Young men of Covieville,

Mixed results on the weekend against The Bunnies, with ones losing outright, 5s going down, but 2s, 3s and 4s all scoring impressive wins, meaning we picked up some valuable Club Championship points, and are now snuggly perched in 7th spot. A good weekend against Auburn could see us finish 5th, and Mac Uni could sneak into 1st spot. Something the student's will no doubt appreciate and shower us with love when we crash their end of season pub crawl. That's Carlton Draught thanks Smithy.

First Grade v South Sydney at Tantallon

After a poor showing on Day 1, it was important that we can back and showed some fight with the bat on Day 2.
We started the day at 3 for 9 in the 2nd innings, still 27 runs behind South Sydney.  I told the guys that I wanted to see them apply themselves a lot better and show some commitment that was lacking on Day 1.
Peter Cross and Gerald Cornelius were at the crease and looking good.  They were picking up the singles and putting the bad ball away.  Unfortunately with the score on 42 Cornelius received a dubious caught behind decision which sparked a mini-collapse and we were in big trouble at 6 for 58.  Simon Rowe then joined Cross and together they went about rebuilding the innings.  Both guys were looking comfortable until Cross tragically ran himself out for 58.  It was another top innings from Peter who has now scored 599 runs for the season. 
Simon Rowe contributed a useful 26 but it wasn’t enough as we were bowled out for 113 leaving South Sydney 78 to win.  Some very good bowling from Alex Dodds and Gerald Cornelius resulted in 3 early wickets however the Chee Quee brothers then came together and finished things off quickly including a couple of miss-timed hook shots off 2 well directed Richardson bouncers.


Cross 3
Dodds 1
Rowe 1
Corny 1


North Shore Times version

Lane Cove's faint finals hopes have been dashed after competition favourites South Sydney completed a clinical outright win at Tantallon on Saturday.
Lane Cove were still 27 runs behind Souths on the first innings with only 7 second innings wickets in hand at the start of play, but leading allrounder Peter Cross was still at the crease. Cross and teammate Gerald Cornelius slowly started to build a lead before Cornelius' wicket sparked a middle order collapse.
Some lower order support for Cross from Simon Rowe and Joe Camarsh pushed to Covies score up past the 100 mark, however when Cross was run out for 58 Souths only required 78 for an outright victory, eventually brought up with a 6 to Richard Chee Quee off the bowling of Lane Cove captain Brett Richardson. It was an unhappy match for Richardson as he also notched up his third duck in succession.
Better news in Lane Cove's lower grades as 2nd grade confirmed a home semi final with their big win on Saturday. Cameron McKay scored an even 100 no as Lane Cove swept passed Souths by 8 wickets. 2nd grade take on Auburn next week in a one dayer at Tantallon in the battle for the minor premiership.
Third grade had a big outright win in their match, whilst 4th grade also knocked off Souths, and appear to have secured 3rd spot and a home semi final also with just the final round remaining.
All games start at 10:00 am

Second Grade v South Sydney at Davo Davo

Stu hasn't provided me with a match report, so I'll just expand on Crystelle's brilliant words in the above article. The highlight of day two was easily Party's unbeaten 100. We passed them 2 down after Suren (48) and Stipey (28*) gave good support to the parties show. The win keeps 2s in 2nd place and they take on Auburn for the minor premiership on Saturday. Win that, and 3 weeks of rain across Sydney (except wherever 4th grade play) will do just fine.

Points (not 100% sure, but from the stats something like this)

Pies 3
Dunny 2
Suren 1 ????

Third Grade v South Sydney at Longy

Finally third grade got something to take out of the most frustrating of years, but certainly did our best to throw it away. After scraping through to claim first innings points on day one with Sneaky Pete starring with the ball, the idea was to bat 40 odd overs and score 200 to give the Bunnies something to chase. However the batting wasn't what we needed with only Marty Potts (50) and Pusie (37) really troubling the scorers in a 72 run partnership. Humorously, videographer Geof Sundstrom captured the moment Pusie lost his head, and therefore his wicket. Love the evil laugh Geof. Coves pumped out for 135 in 30 overs.

The Bunnies went for the runs, and some good(ish) bowling and top class fielding from Supersub Davo Davo had us well on top early. However we dropped Pentacost 5 times, and then 4 of us circled a leading edge, then looked at each other as the ball harmlessly fell in between all of them. The skipper was well pleased. A good run out from Jamie Demps to Harls turned things back in our favour, and we eventually got the 8th and final wicket (SS 2 short) with 30 runs to spare. The game played in the spirit that has us leading the Spirit of cricket (Souths were super too), but also played with the skill that sees us battling for the spoon, but 10 points is 10 points, and by god I'm happy to have them.


Sneaky Pete 3
Pottsy 2
Pus 1

Soon-to-be-ex Skip

Fourth Grade v South Sydney at Alexandria 

The week started with il capitano warming up at a sensational game of rugby between the Tahs and Brumbies.  The skills on show were reminiscent of many an LCCC 3rd grade game this year...  The fact that the Rain God Boyle was present was not lost on the 32,000 fans.  The Heavens opened up to show their appreciation for the holy one and to be honest I thought it would pretty much put kill off any chance of playing at Alexandria Park 1km away.  On rocking up to the ground at 10.30 with little Higg things didn't look great.  The bowling run up at one end was pretty "soft" but Bruce from Souths did a great job getting a playable deck ready and we only started a little over an hour late.
The Covies were straight into with Connor and Limpy (10 Overs 0-37) bowling well.  Connor (14 Overs 3-25) picked up an early wicket to go with the one from the previous week.  We lost Limpy for most of the day somewhere between fine leg and mid off whilst he rolled up his sleaves, pants and played an interesting came of throw and fetch with a stick and a couple of his other personalities...  Occasionally he even did some fielding.  Louis (14 overs 4 -25) then came on to bowl a great spell and work in tandem with Franko (12 Overs 0-14).  On arrival of the Souths skipper Louis was on a hat trick after removing the Souths number 5 with a jaffer de pegging of off stump.  From the time we had Souths 5 for we started to lose it a little in the field.  Gilly started thinking about retirement and spilled a couple of shockers, but good to get them out of the way before the finals.  Through the afternoon too many other catches were dropped and our intensity really dropped off.  Not sure if we were counting our 6 points before they were in the bag.  The bowlers never lost their way and Scotty bowled tight as ever for 2 for 14 off 10 overs, Higg burgled 3 Overs for just the zero runs. 
It was as we approached tea with Souths screaming along at the 60 runs off 40 overs for the session that the greatest tragedy in modern day cricket occurred.  With Scotty toiling away at one end and Higg at the other there were absolutely no runs on offer and no shots coming either.  It is at times like this that an insightful captain turns to an experienced bowler to get that important wicket.  Other muppets like yours truly may turn to JL to see if we can lose the ball somewhere in Redfern.  Surprising the first over was a maiden.  The next over was worse.  With the flight of the ball getting higher and higher as JL's confidence grew with each pat back down the wicket the nearby tennis courts were cleared.  Picnic rugs were packed up and a group of people went and hid under the tree at Long on - along with Limpy mid his game of throw and fetch.  Then it happened.  The ball skewed off an edge and the only person in the side who could (or was that would) take the catch manfully strode towards the ball - surprising all by not falling over some lose turf or a shoe lace as would have befitted the comedy of the moment. JL had his second career wicket after a career of 40+ years caught and bowled.  After a small protest from the rest of the team for the injustice of the game, the Jail Birds were on their way again.  For some reason I gave him another couple of overs so he could end up with 5 overs 1 for 13 and it was truly the day cricket died. 
After Scotty's two wickets, Connor (with two massive sixes coming off his bowling as well) and then Louis wrapped things up for the 6 points.  Overall we let Souths get away with their innings and could have pressed for an outright if we had stayed on our game.  Now we are precariously placed in 3rd and could come 2nd or 5th depending on results this weekend.  Hopefully it is game on for 2 v 3 against Auburn.
Congrats to twos on a great win and 3's on getting an awesome 10 points.  Big few weeks coming up for LCCC 4th Grade Jail Birds.  We now have a good squad of players ready for the finals who have played a fair bit of winning cricket together.  Hopefully everyone will be on day release for the remainder of the season.  Would be good to see everyone at training as well as it was JL's constant badgering at training that got him a bowl on the weekend...


Louis 3
Franko 1
Scotty 1
Figjam 1
The Prison Guard.

Fifth Grade v Lindfield at Tanty

Wow, what a day. And Pushka missed it….
On Sunday the 9th of March, John Lloyd graced 5th Grade with his sledging, batting and presence. It reminded this writer of what it would be like being in a Chinese restaurant ordering braised Pork in Muppet sauce. Yes John. Actually, Braised Pork isn't far off the mark given that John was playing in Club Dubs pants which were a tickle too tight around the Ned region for John. Squirrel grip, anyone?
Batting was skillfully  horrendous with Mitch Rix and The Great Reverse "V" the only ones significantly adding to the total of 110. Sadly, both ran each other out when on 30 odd each. Sprucey opened the batting and , what is proving a very worrying trait, gave away his wicket when  Porky Prez arrived at the ground for fear of having to bat with him again. Special mention to Jail-Bird who scored a couple of runs (not the soiled variety) – but certainly more runs than Connaughting Willoughby who was telling everyone why he was so tired from the night before. Well, if Limpy isn't achieving penetration - someone has to…
Into the field we thought we had a fair chance even with our meager total with Frankish and 'da Blumpkin opening up. A wicket or 2 here or there didn't really slow down the scoring rate, despite Mitch Rix attempting to put Limpy off by labeling his sexual exploits and experience as a dysfunction. Yes Mitch. BTW Limpy – how many times can the word penetration be used in 26 over's?
The Boulter and Justin Anders then took over pill delivery duties and bowled in some great suburbs with Justin really hooping it in. But the damage was already done. Even an over from J-B couldn't rein in proceedings. (J-B = Oscar …you peasants). Franklin Barrett bowled some leggies at the death and fooled the batsmen into dancing down the wicket and beat him with some great flight and spin. Club Dub did the rest with the gloves and whipped orf the bails - and that was how his first de-stumping unfolded. (I make note of this as recent times have given Trent a lot of firsts in his life and they should be celebrated with all the tenacity and vigor with which they were pursued.)
In the end though, SchLindfield past us only 4 down and without too much trouble. With 1 game to go we have to look to next season and greatly improve our patience and shot selection with the bat. Oh, I nearly forgot…… on the weekend it seems that the Connaughter took a liking to Oscar and below is an exchange that:
            a) must be mentioned despite Club threatening to edit my emails (amongst other things), and
            b) took place in the cordon between Porky (2nd), Connaughter (Wk)  and Neville (1st)
Neville (1st slip):  "Wow John, Oscar is really one of a kind."
Porky: "Yes Nev."
Club: "Well, I love him."
Nev: "What did you say Dub?"
Club: "If I could pick him up and pop him in my top pocket, I would carry him around ALL day."
Porky: "You're a stranger man than even me Clubby. Ah ah ah."
Clubby was last seen heading to Oscars house for some farver beans and a nice bottle of chianti. The Silence of the Jailbird………….

Phew! Thanks Sharpie and Nev, can't wait for the abridged version. Training this week at North Sydney #2 is an important session lads. State player Burt Cockley will be there to help Hux and Dools. 2s and 4s are hoping to cement home finals, and 1s and 3s can both help us move into the top 6 of the Club Champs. All grades play in the one day training shirt strip on the weekend. Selections are now up.

Fantasy League is in its final week, with The Prez and the former Secretarial goodness fighting it out to see who gets stitched up and donates $200 to the abuse of our livers next Saturday night. Ro looks like he may have almost cemented a minor place, but anything can happen in this final frantic round. If I wasn't coming mid table I would be excited!!

The 115 year dinner tickets are now on sale. Get your table of 10 together now, or simply buy your ticket and we'll place you on one. No matter what it'll be a wonderful night. Max Walker is our guest speaker, and Covie greats Tommy Holt and James Hinton will be your MC's for the evening. 100% guaranteed hilarity! Tickets are strictly limited, so get in quick smart.

A Merchandise tab has been included on the website. If you wish to purchase any merchandise please drop my good self an email at

There will be an end of season get together at the Diddy this Saturday night to celebrate me not having to hit Harls and Geof up for covers every week, 5s having pre final game drinks, 2s and 4s making the finals, and most importantly our first grade captain heading out on the circuit dressed completely in his whites after getting his 3rd duck on Saturday. With any luck a 4th duck will come against Auburn, and he'll need to be out drinking at the crows nest hotel in his full pads, gloves and box. Come on you Eagles!! Hig Junior was a resplendent sight last Saturday in his whites, however he ventured no further than Crossy's couch, so it was somewhat wasted. We won't let Richo get away with it that easily.

Milestones and the duck bat have been updated. Big game this week for Parties who needs just 11 runs to pass 4000 career runs for the Covies after his unbeaten ton last week. Also Dunny needs 5 for 100 wickets and sneaky Pete needs 3 for 150 wickets. Good luck guys.

Finally please all sign this petition. I think you'll agree the few seconds it takes you to sign this can make all the difference in the world. Thanks for your support.

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