TWIC - Hopes Dashed By Rogue Trolley?

Lane Covie Coves lone hope of seasonal glory live to fight on for another week after seeing off Georges River to set up a spiteful encounter with Blacktown by the Sea at Tunks Park.  Unfortunately 3rd Grade will be without Louis "I'm bleeding internally" Pootn'm-Babaganoosh after he was Most Extremely Eliminated on the weekend and diagnosed with a self-inflicted bout of Abdomania.  Kenny Slade whilst always smiling and happy to be playing, would be disappointed that a much anticipated weekend on the tiles will need to be shunted in preference to running around a paddock for 192 overs. Sweet.

In case you missed the part earlier where I mentioned that 3rd Grade are at Tunks this weekend, 3rd Grade are at Tunks this weekend.  Secretary Boyle will likely send you three emails a day telling you all to be there to throw your support behind the side, but those of you with a less convivial approach to Lane Cove cricket may want to hedge your bets and bring rotten vegetables to throw instead.  I'm told North Sydney Cricket Club will be manning a canteen during playing hours but you can't rely on others to provide you with quality edible projectiles so I hope they'll turn a blind eye to BYO produce.

So, Ra Ra Lane Cove as Paddy would say.  Hello Paddy.

If I can be buggered finishing this Semi Final Preview, you can read it.  Handy tip: don't bother.

Qualifying Final:  Lane Cove 196 & 0/115  def  Georges River 120

Day 1:

On what was supposed to be a glorious day (according to BOM) we turned up at Hutcho to see drizzle come down, a massive wet spot right on a length and a wet outfield. As it was supposed to clear up and be sunny all day, the Covie skipper called correctly and elected to bat.

The clouds settled in, preventing the pitch from drying out, and this coupled with some excellent bowling from their opening bowler Brian Somerville saw Southcott, O’Connor and McKay back in the pavilion before the heavens totally opened up. We ended up playing on for a few overs too many, seeing the pitch get a proper drenching, halting play until after lunch, before Brendon Hood (29) and Jack Gayleard (46) put on a 54 run stand to bolster the scoreboard. A series of quick wickets saw the Coves stumble to 9/148 before Louis Putnam-Gray (23*) and Tom McDonald (42) pushed the score towards 200. Eventually Tom was out at 196, a very competitive score in a final, with our bowling attack.

Tea was taken immediately, leaving us the task of getting a few before stumps before having another crack in the morning. Louis got the edge in the first over which fell just short of the cordon, before getting another edge taken by Willoughby, followed by a run out to Jack Gayleard. With the score at 2/5 Louis broke down with an abdominal injury that was caused originally on Mardi-Gras night, bringing T Mac into the attack. Tommy struck immediately, and with 1.5 hrs left in the day the score was 3/10.

A small partnership ensued, that looked to take the momentum away from the Covies, before Sam Moore (2/19) delivered a low full toss that was belted back at him at a rapid rate of knots. A great catch was the start of another period of dominance for Lane Cove seeing the score slump to 6/42, courtest of another Jack runout and a wicket to Nick Trumbull. Resistance was offered by lower order, before a fast inswinging yorker from Mumbles got through, ending the day at 7/80.

Day 2:

The first wicket took a while to come, before Jack and Brendan watched each other green light a lofter ball to cover point, before it was taken by the joint players player at 8/102. A brilliant ball from Nick Trumbull (2/34) which swung, cut back, did backflips etc saw Somerville LBW shouldering arms at 9/104, leaving one more for a big victory for the coves. The skipper had a moment of inspiration, putting in a second gully, only to have a total airswing at the ball about 5 minutes after it missed his head by about 3 inches. The plan to the number 11 was to crowd the bat with Jack bowling, however 2 full tosses smashed into some poor unfortunate individuals shin in rapid succession brought the kind of entertainment the crowds come to see. T Mac (3/44) eventually wrapped up proceedings 40 minutes before lunch, giving the Covies a first innings lead of 76.

McKay and Southcott saw the first stanza of their second innings through to lunch without incident at 0/18. During the interval Cam wondered how long the game would last, and he was told we would need to be about 200 ahead with wickets in hand, so don’t get out. His interpretation of how this could be achieved was somewhat different, as he dispatch the bowling to all parts of the ground, and had it not been for a very tall tree, at least one ball would have gone onto the M5. When the game was called off, Lane Cove was 0/115 after 23 overs. Cam McKay on 77* from 64 balls, and Southcott 37*.

A big win for Lane Cove to keep their season alive, with a spot in the semi-finals versus Warringah at Tunks Park. Come on down and support us to get the club into their 5th grand final in the last 3 years.

A bit of housekeeping:  if you haven't paid your fees by now, you will no longer be allowed to go back to the Hig's house to play Guitar Hero.  This is NOT NEGOTIABLE.  Pay your fees or miss out on all the fun.

Don't forget about Presentation Night!  Its on the 9th of May and you should be sending in your RSVPs to the Secretary's email account (  This is usually but not always a good night and there's a very respectable chance that you'll enjoy yourself, so 3 out of 5 former Covies would recommend that you definitely attend.  The cost is just $55 per head - cheap as gold-plated chips.  Pay now, the mortgage can wait.

There is still life left in the race for the Duck Bat with several 3rd Graders in with a chance of knocking Messrs Doherty and Rixon off the top of the pops.  Dohers is primed to sweep up all our favourite awards in his debut season as he's also a favourite for the Cannon of the Year after blowing up at Stirling, putting holes in walls, having untreatable Tourette's, etc.

Otherwise, Alex Southcott has officially passed the 2,000 run Milestone for the club, although he may have chalked it off a while ago - the stats are a bit of a mess.  While I'm blathering on about runs, I may as well throw in that Porky Lloyd, the Hoodlum and Pies McKay have slithered their way up to (respectively) 7th, 13th and 17th in the club's all-time Leading Run Scorers list and can still climb higher.  Another good dig or two will see Hoody become only the 13th player to pass 5,000 runs for the club - let's hope he gets there this season.  With just 3,730 more runs to get, it will be interesting to see if Peter Cross can beat him to the mark.

Hamish MacDonald
Go Blue Men