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Hall of Fame - Batting

Grade Type 
Match Format 
1119166669612612102672071119*Stephen MathesonLane Cove2017/2018Fourth Grade2 1Balmain South Sydney
2100116302312612102657767100*Neil McLeodLane Cove2017/2018Sydney Masters Over 40's1 1Hunters Hill Pirates
3861976961261210267207186Charles HipkinLane Cove2017/2018Fourth Grade2 1Balmain South Sydney
4762414311261210268946976*Chris WingLane Cove2017/2018Tim Creer Cup B Division4 1Balmain South Sydney
5686858321261210267135568Nikhil AhluwaliaLane Cove Smith2017/2018U17 Sunday AM on Turf1 1West Pymble Gold
6682338611261210263906568*Ben SykesLane Cove2017/2018Third Grade1 1Macquarie University
7636858651261210267135563Mitchell W CraynLane Cove Smith2017/2018U17 Sunday AM on Turf1 1West Pymble Gold
86216578121261210263907162Alex WilliamsLane Cove2017/2018Third Grade2 1Balmain South Sydney
9611207801261210263777461Damian NaughtonLane Cove2017/2018First Grade1 1Macquarie University
10589620301261210268065358Alex GowthorpLane Cove Marsh2017/2018U15 Sunday AM1 1Gordon Blue
115612864231261210263778856*Tom C MandlebergLane Cove2017/2018First Grade3 1Burwood Briars
12551207871261210263872655Alex SouthcottLane Cove2017/2018Second Grade1 1Macquarie University
13548644311261210263906554Isaac KensellLane Cove2017/2018Third Grade1 1Macquarie University
145311357781261210268331753*Julian RyanLane Cove Gilchrist2017/2018U11 Saturday 8.00AM Stage 21 1Gordon Red
155112120301261210265776751John D LyonsLane Cove2017/2018Sydney Masters Over 40's1 1Hunters Hill Pirates
16516859251261210268077351*Lachlan A MaxwellLane Cove Slater2017/2018U14 Sunday AM2 1North Sydney Black
17506713551261210268066050*Oscar KirkLane Cove Hazlewood2017/2018U15 Sunday AM2 1St Ives Haddin
18506801031261210268066150*Yash M SamantLane Cove Taylor2017/2018U15 Sunday AM2 1St Ives Hazlewood
Note: Qualification levels for this report are 50 and 100 runs.

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