So Far So Good

Los Coves are in an unfamiliar respectable position after the first day of a new season with the top two grades well placed for points and 3s on roughly level pegging.  Things didn't fall the same way for 4s who have already conceded first innings points but Big Demps will be planning a repeat of last year's performance against Roseville to snaffle the win.   The Sky Muppets again took centre stage on Sunday and - in vogue with other major results recently - played out a tied match against last season's Premiers Mac Uni.  Details...

1st Grade:   Lane Cove 3/112 v Roseville 171

First grade won the toss and bowled on a pitch that looked pretty slow and uneven.  We had three guys making their 1st Grade debuts:  Matt Smith, Tim Byrne and Richi Gallichan ... congrats guys.

We started a bit sluggish with the new ball and didn't quite find the right areas enough however Sneaky finally got a bit of rhythm and picked up the first wicket of the season, a simple catch to Ritchie at cover.

After Robbo had burgled a very questionable LBW decision we turned to an all spin attack of Richie and Corny with great success.  The pitch was taking of turn and Richie 4 for 43 and Corny 2 for 13 ripped the heart out of Roseville's middle order to put us into a fantastic position.  We ended up rolling them for 171 after 56.1 overs.

In reply, Smitty and Fish took up the attack and Fish was first man to go chopping on for an entertaining 9.  Glen took up from where he finished last week and after receiving his mandatory life on zero he hit the bowlers to all parts of the ground and raced to 37 before trying to hit their spinner out of the park and managing only to nick it to slip.

Richie continued his great day finishing at stumps on 42 not out and with Corny 10 not out and the team at 3 for 112 from 24 overs.

It was a very pleasing first day of the season but still with the job to do to get the 6 points.


2nd Grade:   Lane Cove 2/115 v Roseville 125

Welcome season 2010/11 and what a great start...

With quite a few players M.I.A. the sun was beaming down and most of the team had just come out from hiding from a long off season.  I lost the toss and was asked to field, so I opened the bowling with myself and new recruit Jared Painter.  After bowling a few tight overs I got the first wicket caught behind.  I then bought Myers into the attack who was even toighter (like Maxwell's pants) and managed to get a wicket despite his lack of training, fitness and talent.

O'Byrne bowled well and was rewarded with a wicket thanks to a good catch from Smeagol Myers.  3 down just before tea and I thought we would be happy to just get one more.  Farmer then came on and pulled a few tricks from his bag and got us a couple of wickets before tea.  After tea Jared Painter came back on and got a few good wickets for us to have Roseville all out for 125.
With a new aggressive style of cricket this year - learned from wise and enlightened monks in Tibet while I was on a journey of reflection and greater self-awareness during the off-season - I told the boys to be smart but not shy.  Lloydy and Scrivens got us off to a good start being 40 off the first ten overs.  Also extras helped us too.  Paddywhack came in and whacked a few balls to the fence, a great innings from him and he gave us a chance to get 6 points on the first day.  Unluckily he was run out
 - a clear and present danger when batting with Mr Scrivenhands.  We needed 18 runs off the 3 overs left in the day, but Roseville retreated back to the fence so Maxwell tried hitting them onto Epping Road.  

We finished the day at 2 for 116 - a great day to start the season.  The boys put in all day.  Great stuff boys boys, lets take this momentum into next week and get the points.

Cam Bezer
Please don't rain

3rd Grade:   Lane Cove 2/58 v Roseville 193

We won the toss and Roseville in.  Sharp work from Boggle in the field brought about the first wicket with a run out and from then on there was a steady procesion of wickets.  I thought we were great in the field and the bowlers did a brilliant job, namely Kenny (2/31 from 16) who bowled on the spot all day and DavoDavo, who didn't but got all the wickets (5/68 from 18).  Boggle (2/65 from 15) and Geof were also handy with the ball in their hand and all the bowlers were backed up by some handy work in the field and good chat and intensity.

Roseville's last wicket put on 60 odd which was very frustrating but to their credit they batted well and fought their way to 193.  With 17 overs to negotiate DavoDavo and Nick McDonnell opened up and looked solid until DavoDavo was unfortunately out LBW.  That brought Big Jim to the crease and he and Nick batted out till the last over where Jim gloved a sharp one to the keeper on 27 - unlucky for him as he was looking out there and did all the hard work to almost get to the end of the day.  Granger came in and amazingly survived 4 balls even with no eyes.  So next week Nick (12*) and Granger (1*) will resume at 2/58 and will be pushing hard for all the points on offer.  

Overall I was very ecstatic with the round one day one effort and we've set an excellent standard to continue for the season.


4th Grade:   Lane Cove 70 v Roseville 166 & 2/15

What a nightmare trying to get a team together for the 1st game.  Big thanks to three of our juniors Jack Ryan, Jack McGrath and Aiden Gerrand for making themselves available so we could field 11 - thanks boys.

Lost the toss, Roseville decided to make use of a good looking wicket that appeared like it could move around early.  Ben Broyd and Franko took full advantage of this to have the Roseville boys at 4 for 6; Ben with figures of 3 for 0 in his first Covie game.  A good partnership of 73 then put the Roseville boys back on track until Scotty in about his 50th season with the Club got one through their skipper's defense to have them 5 for 79.  Still needed to get Flack out but with some controlled hitting and stubborn tail end support they scrambled to 166 with Flack a century - well played.  Wickets were shared with Ben and Scotty 3 each, Franko and Marty T 2 each - all bowled well for the first game.

Our turn at the crease was ordinary with only three players reaching double figures; Booby a really well made 26 with great concentration off 88 balls with Webby and Scotty in the teens.  All out 70.

Six overs to bowl at the end of the day produced 2 wickets to have Roseville 2 for 15 with Marty T 2 for 0 off the last over.  Early wickets next week to give us a chance and you never know what might happen.


5th Grade:   Sky Muppets 132 tied Mac Uni 132

Sky Muppets open their campaign in Kanga Cricket against defending Premiers Mac Uni with a tie!!!!

Thats riiyyeeett Beavis and Buttheads, round 1 in Milo Kanga Cricket was a home affair at Trentallon for Lane Cove's finest against last year's Premiers, who also knocked us off in the Semi Final last year, even though we were Minor Premiers.......not that its a sore point..... clear enough?  And how did we go I hear you trendsetters asking?  We tied.  Yep.  It was good enough for the Calypso Kings so it was good enough for us too you boob lovers.

First up, rule changes this year.  Apparently anyone with a modicum of talent (aka a 'regular' or 'recent' player from 1's / 2's / 3's) is ineligible for Kanga Cricket.  Also we have to retire when we get to 60 runs, play with rubber balls and yellow bats, and drink lots and lots and lots of Milo.  They sponsor us you know.

So, onto croquet then.  Getting a side together was interesting.  Think I spent my monthly phone bill calling you boobs, but luckily Big Demps was a big help and was in whites ready to come down.  Then we go to the Webster!  Mega woot!  Then Kanga Sunners turned up to hand out shirts in a ceremonial presentation that would have done the Oscars proud.  Oh, and we welcomed back Punjab's finest to LCCC.  Pushkar.  Push-a-car.  He's baaaaaaaccckkkk!!!  And pressing for a spot in 4's, Bryan.  Yesssssssssss.

Lost the toss (like I always do against Adrian and the Mac Uni Premiers) and were sent in to have a bat.  Joy.  Joyous.  Happy happy joy joy.  Porky turned up in time to continue his single-handed crusade to revive the Rum Rebellion and watched Yours Truly survive 13 overs.  Mega.  Missy opened up and lasted a while.  Mini Demps scored quickly but spooned one up.  Gub failed.  Again.  Then Matt Burke (not playing Rugby this week) belted 43 in quick time to get us back in the game.  Good pick up is Burko and hopefully will join the Mupsters on a regular basis.  Kanga Webby and Kanga Sunners (batting at 10 and 11) put on a decent last wicket stand to get us to 132.  Otherwise, most failed.  Even the Punjabi Princess.

Bowling.  Kanga Franko.  Brilliant.  Superb spell.  Reeeeaaaaallllyyyy bent his back and got plenty from the deck.  Didn't quite bend his back Kanga Dodds style, but that's a story for another day.  Franko was unlucky to only pick up 3 poles whilst Kanga Suds got a few, as did Kanga Missy, Smaller Demps and Punches O'Haylen.  Kanga Gub took a snorter on the fence - but only after Kanga Kate fueled him up with a sandwich from the boundary line.  Yes Gub.  We smeared the ball with BBQ sauce and watched our little Gublet patrol the savanna's with cheetah-like speed.  Gee he can move when food is involved.

In the end, it pains me to say it, but Pushkarrrrrrr took the last wicket to TIE the match at 132 runs a-piece.  Wow.  Wowee.  Split points.  Kanga Cricket.  Lame.  Soft.  Dodds.


Kanga Nev

3 - Kanga Burko - solid runs
2 - Kanga Frankenbits - great areas
1 - Kanga Punches - batted well before triggered


Registration and Fees - if you haven't registered online through Infrasport, please do so now.  Click on the link below to go to the registration page:

After that, pay your fees or make an arrangement with the Treasurer.  If you wish to pay cash or do an online transfer, tick the 'Pay by cheque' option.  You need to pay your fees before we give you training gear.  We've ordered more stock for the season but its still a few weeks away.

Training - we're still on at the SCG Indoor centre on Thursday nights from 8:00 pm to 9:30 pm.  We're also starting outdoor sessions on Wednesday the 6th of October at North Sydney #2 from 5:00 pm.

Tea - still looking for volunteers to help Mrs Hig.  Come on boys (and girls)!

Accommodation - Tom Stone, our 21 year old import from Lichfield CC, is arriving in our delightful city at the beginning of October and will require a place to stay from the 10th of October on.  Please talk to me or one of the committee members if you are able to help out, even if only for a while.

Fantasy League - not only is Richie Gallichan apparently the new Edward Scrivens of the Club, he's also a very discerning judge of talent despite not having seen most of you play before.  He currently leads the table ahead of the Prez, the 4th Grade skip, the Sky Muppets' glorious leader and your marvellous Secretary.  Don't forget the cost of entry is $20 - payable direct to the bank account or give me or the Hig the cash.  With 34 teams involved (presuming you all pay), the prizes will be as follows:  

1st - $240
2nd - $144 (call it $150)
3rd - $96 (make it $90)


Duck Bat and Milestones - I'll update them at the end of the round.  Sadly Scriv got away from touring in whites though.

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