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1164 Tom Carseldine - Thomas Martin Lane Cove Cricket ClubU9 South Saturday 10.30AM16 1 West Pymble Storm
2166 Alex Harvey - Jayden Saldanha Lane Cove Cricket ClubU13 Saturday 3.30PM 20 Over7 1 North Sydney Red
2166 Freddie Boys - Damian Naughton Lane Cove Cricket ClubFirst Grade5 1 Epping
375 Jarrod Rixon - James Needham Lane Cove Cricket ClubFirst Grade6 2 Warringah
489 Jack Haynes - Cooper Clarke Lane Cove Cricket ClubU13 Saturday 3.30PM 20 Over10 1 North Sydney Green
575 Rob Seymour - John Lyons Lane Cove Cricket ClubFourth Grade6 2 Warringah
698 Tom Mandleberg - Alex Jenkins Lane Cove Cricket ClubFirst Grade13 1 North West Sydney
782 Tom Gordon - Toby Garvey Lane Cove Cricket ClubU13 Sunday AM1 1 Roseville Force
856 Max Dodds - Alec Cornelius Lane Cove Cricket ClubFirst Grade11 1 Georges River
856 Daniel Martin - Rory Matthews Lane Cove Cricket ClubU13 Sunday AM9 1 St Ives Haddin

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