The Pre-Season To End All Pre-Seasons

Hello Coves, and thanks for starting to read the first TWIC of the new season.  I hope the off season has been kind to you and much enjoyment has been had from the lack of cricket-related activities.  Sadly its a fact of life that the fun must always come to an end, and so I officially welcome you to Season 2009/10.

The club's AGM was held at some point in the distant past and for those of you who live under rocks / don't check the website religiously, there have been some major changes at the top end of the pyramid this year.  The most significant of which...

is the Club's new head honcho, Gerard Boyle.  Pus promises to be a breath of fresh air at the Club with his visions of glory and grandeur, and we can only hope he leaves his colourful and controversial past behind him.  The full Committee for the coming year can be viewed here, so the new Prez will know which direction the knives will be coming from if this season doesn't turn out all sugar and spice.  Other items of interest at the meeting:  Tim Ryan is the Club's newest and most deserving Vice President after tackling the Junior side of the Club last year and remaking it in his own image - well done Tim; and many a tear was shed after John Lloyd finally stepped down from his throne after many, many years of loyal, disgruntled service.  We'll never be able to thank you enough Porky so I'm not going to bother trying.

One of the goals of the Club for the coming season is to link the three elements of the Club - Juniors, Seniors and Masters - together more closely and we can look forward to integration in areas such as training and social events.  Pre-Season training is well under way and all new players, Seniors and Masters are invited to attend as well as older Juniors hoping to make the transition to the Senior Club.  Please note that the SCG Indoor Cricket Centre will be closed from September 21 through to October 9 - no Thursday night sessions during that time!  The new season is only a month away so if you haven't been yet, get to training and shake off those rusty cobwebs.  New Players interested in any age or level of cricket can direct their inquiries to  Its also time to reach into those pockets guys - Fees can be paid direct to the Lane Cove account or you can contact the Big Hig ( to organise a payment plan.

We would like to thank the Club's Sponsors this season for their support and ask that members of the Club use their services where possible.  New Merchandise will also be available soon, so keep an eye out for our new funky disco threads.

Many, many Social Events are in the pipeline and we'll get information out to you about those as soon as we've confirmed the dates.  Watch this space...

Several draws are available:
Seniors, 1st to 4th Grade: view
Seniors, 5th Grade: not yet available
Seniors, Frank Gray (U24s): view
Masters (O40s): view
Classics (O50s): view

The gremlins that run the website have been busy over the last few weeks producing time killers for you to whittle away the hours in your cubicle...
The 1st issue of the Club's newsletter Cove to Cove - download
Lots of Annual Reports for those who like to poke sticks - peruse
Pick over past AGMs while the paint dries -  peruse
An online coaching resource, exciting for coaches and straw clutchers alike - peruse 

The Committee, 2009/10
Looking forward to another fantastic year of Covie cricket and hope you are too.