TWIC - A Quick Word From Your Former (Web-) Master

With nothing doing this weekend, I thought I'd chime in and allow the Higglet to spend a little more special time in his room alone, and also pass on a few moderately interesting tidbits.  A well-placed bout of bad weather allowed Covies off the hook on Saturday and I'm presuming most of you didn't waste the reprieve, sharing some quality Valentine's Day moments with the missus, or staying up late to watch Swansea v Fulham in the FA Cup, or wearing fluffy gumboots and giant rubber condoms at Good Vibes.  I'm sure you still looked hot though, Scrivens.  As just about ze entirety of Zydney Cricket was called off for the weekend, that means that the top 4 grades are inflicted with 50 over one day matches that start at the delightfully early time of 10 AM next week.  5th Grade are still lucky enough to start at noon, but unfortunately have a double header with the make-up game against Epping scheduled for this Sunday.  Spelling it out in neon for those of you with a Richardsonesque mental capacity:

1st Grade @ Bexley Oval, 50 over game - 10 AM start
2nd Grade @ Tantallon, 50 over game - 10 AM start
3rd Grade @ Lance Hutchinson, 50 over game - 10 AM start
4th Grade @ Longueville, 50 over game - 10 AM start
5th Grade @ Koola Park, 45 over game - 12 PM start
5th Grade @ Tantallon, 45 over game - 12 PM start

I'm presuming teams will be the same, but I could be wrong?  Best check Selections later in the week, perhaps?

The state of play coming into these fickschurs is that no Covie side is currently in a finals spot and we're limply holding on to contention in all grades.  1st Grade are 9th, 5 points outside the 6; 2nd Grade are also 9th, 10 points outside the 6; 3rd Grade are 8th, 9 points outside; 4th Grade are 9th and 11 points adrift; 5th Grade are 5th and a game outside the top 4.  With only 3 rounds to go, each grades probably needs to win all their remaining games or hope a lot of results go their way in order to be a chance at slipping into the finals... excellent news for those of us looking forward to the football season.

As we're in such a 'make or break' situation, you should probably get to Training.  I understand that the turn out last Thursday was a bit disappointing, which is a shame as the Wednesday sessions have been very popular recently, as has Percy's afterwards.  We can't force you to go to training - at least not yet, not under this antiquated humane law system - but we'd really, really like you to.  I should point out that the Wednesday session at North Sydney # 2 is the principal hit out each week and the Thursday nets at the SCG are for those who can't make Wednesdays.  Your hard-working LCCC Committee tries very hard to accomodate players and to assuage their grievances, so after some very valuable feedback I'm pleased to say that next season the club will look into holding December training sessions in Thailand and also taking the first training or two of the New Year up to Byron Bay.  Convenient much? 

In other news, the date for Presentation Night has been set for Saturday the 9th of May.  More details will be forthcoming shortly, perhaps, but keep that date free because that's our final answer.  Lock it in, Eddie.  Disappointingly, we're not going to make a weekend of it with the Shires Dinner being held on a different Friday. 

The Fantasy League is again proving to be something of a bore with me nowhere near the money.  How do you expect me to pay the entry fee if I don't get on the freaking podium?  Neanderthals.  Nevertheless, runaway leader Scriv has had his sizeable lead mown down to a mere 50 points with Corny in 2nd and His Sharpness a little further back in 3rd.  The artist formerly known as The Big Hig and Dodds would probably say they're not out of it yet, but they'd be wrong.

The race for the Duck Bat is getting quite interesting with Doherty, R.Higgins and Rixon being the best placed batsmen.  Wee Blumpkin Preston's 6 ducks is an impressive haul which he won't be adding to any time soon after nipping off to rugby trainings on weekends.  Such a pity too as he wasn't mathematically ruled out of equalling Tom Holt's terrific 12 duck season of years gone by.  Wasted potential.

We've got a bit more corkage to handle after Brian Scott and the unlikely duo of Porky Prez and Paddy Tompsett earned themselves a Champagne Moment each.  Scotty noodled a 6 for against the Canies and is now just 7 wickets short of the 1,000 mark while Porky and Paddy's 163 partnership was a 4th Grade record for the 7th wicket.  Well done, as someone who is easily impressed would say.  Since the turn of the New Year, the following Milestones have been passed:

  • Chris Granger passed 3,500 runs for the club against Warringah in Rd 8.
  • Brian Scott passed 3,000 runs for the club against Warringah in Rd 8.
  • Dodds thieved 200 poles against South Sydney in Rd 9.
  • The Higglet passed 50 wickets for the club against Roseville in Rd 15 (TCC).

Now for the bit you've all been waiting for...

Little Hig’s Highlight Reel!

Not being Little Hig, I've had to speculate about what the highlight of the week has been, but I've managed to come up with this.

Beans.  Everything a growing boy needs.  I particularly like these ones because they're "Ranch style"; no ordinary beans are they.  It makes me think of the Old West and Dodge City and cowboys having sprawling, brawling bar fights in saloons... but beanier.  I also bumped into Phelps the other day when he was on one of his drug-fuelled binges, and he thought beans were great.

Paul Langtry
Still pretty embarrassed about that 6 a Side Day incident.