Season Statistics

  • All statistics include finals matches. Teams sorted by winning percentage.
  • Season win/loss record
    Sorted ascending. Click again to sort descending.TeamMatW1W2DrawL1L2%Win
    Shires:First Grade94203067%
    Shires:Second Grade92114133%
    Shires:Third Grade91024211%
    Shires:Fourth Grade90115211%
    SMCA:Tim Creer Cup B Division1440010029%
    Shires:Frank Gray Shield52003040%
    SydMas:Sydney Masters Over 40's74012057%
    SydMas:Sydney Classics Over 50s71024014%
    NSJCA:U17 Sunday AM on Turf115024045%
    NSJCA:U15 Sunday AM107012070%
    NSJCA:U15 Sunday AM113017027%
    NSJCA:U15 Sunday AM11101909%
    NSJCA:U14 Sunday AM119020082%
    NSJCA:U13 Sunday AM103016030%
    NSJCA:U12 Saturday 1.00PM 20 Overs112018018%
    NSJCA:U12 Saturday PM 32 Over113026027%
    NSJCA:U12 Saturday PM 32 Over116023055%
    NSJCA:U12 Saturday 3.30PM Div 2 20 Overs115024045%
    NSJCA:U12 Saturday 3.30PM Div 2 20 Overs43001075%
    NSJCA:U12 Saturday 3.30PM Div 1 20 Overs116023055%
    Waugh (NSJCA:U11 Saturday 10.30AM Stage 2/2)102017020%
    NSJCA:U11 Saturday 10.30AM Stage 2/281016013%
    NSJCA:U11 Saturday 8.00AM Stage 2115006045%
    NSJCA:U11 Saturday 8.00AM Stage 2116005055%
    NSJCA:U10 Saturday 10.30AM116014055%
    NSJCA:U10 Saturday 8.00AM118012073%
    NSJCA:U10 Saturday 8.00AM112009018%
    NSJCA:U10 Saturday 8.00AM118012073%
    NSJCA:U10 Saturday 8.00AM110001100%
    NSJCA:U9 Saturday 8.00AM440000100%
    NSJCA:U9 Saturday 8.00AM42002050%
    NSJCA:U9 Saturday 8.00AM87001088%
    NSJCA:U9 Saturday 8.00AM103007030%
    NSJCA:U8 Saturday AM Northbridge64011067%
    NSJCA:U8 Saturday AM Northbridge43001075%
    NSJCA:U8 Saturday AM Northbridge5001400%
    NSJCA:U8 Saturday AM Northbridge64011067%

    Season batting statistics
    Shires:First Grade16198020.244383.691711
    Shires:Second Grade16439118.055103.220410
    Shires:Third Grade177412014.785563.190521
    Shires:Fourth Grade167712013.985463.071230
    SMCA:Tim Creer Cup B Division16618719.094623.590616
    Shires:Frank Gray Shield9254023.132373.89228
    SydMas:Sydney Masters Over 40's7664218.241624.73118
    SydMas:Sydney Classics Over 50s7593919.461196.38002
    NSJCA:U17 Sunday AM on Turf13637119.203124.37046
    NSJCA:U15 Sunday AM12866519.782535.080310
    NSJCA:U15 Sunday AM11916917.262934.060212
    NSJCA:U15 Sunday AM11097614.592744.040320
    NSJCA:U14 Sunday AM15675429.022995.24037
    NSJCA:U13 Sunday AM10207114.372544.020024
    NSJCA:U12 Saturday 1.00PM 20 Overs8667012.371675.170019
    NSJCA:U12 Saturday PM 32 Over10257813.142653.860123
    NSJCA:U12 Saturday PM 32 Over12875523.402724.72009
    NSJCA:U12 Saturday 3.30PM Div 2 20 Overs8154717.341625.020012
    NSJCA:U12 Saturday 3.30PM Div 2 20 Overs5662423.58777.32006
    NSJCA:U12 Saturday 3.30PM Div 1 20 Overs11545122.631666.94007
    Waugh (NSJCA:U11 Saturday 10.30AM Stage 2/2)5833815.341244.70006
    NSJCA:U11 Saturday 10.30AM Stage 2/2372468.091063.490012
    NSJCA:U11 Saturday 8.00AM Stage 29914820.652034.880010
    NSJCA:U11 Saturday 8.00AM Stage 211975920.292035.890113
    NSJCA:U10 Saturday 10.30AM9023426.531605.64000
    NSJCA:U10 Saturday 8.00AM16845829.032207.65000
    NSJCA:U10 Saturday 8.00AM9098211.092004.55000
    NSJCA:U10 Saturday 8.00AM13865823.902006.93000
    NSJCA:U10 Saturday 8.00AM8541127.632004.27000
    NSJCA:U9 Saturday 8.00AM4352517.40805.44000
    NSJCA:U9 Saturday 8.00AM3552017.75605.92000
    NSJCA:U9 Saturday 8.00AM7544018.851206.28000
    NSJCA:U9 Saturday 8.00AM9775717.141825.37000
    NSJCA:U8 Saturday AM Northbridge00      
    NSJCA:U8 Saturday AM Northbridge00      
    NSJCA:U8 Saturday AM Northbridge00      
    NSJCA:U8 Saturday AM Northbridge00      

    Season bowling statistics
    Shires:First Grade110149813.624683.203
    Shires:Second Grade93174018.715053.443
    Shires:Third Grade81185522.904244.372
    Shires:Fourth Grade98214821.925184.142
    SMCA:Tim Creer Cup B Division86193222.474104.710
    Shires:Frank Gray Shield4281619.431994.092
    SydMas:Sydney Masters Over 40's5081416.281505.431
    SydMas:Sydney Classics Over 50s3579922.831884.250
    NSJCA:U17 Sunday AM on Turf68125418.442994.190
    NSJCA:U15 Sunday AM57117020.532624.470
    NSJCA:U15 Sunday AM59120920.492754.390
    NSJCA:U15 Sunday AM51145128.452735.311
    NSJCA:U14 Sunday AM88114413.003023.780
    NSJCA:U13 Sunday AM55136924.892465.550
    NSJCA:U12 Saturday 1.00PM 20 Overs35113932.541776.441
    NSJCA:U12 Saturday PM 32 Over62109617.682734.010
    NSJCA:U12 Saturday PM 32 Over61125720.612884.360
    NSJCA:U12 Saturday 3.30PM Div 2 20 Overs5389516.891635.460
    NSJCA:U12 Saturday 3.30PM Div 2 20 Overs2135717.00665.340
    NSJCA:U12 Saturday 3.30PM Div 1 20 Overs4892719.311595.810
    Waugh (NSJCA:U11 Saturday 10.30AM Stage 2/2)2969023.791325.220
    NSJCA:U11 Saturday 10.30AM Stage 2/22487636.501346.500
    NSJCA:U11 Saturday 8.00AM Stage 25388316.661685.240
    NSJCA:U11 Saturday 8.00AM Stage 25899617.171935.140
    NSJCA:U10 Saturday 10.30AM4182920.221804.610
    NSJCA:U10 Saturday 8.00AM84114713.652205.210
    NSJCA:U10 Saturday 8.00AM56137524.552006.880
    NSJCA:U10 Saturday 8.00AM89105911.902005.301
    NSJCA:U10 Saturday 8.00AM52161531.062008.080
    NSJCA:U9 Saturday 8.00AM2333514.57804.190
    NSJCA:U9 Saturday 8.00AM2237817.18804.730
    NSJCA:U9 Saturday 8.00AM4867314.021404.810
    NSJCA:U9 Saturday 8.00AM54114921.281806.380
    NSJCA:U8 Saturday AM Northbridge00 0  
    NSJCA:U8 Saturday AM Northbridge00 0  
    NSJCA:U8 Saturday AM Northbridge00 0  
    NSJCA:U8 Saturday AM Northbridge00 0  

    W1Number of 1st innings wins
    W2Number of outright wins
    DrawNumber of Draws and Ties
    L1Number of 1st innings losses
    L2Number of outright losses
    100sNumber of hundreds scored for this team
    50sNumber of fifties scored for this team
    0sNumber of ducks scored for this team
    FiveWNumber of five wickets in an innings taken for this team