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Hall of Fame - Batting

Grade Type 
Match Format 
1113105430515312103514562113*Zach ZreikaLane Cove2020/2021Fourth Grade2 1Pennant Hills
2908644311531210355091390Isaac KensellLane Cove2020/2021Second Grade3 1Epping
3806832131531210351448380Rhys FletcherLane Cove2020/2021Third Grade5 1Roseville
4741207801531210351045274Damian NaughtonLane Cove2020/2021First Grade1 1Lindfield
5739214781531210351447373Jack DoddsLane Cove2020/2021Third Grade4 1Warringah
6688644311531210355090568Isaac KensellLane Cove2020/2021Second Grade2 1Pennant Hills
7609157901531210362640760Anthony GillLane Cove2020/2021Chappelow Cup5 1Epping
85713121661531210355092857Peter BloodLane Cove2020/2021Second Grade5 1Roseville
9556858711531210361770355Isaac S EdmundsLane Cove2020/2021Fifth Grade4 1Roseville
10546704221531210358909754*Greg JohnLane Cove2020/2021Sydney Masters Over 40's2 1Ryde Hunters Hill Pirates
115311676171531210359890853*Harry ArnoldLane Cove Labuschagne2020/2021U12 Saturday 10.30AM1 1Lane Cove Clarke
125316666961531210355091853*Stephen MathesonLane Cove2020/2021Second Grade4 1Warringah
135212697591531210351447352Nicholas MytkowskiLane Cove2020/2021Third Grade4 1Warringah
145216492901531210360103152*Kabir SharmaLane Cove Bevan2020/2021U12 Sunday AM 303 1Lindfield Maxwell
15516775241531210361774851*Fred MaherLane Cove2020/2021Fifth Grade5 1Balmain South Sydney
Note: Qualification levels for this report are 50 and 100 runs.

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