss.  Then Burwood wanted to bowl.  Toss won.  Brilliant.  Good captaincy.  For a change the Mupsters had a red hot batting line-up but as can happen in proper cricket as well - we reminded ourselves that we aren't very good by dismally failing to set a decent total given our on-paper ability.  Highlights were limited to "Parmigiana Pushkar" scoring 40 runs before he holed out.  Lost an hour's play due to thunderbolts and lightning - it was really really frightening.  Galileo Figgaro.  So, in the end a pretty low total of 123 given the batting line-up we had really.

Into the field and a couple of wickets early on to Sunners was pretty much the only glimmer of hope we had.  Burwood batsmen made light work of our humble offerings and passed us with 4 overs to spare.  Not enough runs to defend in a rain-shortened match (reduced to 38 overs each) and Burwood got the biscuits.


3 - Pushkar
2 - Scotty Davies
1 - Skinny

Movember - sign up one and all.  Do it for the kids.

Ashes Lunch - tickets for this event can be booked now.  Specifics coming shortly...

NSW v Tasmania - The Speed Blitz Blues take on the Apple Island folk in a one-day match on Sunday December 12 at North Sydney Oval.  Coves have been a bit of a fixture at this event in previous years, taking up much room on the hill and leaving behind great aluminium idols to their gods.  If you would like a ticket or tickets to this event, contact Burt Dickardson at and he will deliver them unto you.  

Fantasy League - T Mac appears to be building a formidable lead but I've no doubt Cheating Joe Camarsh will use his unscrupulous ways to weasel his way to the top.  A bunch of captains and committee members follow on their heels, proving it does pay to occasionally put a shift or two in with the club.  If you haven't paid your fantasy league money yet, you will be spanked.  Naughty.

Harping on - No one has put their hands up to help with tea or to adopt our Pommy transient.  I've always thought you were all terrible people and this only confirms it.

Training - keep an eye on the front page of the nedsite for details if the weather looks dodgy, and the weather is supposed to be dodgy tomorrow.

Selections - teams for Round 4 v Warringah will be up sometime soon.  Hopefully before the weekend.