Here We Go Again... Again

Hello Coves,

I'm sure many of you scratch your heads in befuddlement as another cricket season rolls around and yet again you've been roped into playing for the Coves.  I know I do.  It seems that we'll be launching into it full swing this weekend with our 1st Round match against Roseville, Roseville on Saturday and Mac Uni for 5s on Sunday, so best you all start giving your respective ladyfriends foot massages and such before dropping in that all-important leave pass.  Mick Cross - I am willing to pinch hit for you.  My hands are strong yet supple.

The club played a few trial matches against Lindfield last Saturday and did us all proud by not getting dusted up in all 3 matches like we did last season.

1st Grade skip Brett Richardson provided this enthralling bit of literature.  Dot points are much easier than sentences and paragraphs.

Match highlights:
  • Lost the toss
  • Devola took 4 wickets and got hit for 4 towering sixes!
  • 2 wickets each to Sneak (dukeless) and the Skipper
  • 1 wicket each to BFBR and Richie who both bowled well
  • Matt Smith a good effort behind the stumps including a nice catch standing up to Sneaky
  • Bowled them out for 180 odd in the 50th over
  • Our innings got away to a flyer with Fish and Smith hitting them all over
  • Fish out for 30 - Smith carried on and hit a scorching 79 before retiring
  • Richie backed up his effort with the ball scoring 30 odd retired
  • And the winning runs were hit in the 33rd over with Devola and Timmy at the crease
3's boss Mick Doherty was in charge of the 2nd / 3rd Grade trial...

Not much to report about this one, the rest was still well and truly fixed in on most of the performances.  Winning the toss, Lindfield were sent in to bat and due to a lack of bowlers able to back up Dodds and Bezer, who were the standouts with the ball, and the lacklustre work in the field (think about five catches went down), Lindfield were able to post 250 in their 50 overs.  Pusie gets a mention having not touched a cricket ball in months, he stepped in and surprisingly bowled not horribly to help fill in a few overs for us.  With not great bowling, fielding or catching I thought 250 wasn't as bad as it could have been and it gave us something to occupy the crease with and try to chase it down.

This didn't happen.  Pusie was gone second ball and it was a bit of a slow procession after that, myself and Davo Davo spent a bit of time in the middle and put on 70 or so but it wasn't nearly enough as both of us had to kick on.  An ICC match review / match fixing committee is starting a full investigation into Dodds' wicket, needing to leave asap to get to the Roosters Panthers game, the smile on his face as he walked off the field, already getting into his Rooter jersey, told a dubious story.  So hopefully that performances cleared off all the cobwebs and rust and come round one we will be good to go.

4's chief Bryan Dempsey reports in on the 4th / 5th Grade trial...

Won toss, batted, made 163 with Pottsy (12) and Nick McDonnell (20) getting us off to a solid 27 run start.  Jim and Skip gone cheaply followed by a good 50 run partnership between Ben Craig and Will Daly.  Both were quick between the wickets and put plenty of pressure on the fielders.  We scrambled our way to 163 with some lusty late order hitting from Jared Painter (21*).  

Enough runs to give all bowlers a trundle.  Our opening bowlers put Lindfield under plenty of pressure with Franko bowling an excellent spell.  His partner in crime Jared will benefit from more time working on his line, length and particularly his run up thats all over the place, a couple of good balls and shows a lot of promise.  Marty T took 3 wickets with all bowlers doing the job.  Jack Ryan took a couple of good catches behind the stumps.  Lindfield all out for 75, a good start but the real test is this week against the Roseville boys at Longy.

Fees - we love it when you pay fees.  We don't like collecting them though, so we'd prefer it if you registered online through Infrasport.  You can view the Fee Structure by clicking on the link.  Contact if you need to make an arrangement with the Treasurer.  New players will receive a cap, training shirt and training shorts while returning players will receive a playing shirt.  We're still getting stock in to supplement our existing supply so please be patient / gentle with us.

Selections - the teams for Round 1 v Roseville / Mac Uni will be up on the website shortly.  Captains should be contacting or already have contacted you about the weekend.  If you are going to be unavailable at any point during the season, please let the selectors know -  The captains for 1st to 5th Grade this season are:

1s:  Brett Richardson - 0404 146 963
2s:  Cam Bezer - 0402 161 244
3s:  Mick Doherty - 0401 570 408
4s:  Bryan Dempsey - 0425 271 576
5s:  Steve Campbell - 0435 144 797

Season Launch - make sure you get back to the Diddy this Saturday night for our official welcoming of the new season.  Its probably not going to be quite the turnout we were hoping for given half the players selected for the first round aren't of legal age yet, but you should still come anyway.

Teas - We're still looking for people to help out Mrs Hig.  Guys, please speak to the wonderful ladies in your life about pitching in and lending a hand.  Send me (LCCC.Secretary) or the Hig ( an email or speak to us about it.

 - as I mentioned before in that incredibly long email, we're still looking for homes for up to two balmy English people for the summer, or part thereof.  Tom Stone (21) and Raoul Colvile (24) are some of the best people I've never met so if you have a spare house / room / bed / closet, they would love to occupy it.  Please let me know if you can help out, even if just for a while so we can find something more permanent.

Training - This week training moves to 8:00pm to 9:30 on Thursday nights at the SCG.  Wednesday afternoon sessions at North Sydney #2 will begin in October!

Covers and Such 
- being a captain is annoying.  Almost as annoying as being on the committee, which is still a level below being one of the Office Bearers.  So if your captain asks you to help with covers, bring money for tea, wash his car, etc, please be a good chap and do as you're told.  Many hands make light work... sometimes.

Fantasy League
- invitations have been sent out for the first half of the season.  If you haven't received one, send me an email at with your preferred email address or a side selected using the Fantasy League 1 Guide.  Prizes for this are the usual - after the $200 is taken out for the bar, 1st receives 50% of the remainder, 2nd 30% and 3rd 20%.  You can have a sticky beak at other people's teams here.  The cost of entry is $20, which you can transfer direct to the club's account at:

Account:  Lane Cove Cricket Club
BSB#: 062-192
Acc#: 10015602

Put your name and 'FL' in the description.

Duck Bat - congratulations to Cam Bezer on being the first Covie out in whites this season!  Pus Man, Franko and Scriv are possibly soon to join him as well - check out the standings and dignitaries here.

If I remember anything else that needs to go in here, I'll add it later.

Your Committee