TWIC 19-20 - Round 02

1st Grade vs Mac Uni 

Summer was officially back at the home of cricket with First Grade spending the first few hours working the sopper and scooping water off of the covers. Looking to get our first points on the board for the season, Macq Uni were sent in on a hard Tantallon deck following a delayed start.


Scarcella and Slug got us off to a good start, as is tradition, with Macq Uni left reeling early on. While Ravi Ravi and Corn provided able support, Macq Uni’s keeper proved frustrating and it was left to head coach-cum-off spinning all-rounder GI to break the partnership. Scarcella returned to finish up the innings, returning figures of 8/40 as Macq Uni were bowled out for 100.


Facing what was potentially a tricky afternoon period, Lane Cove’s openers both fell early on chasing wide ones, giving Macq Uni a sniff at 2/24. Archie and Naughton did well to steady the ship, looking to bring us to stumps without the loss of further wickets. Enter Jimmy Needham whose assurance that “there’s no way we’re losing a wicket now” with 10 minutes of play left saw Archie fired in front the very next ball. 


With another delayed start the following Saturday, Rob Blood started well driving confidently past the bowler. At the other end Naughton continued where he left off, bringing up his 50 and levelling the scores with a maximum towards the JCMF. Just as we had looked to have shaken our old habits, the covie middle order collapse returned, as Blood, Naughton, Needham and Dodds all fell for 9 runs – at least this time it was once we had passed their total.


Minutes after being assured by club weatherman Scarcella that there was zero chance of rain, the covers were on and we were off. Despite Scarcella’s best efforts of painting a picture of futility, super sopping in the rain, pads still on, the rain didn’t stop and the captains shook hands, confirming an important 6 points.



2nd Grade vs Mac Uni 

Rain... and more rain 



3rd Grade vs Mac Uni 

Rolling up to KSO for a rainy Saturday morning looked ominous for any chance of play. Once the rains had cleared and the covers where removed there was only one wet spot and some mud on the run up between game time. After numerous delays and watching Mac Uni conduct what was the longest warm up in 3rd grade memory, the toss was on. Skip got the day off on the right foot wining the toss and electing to bowl. Manchester and Crayn got us underway. After a loose start Man City got the first pole 1-18. Inspired by his bowling partner Crayon got into his rhythm to join in, bang bang and 2-18. After some guidance from the grippers Rhys got another 3-19. After Mac Uni began settling back in it was time for the debutant Ashan to take the rock. Despite muscling the ball down it was Rhys who finished a great 12 over spell to get another, 4-30. The shoulder press specialist claimed his first pole in 3s, 5-31.
After some agricultural cricket Mac Uni began putting on a partnership before the big man collected his second, 6-61. Wanting to impose himself on the game skip brought himself on…only to be dispatched repeatedly to the leg side. Sensing his chances slipping he turned to Crayn to get us back on track. The strike man himself got the goods 7-88. Needing a change of pace Raja came on with immediate effect collecting a pole 3 balls later, 8-89. After some more loose shots that found their way to the boundary the skipper threatened to pull the strike man for Walski, this only seemed to anger Crayn as he went bang bang to have Mac Uni all out for 105 and finishing with figures of 4-16, tremendous bowling, only 1 shy of his first michelle ☹.


With a cheeky 15 overs left in the day it was up to Bresty and Zeus to get us off to a strong start. However, the umpire had other ideas as a ball evidently going down the leg side clipped Bresty’s foot and he was fired. Arun fresh of a 40 odd set to continue but become unstuck when a full toss hit him directly in front causing the quickest firing I have ever seen. Some strong batting from Harley and Zeus almost got us to the end of the day. However Zues shouldered arms 2nd last ball of the day to loose his off peg, sending Walski out to face the last ball of the day and to avoid a Wes to have the covies 3/24.


Another weekend and another delayed start. With no showers on the horizon Harley and Walski set to work steadily adding to the total. After getting into a good groove with some great running between the wickets, Harley decided to shoulder arms to a regulation delivery on off stump to lose his, 4-41. Walski kept the total ticking with some KSO specials that flew past 3rd slip for quick runs. Despite nothing on the radar the heavens opened and stalling the days play and ending the Covies chance of collecting the 6 points. The match ending in a draw. 



4th  Grade vs Mac Uni 

After a underwhelming start to the season the lads travelled up to Macquarie Uni bustling with enthusiasm to get our first points on the board. This week we were joined by Hoody, Crossy and Harsha to bring much needed strength to our batting.

On a rain affected first morning we elected to field and though the Covies were very economical the first wicket did not fall until Sidds took a screamer of a caught and bowled  when Mac Uni were 40 odd. Another few excellent poles by Sidds and a stumping off Carson’s bowling (major creds to Drew for actually whipping the bails off in time) and Mac Uni were 5-100 at tea.

While only 5 wickets fell in the first session 9 fell in the second. LCCC came out with a band and 4 quick fire poles from Crossy and a well earned wicket for Andy Coey meant after tea Mac Uni had lost 5-10 and were all out for 115. Now it was the Covies opportunity to chase but unfortunately we got off to a rocky start and lost 4-60 by the end of days play with the only real resistance coming from Hoody. It was shaping up to be quite the chase on the second day.

Any doubts or fears the Covies had about a collapse where assuaged early on day 2 however when Hoody and Fini knuckled down and both played a disciplined and patient innings that slowly whittled down the target. While Drew, the next man in, was a nervous wreck the boys in the middle did us proud and barely put a foot wrong compiling the runs with LCCC getting a first innings lead just before tea and with Hoody raising his bat for a well earned 50. With storms looming on the horizon at tea the two captains decided to call it quits and therefore LCCC could celebrate their first 6 points of the season! 4s have not had a better start than in Drew’s first year in charge and so the tidings look positive for the lads. 

Big props to Fini and Hoody for doing the bulk of the scoring in our batting and also to Crossy and Sidds for their bowling efforts.





5th Grade vs Linfield 

LCCC 5ths had an interesting and positive day. We had a lot of water on pitch at Acron at 9am (old time 8am ouch!) due to water apparently having got through covers there. After ringing around we got to decamp to Lindfield Oval who also saw no play yest (same ump) but today was as dry as… by 11am when we began play! I believe Lindfield Pres etc, may have pulled strings to get that done and thanks to him there. (no thanks to him for catching me in the deep later!!)

We won toss and I had wanted to bowl in drying out conditions but we only had 10 there with Nathan James - suspected opening bowler! -  still to be located and arriving...though he later did and starred. We batted alright with quite a few starts against really quite good bowling with bounce in the pitch. Their opening bowler snared a late order hat trick even and a giant appeal for lbw quadtrick. How often do you see that?! - though we hardly celebrated. 

Without going into it too much, Zach Zreika - who I got to open once I spied ' im! - cut 1st ball for 6 over cover, and 2nd ball over midwicket for 4. We thought this is alright!  He top-scored with 27. He wicketkept also 40ov and could well be higher grade batting and keeping material...

Unfortunately their catching was flawless. Didn’t drop a cracker. Their ground fielding was great too. We could’ve used a few second chances... 

But when we came out to bowl defending 122 we had a chance. Nathan James bowled superbly for 4-20 off 8 overs. Yours truly took two screamers at first slip off him! Nathan actually got dropped twice and had they been held would otherwise have removed the entire Lindfield top5 in 5 overs. Nathan also scored 18 at (late arrival) number 11 adding useful runs. Simon Allen also took 3-14 off 4 overs with clever bowling after his LMS and winter cricket. He also scored 16 with bat.  Ameya Kadam got 17not out and had sage advice. 

Plenty of other players may be worthy bowlers and players in future also I think.  The team could take a lot of positives from today's game and has a good chance to build on it to many wins.  In the end one of their players "BigHitting YoungBeard(!)" - who not only opened their bowling but also scored 56no - won it for them. I gave hearty congratulations and well played to him. But without him I think we would have won easily. 

An enjoyable day for all. Great we got a game at all after disappointing early water on pitch at Acron.
John (c)